ACRL MD Meeting Minutes, 8/29/2012

ACRL Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2012 1-3pm at UMBC

Attendees: Jo Gadsby, David Dahl, Alison Cody, Shana Gass, Sara Arnold Garza, Lindsey Loeper, Simmona Simmons, Melissa Laytham, Gergana Korsova, Patty MacDonald, Katy Sullivan

Fall Program

  1. Theme: Research methods for assessment
  2. Program format: Workshop (on using statistical methods, collecting data, surveys/interviews), possible small groups working with fake/real datasets, four presentations or a panel of “Stories from the field” (what people are doing in their libraries, preferably from different library departments).
  3. Speaker ideas: Contact at iSchool for research methodologies
  4. Locations: Need to have a computer lab, especially for data analysis. Loyola/Columbia, Anne Arundel Community College, Capital College, UMBC tech center, Towson, McDaniel College
  5. Need to know: Will they charge? Catering? Computer Lab? #of people
  6. Action item: Shana will call all locations; Danielle will need to call Loyola/Columbia.
  7. Dates: Late October or Early November: Fridays 10/26, 11/2, 11/9
  8. Complement other October programs (10/5 (Value/Impact of Libraries) and 10/16 (USMAI Assessment) and 10/26 (library assessment conference))
  9. Brainstorming titles: “Stats amazing!”

Conference updates

  1. Last call for proposals for MaryLib – everyone encourage personal contacts for proposals
  2. Pre-Conference: “User Experience/Usability Testing” Don’t make me think – giveaways
  3. Action item: Patty will talk to Lucy about usability methods pre-conference
  4. User Experience Librarian? Talking about low-tech costs, observations
  5. Silent auction will have an online portion
  6. Pre-conferences must finish by 4pm Wed., Keynote speaker, 4-6pm, Room for dine around? 7-9pm at Liquid Assets
  7. Brainstorming proposal ideas, and people to ask to present

Journal Club/ Online discussions

  1. Centered around discussion of the ACRL publication “College and Research Libraries” – free Wimba online discussions:  11:30am-12:30pm, 3rd Friday of every other month.
  2. Dates: 9/21 (??), 11/16 (Natalie), 1/18 (Jo), 3/15 (Katy), 5/17 (Jo).
  3. David needs to know by next week Wednesday who wants to facilitate on 9/21.
  4. Poll beforehand to see what to do beforehand (cover all of the articles).

In-person happy hour

  1. September 14, ACRL invasion of Library Happy Hour @6pm @Howards in Mt Vernon
  2. Action item: Natalie will talk to Catherine , post info on social media and blogs

Observer instructor network

  1. Something together to try out for the fall
  2. Set up something on the blog for now?
  3. Action item: Alison will be point person pending Pete’s involvement (advertise at Happy Hour?)
  4. Action item: Set up a matching database

Social Media Presence

  1. Role of the secretary will include social media: Keeping track of SM accounts and assigning permissions to new contributors, distributing/disseminating information and content (like about our programs, call for proposals, general updates from ACRL MD).
  2. Alison Cody volunteered to assist with social media, especially with creating/finding new or outside content.
  3. Action item: Natalie and Alison will review MLA social media policy and review social media procedures to document them for future secretary/social media volunteers.


  • Nominations for offices are due in November (you have to have attended at least one meeting and demonstrated interest in ACRL MD, contact Simmona Simmons.

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