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Business Meeting Minutes: Aug. 19, 2016

ACRL MD Meeting – Agenda & Minutes

August 19, 2016

Notes by Alison Cody

Update on summer session

  • went well! evaluations were very positive – people particularly liked the improv artist. Panelists enjoyed themselves as well.
  • improv person was great! should bring her back for another session
  • low attendance though – summer slowdown? librarians are introverts – maybe not into the idea of improv? not as much advertising as usual

Fall program

  • Considering #CritLib: Inclusion and Diversity in Libraries (Collaboration with MILEX)
    • Emily Drabinski will speak
    • Friday Nov 11, 8am-3pm (ish) at Loyola Columbia
  • Still working on approvals from MLA office
    • PAF submitted earlier in the week
    • Also a memo of understanding with MILEX – in process with MLA office
  • Hoping to put out a save the date to marylib soon, as well as call for lightning talks. MILEX can share the info with their members now

Journal club

  • Next one will be October, scaling back number of articles discussed
  • Sara AG will talk to Robert and help him get started with this

Winter social

  • The last bowling evening – Stonleigh Lanes in Towson – was very fun, well-attended, good reviews. Family-friendly, BYOB.
  • Chase @ ACRL national sent Claire the list of current ACRL members living in MD – limited in some way by the preferences people set about communications. Don’t know this year’s dollar amount yet.
  • Claire will book again for Jan/Feb

Nominations for next year’s ACRL MD officers due by Oct 1

  • Secretary and VP
  • last year posted a list of requirements to the blog
  • traditionally give secretary first right of refusal to be nominated for VP/Pres Elect

ACRL National in Baltimore next March

  • We do not have any obligation to host events – but we are welcome to. They hold complimentary spaces in the hotels for these types of events – we’d have to pay for catering. Also provided info on times that are open/no conflict
  • Recommended we reach out to other local chapters as well
  • Is it inappropriate to get outside sponsorship for events? Vendors, etc? (Towson had a daylong library conference sponsored by a few big vendors) worth looking into.
  • Agree that we should do something
    • tour of a local library – Peabody?
    • sub-committee to work on this – point person to coordinate
      • Kristen C @ UB volunteered
      • Wrap this in with outreach re: journal club hosts
  • Host state’s association gets a complimentary table at the conference – someone we need to contact about that to staff the table (could do with the other local states)

MLA Conference Planning update

  • Theme – charting new courses
  • still have one slot for a keynote – Thursday
  • planning for some events is dependent on site visit – Sept 22 – Sara is driving if anyone wants to go
  • Delaware academic division is thinking about doing newspaper digitization, online instruction, intellectual freedom
  • looking for 55-60 programs; 4-5 would be sufficient from us
  • not many proposals yet – due Sept 5. typically get a lot at the end. should do reminders.
  • include something about this in the message to ACRL members?
  • form we ask people to submit now makes it less likely people will claim expenses from out of state – ran into trouble with that last year. have been hesitant to send the call beyond MD for that reason
  • have 6 people lined up to review

ACRL-MD Call for Proposals for MLA/DLA 2017 Annual Conference

ACRL-MD Call for Proposals

Deadline: September 5, 2016, 11:59pm

Maryland Library Association & Delaware Library Association 2017 Annual Conference
Cambridge, MD, May 10-12, 2017.

Conference theme… Chart New Courses Together

Next year’s joint conference of MLA and DLA will take place in a new location! The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake in Cambridge, MD sits on the banks of the Choptank River. Whether you plan to carpool with your best librarian friends, or arrive by sailboat, with a crew of librarian sailors, ACRL-MD invites you to chart new courses in librarianship! As libraries brave new waters, we are reinventing and reenvisioning our services, spaces, technologies, communities, research, and practice to be relevant and inclusive. Share your ideas with a proposal submission!  

ACRL-MD, the academic libraries division of MLA, is accepting conference proposals until September 5th.

Standard conference sessions (~ 1 hour), and extended sessions (~2 hours) will be offered. Exact program length will depend on conference schedule. The programs are scheduled throughout the day on Thursday and on Friday morning. The full- and half-day pre-conference workshops will be held on Wednesday, May 10.

Many sessions sponsored by the ACRL MD are relevant not only for academic librarians but also for our colleagues in other areas of librarianship. For information on recent topics, please take a look at prior programming.

Submit your proposal

Proposals for concurrent sessions are due by 11:59pm on Monday, September 5. Conference proposals will undergo a double blind peer-review.  If you have any questions about the conference itself or this CFP, please contact Sara Arnold-Garza (sarnoldgarza | 410-704-3963).

Business Meeting Minutes: July 21, 2016

ACRL MD Meeting – Agenda & Minutes

July 21, 2016

Attending: Natalie Burclaff, Claire Holmes, Kimberly Miller, Robert Miller (notes), Danielle Whren-Johnson

Fall Program Planning

  • We support MILEX’s idea for a program on critical librarianship
  • MILEX has two suggested speakers–we hope to get one of them to be the keynote
  • To cosponsor with MILEX we need to create a letter of understanding.
    • We split costs 50/50, but we get 55% of revenue because of MLA administrative costs
  • We should communicate to MLA tech/access services segment, about the fall program and in general; we need to focus on diverse areas of librarianship, not just instruction
    • We need to think about organizing the fall program to engage different audiences: tech/access, reference, instruction, distance librarians, etc.
  • We want to do a call for lightning talk speakers and have those speakers lead breakout discussion sessions
  • Location possibilities:
    • Loyola-Columbia
    • Towson University Northeastern
    • Anne Arundel Community College
    • College Park
  • Our top choice for a date is November 11
  • Required readings, though they help discussions, might be bring attendance down
  • We want to advertise to two types of audience:
    • those are who completely new to crit lib
    • those who know something about it already, but who want to learn more and want to apply it in their work
  • Learning objectives:
    • Supposedly, we need 1 or 2 objectives per contact hour for CEUs
    • We brainstormed a few learning objectives:
      • Define crit lib
      • Identify ways you can apply crit lib to your library practice
      • Compare and contrast definitions and applications of crit lib
  • We need to plan organizational meetings, at least a kick-off one
    • Maybe a face-to-face meeting with phone-ins
  • Possibility of having virtual participation in the fall program:
    • For example, broadcast keynote, use Google hangouts for lightning talks and breakout discussions
      • We would need volunteers to manage the digital hangouts, etc.
    • Virtual option could bring in more audience members
    • Question of whether a virtual attendee would get some sort of discount
      • Would that discourage people from paying full price to attend onsite?
      • We could charge virtual attendees the same as onsite ones

Other Business

For outreach, we can get a list from ACRL of all its Maryland members

We need to think about an event, such as a social, that we can do for ACRL-Baltimore.

  • We can ask Chase Ollis at ACRL for advice
  • MLA is offered a table in the vendors’ hall
    • ACRL-MD would staff it
    • We would collaborate with Virginia and Delaware

We need to think about timing of spring program, vis-a-vis ACRL-Baltimore.

We will skip the journal club in August. The next one will be in October.

We can get a list of MLA members who have indicated they are interested in academic libraries. Using that list, we can have our own, dedicated listserv used, for instance, for journal club announcements

Happy hour in winter

  • Bowling worked well last time, and the location was good
  • We use ACRL money, and no CEUs to worry about
  • We pay for registration and get reimbursed
  • Attendants pay for bowling shoes and food


Business Meeting Minutes: June 17, 2016

ACRL MD Meeting – Agenda & Minutes

June 17th, 2016

Attending: Claire Holmes, Robert Miller (notes), Jordan Sly, Sara Arnold-Garza, Natalie Burclaff, Katy Sullivan, Sophie Reverdy

Business meetings for 2016 – 2017

  • Meetings to be 3rd Friday of the month, 11:00 am, with journal clubs every other month at 11:30 am.
    • Next journal club would be Aug. 19.
    • We must schedule with MLA office to reserve the online room. Robert will send MLA our schedule of meetings.
    • We will check with MILEX to make sure they don’t have an ongoing meeting for third Friday of the month– we don’t want to conflict with them.
    • Assuming MILEX won’t conflict with us, we will continue every third Friday of the month.
  • Need to decide when next journal club will be held. Previous journal clubs were the month after the C&RL publication, which would mean next journal club should be August 19th. (Last year, Natalie contacted the MLA office for a list of members who designate that they were interested in ACRL-MD and shared with Kim to solicit volunteers for journal club.)
    • Journal club is not well attended. Should we continue it? Maybe change format? Maybe just discuss one article?
    • We put out a survey to decide which articles will be chosen. Maybe add a question to the survey to ask people if we should continue with the club.
    • Maybe fine tuning club will help increase attendance. Maybe plan on just two articles for the next two meetings. Maybe cut down total time to 30 minutes rather than an hour.
    • We like the idea of surveying users about the club, what they value, etc. We’ll discuss offline.

MLA/DLA Conference – ACRL MD participation

  • Debrief on 2016 conference
    • ACRL MD had 8 sessions at MLA. But only 3 of the 8 presenters were from MD, which was expensive for MLA (speakers were offered honorariums, etc.). We need to make adjustments in the future, maybe not offer honorariums, travel reimbursements.
  • Planning for 2017 conference
    • Sara will work with MLA on this and will enlist our help.

Debrief on ACRL Online webinars

  • May 18th at UMBC (Accessibility in Action)
    • ACRL offers chapters professional development opportunities. Everyone is welcome to attend. Face-to- face gathering for a webinar. Sometimes have a discussion afterward, a happy hour, etc.
    • About 12-15 people attended one a year ago.
    • UMBC had about 4 people attending.
    • They are low-cost events.

Summer Program, July 21 at Loyola Columbia: “The Best Idea I’ve Heard This Year: Improv-ing Professional Communication”

  • Registrations?
  • Lightening talk proposals?
  • Help with details needed?
    • Natalie is in charge of this.
    • Slight problem with link to Google form (links to Outlook unless you copy and paste the link).
    • Natalie will promote the program some more on social media.
    • For panel session, we need 3 or 4 participants. We’re hoping for suggestions (the Google form asks for that).
    • Natalie will take care of refreshments.
    • Improv speaker is all booked and ready.
    • Question: do we get MLA money if we don’t have enough attendants? Yes, it’s just marked as a loss. It would affect the fall program, which would need to make more money, to compensate for the loss.

Fall program ideas

  • Connect with MILEX?
  • Continue momentum from Scholarly Communications Roadshow?
  • Location?
  • Date?
    • Claire will lead this.
    • We’ve worked with MILEX for the past couple of years on this, would like to continue doing so.
    • Participants in Scholarly Communications Roadshow would like to continue that conversation.
    • Possibly OERs as a topic?
    • Check with MILEX– it’s complicated for them to split funding for the program. Maybe not officially collaborate with them, because it makes their bookkeeping problematic, so we might need to do it a different way.

Next meeting

  • Tentatively July 15th at 11am, but will be discussed further via email and announced if necessary. Quick check in needed before July 21 summer unconference program?
    • We probably won’t meet in July, but Natalie will be in touch with some of us about unconference.
    • We’ll have a face-to- face meeting at end of unconference to discuss fall program.

Other Business?

  • In the future, Robert will send meeting reminder to Marylib the week of a meeting.

The Towson Conference for Academic Libraries Registration is now open!

This is a local, very affordable conference for academic library employees of all kinds.  Also, a presentation opportunity if you are quick (deadline is Monday, 6/20):


The Towson Conference for Academic Libraries (TCAL) is excited to announce that registration is now open for our event on Tuesday, August 16th. The cost is $25, or $15 for library school students. The fee covers breakfast, lunch and parking. The purpose of this conference is to address the interests of academic library employees, across departments and classifications.

The deadline for proposals is June 20th. We can already say that the day will include creative and relevant contributions from multiple libraries.

Our keynote panel, Vision for the Future: Managing Change and Fostering Interdepartmental Communication will feature Carol Allen, Library Directory at Harford Community College, Nancy Magnuson, College Librarian at Goucher College, and Lucy Holman, Dean of the Langsdale Library at University of Baltimore.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in August!

ACRL MD Summer Program: The Best Idea I’ve Heard This Year: Improv-ing Professional Communication

Were you wowed by an idea at a conference, workshop, webinar, or other event? Come to ACRL MD’s summer program, and exercise your knowledge sharing muscles in a three-part session! Bridget Cavaiola from the Baltimore Improv Group will lead us in an active workplace communication workshop to get us idea-sharing in the morning, and you are welcome to participate at your own comfort level.

Next, we’ll facilitate a round of lighting talks, so that your colleagues can introduce what they have seen, heard, and learned in their professional development pursuits over the past year. To wrap up, this program will offer a panel discussion talking about the challenges, strategies, tools and failures involved when facilitating knowledge sharing in a variety of communities and environments.

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided. Register by July 18!

“The Best Idea I’ve Heard This Year: Improv-ing Professional Communication”
Thursday, July 21, 2016, 9:30 am – 1:30 pm
Loyola University Maryland-Columbia Graduate Center (directions)
Registration: $40 MLA members, $60 non-member, $34 students

Program Schedule:

9:00-9:30am: Registration

9:30-9:45am: Introduction to and voting on lightning talks for later in the day

9:45-10:45am: Improv Workshop “Facilitating communication in the workplace” featuring Bridget Cavaiola, Teaching Artist, Baltimore Improv Group

10:45-11:00am:Break and tally of lightning talks

11:00am-noon: Lightning Talks: “The Best Thing I Saw This Year”

Noon-12:30pm: Lunch

12:30-1:15pm: “Did You Hear About This?”: A Panel Session on Professional Development, Idea-Sharing, and Communication in Libraries. Panel members include Jennifer Ferretti, Organizer of bLAM Collective; Kathleen Teaze, President of Maryland Library Association; Lynda Aldana, member of USMAI Resource Selection & Acquisition Subgroup

1:15-1:30pm: Wrap up, reflection and evaluation

June Virtual Meeting & Journal Club

Mark your calendars to join ACRL-MD on Friday, June 17th for a quick virtual business meeting at 11am, followed by our virtual journal club discussion at 11:30 am-12:30pm.

Even if you can’t read the articles ahead of time, please join us for a lively discussion!

Articles selected for the June 17th journal discussion are:

All articles are freely available online in the latest edition of College & Research LibrariesIf you need to jump into the meeting a little late or leave early (or eat lunch), please do! ACRL MD’s online discussion series is free and open to all.

Blackboard Collaborate Directions

We’ll be on MLA’s online meeting software, Blackboard Collaborate. Join our discussion online at:  (you’ll need speakers, microphone optional but recommended).  There has been an update to MLA’s Blackboard Collaborate which may require you to download a file. This is automatic when you click on the link to enter the virtual meeting room. If you do not have administrator privileges for your computer (cannot download software files), please contact your IT department. Here are the instructions with more details. You may contact BlackBoard Collaborate Technical Support if you have any problems – please let them know that your organization is “Maryland Libraries” – 1-877-382-2293.

When you join the meeting, you will be prompted to enter your name. Once you are in the meeting room, you can test your speakers and microphone. In the “Audio & Video” pod, there is an icon showing a blue microphone with a red settings gear – simply click on that and Blackboard will walk you through the setup.

If you are new to using Blackboard Collaborate, you may find this Quick Start page helpful.

Don’t miss the next free webcast – May 18th

Don’t miss ACRL MD’s next webcast gathering!

ACRL National grants chapters two free webcasts a year. The catch is we only get one log in, so we need to gather in one place to watch and discuss the webcast. So it’s a non-virtual virtual event.

Location information:

May 18, 2016: Kuhn Library and Gallery, Rm 259, UMBC [directions and parking map]

Note: We recommend carpooling; while the event is free, you’ll need to pay for guest parking.

Let us know you’re coming: RSVP

Vote now! Journal Club Discussion – June 2016

checkmarkIt’s time to vote for Journal Club articles!

Please take a moment to select the three articles you would like included in the next ACRL-MD journal club discussion, which will be based on articles in the May 2016 issue of College & Research Libraries. The discussion will take place Friday, June 17th, from 11:30am-12:30pm, immediately following the 11am business meeting.

If you need to jump in a little late or leave early (or eat lunch), please do! All articles are freely available via the College & Research Libraries website. ACRL MD’s Online Discussion Series is free and open to all through the MLA Blackboard Collaborate Room.

Please vote for up to three articles you would like to discuss. The poll will close Tuesday, May 24th.

2016 Conference Highlights – Adjuncts: Valuable Assets When Planning to Enhance Student Success

Each week between now and the 2016 MLA/DLA Conference, we’re highlighting one of the conference sessions sponsored by ACRL MD. The conference will be held May 4-6 at the Clarion Resort Hotel in Ocean City, MD.  For more information on the conference, please take a look at the conference program (PDF). To register, visit the MLA conference page. And follow along on social media at #MLADLA16

MLA Adjuncts

Adjuncts: Valuable Assets When Planning to Enhance Student Success
Friday, May 6th
Presenter: Pamela Flinton, Goucher College

Adjunct faculty account for 50% of the workforce in U.S. higher education, 70% at 2-year colleges! According to the American Federation of Teachers, adjuncts teach 37% – 53% of college students every year. Individually and collectively, adjuncts are an invaluable asset as we, librarians and library staff, strive to enhance student success through a good grounding in information literacy (IL) concepts. Learn what support adjuncts need from us and how to create successful programs to engage adjuncts in the struggle to ensure every student has IL concepts to support life-long learning. Gain an understanding of adjuncts that will help to create powerful relationships with members of this group. Question and answer time to delve into the issue and share what your experiences have been in making the most of the vast human capital that adjuncts bring to our students and our institution.


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