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Business Meeting Minutes: April 21, 2017


Meeting Agenda

April 21, 2017

Attending: Sara Arnold-Garza, Robert Miller, Katy Sullivan, Elizabeth Schlackman


ACRL-hosted reception in Baltimore, March 24, 2017

  • 120 attendees

Webinar, Intro on Acquisitions: April 20 @ Goucher, 2pm

  • One site was cancelled because of low number of sign-ups
  • Goucher had 6 attendees, who had a good discussion
  • Every year we should submit a member recruitment plan, to obtain the extra $10 per member.
    • We need a streamlined process, however, because setting it up is a lot of work

MLA/DLA conference updates – Sara AG

Sara attended latest conference committee meeting

  • 678 registrants so far, so the final number should at least equal last year’s conference
  • Visit for more info on the conference
  • “Tailgating with MD Colleges” is the theme for our gift basket
  • Our pre-conference, “Improving Communication Through Improv,” has 14 registrants so far

MLA Crab idea: ACRL-MD column? Annual summary?

  • We can highlight academic library news more often
  • Anyone who is interested in writing something for the summer issue will have the support of ACRL MD

Summer Program Ideas:

“Former & Current Leaders’ Summit:”

Lay the groundwork for the actual summer program: “Membership Forum”

  • Informal gathering of as many previous officers as possible
  • Take stock of current organizational context
  • Goal to discuss and articulate consensus of ACRL-MD values & “wishes” for future

“Membership Forum:”

ACRL-MD Chapter Strategic Planning Meeting…

  • date, time, location TBA (late summer?)
  • Request an ACRL leader to facilitate? (technically past deadline but may be possible)
  • Alternative facilitators?
  • Other ideas?
  • Need to submit PDP program approval form once we have more info

New business?

Fall meeting ideas, potential collaborators

  • Contact Sara with any ideas you may have
  • Martha Richardson, head of Delaware Valley Chapter in PA, would like to collaborate on a program. Perhaps we could do it if there are separate registration processes for one event, so finances aren’t shared
  • One possible topic could be OER. We are looking for other ideas as well!

Journal Club – today, April 21 

Next meetings:

  • May 19
  • June 16 (plus journal club)


Business Meeting Minutes: March 17, 2017


Meeting Agenda

March 17, 2017

Attending: Claire Holmes, Robert Miller (notes), Alison Cody, Kyle Breneman, Kim Miller, Sara Arnold-Garza, Mike Kiel

Updates on ACRL-hosted reception in Baltimore, March 24, 2017, 5:30-7pm

Planning Committee: ACRL-DVC Chapter President Martha Stevenson, Claire Holmes, Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold Garza, Kim Miller              

  • Estimated guests: ~100
  • Fundraising campaign raised ~$8000
  • Swag, decorations
  • Inner Harbor Marriott at Camden Yards, directly across from convention center

Winter Social recap (Duckpin Bowling, 2/24/17: Stoneleigh Lanes, 6:30-8:30pm)

  • 23 people came
  • May become an annual event
  • We collected donations for MLA/DLA silent-auction basket

MLA/DLA conference updates – Sara AG

  • ACRL MD has programs, which we are promoting through social media

MLA meeting updates – CH

  • New MLA strategic plan
    • Drafted vision and mission statements
    • Inclusive of all types of libraries, including academic
    • Will be made public at business meeting at MLA/DLA
    • ACRL MD will have a chance to give feedback to the drafts
      • We’ll probably discuss at our April meeting
    • Newly elected ACRL MD executive committee:
      • Sara Arnold-Garza will be president
      • Mike Kiel is our new VP/President Elect
      • Claire Holmes will be immediate-past president
      • Robert Miller will continue as secretary
    • MLA voted to endorse ALA statement on White House policies

Summer Program: ACRL-MD Chapter Strategic Planning Meeting

  • date, time, location TBA
  • Considering facilitation from an ACRL leader
  • Hopefully at ACRL—at our reception and other events—we will be able to meet leaders of other chapters and learn how other chapters are organized
  • We may be able to meet a potential speaker from ACRL for our summer program.
  • Besides talking to leaders of other state chapters, talking to members would be valuable, too, to learn their perspectives on participation at the chapter level
  • Engagement Fair, Wednesday night at 7:00 pm–another opportunity to meet people from other chapters. However, the Fair is mostly for first-time conference attendees.

New business?

  • None

Next meetings:

  • April 21 (includes journal club)
  • May 19


Business Meeting Minutes: Feb. 17, 2017


Meeting Agenda

February 17, 2017

Attending: Claire Holmes, Jordan Sly, Robert Miller (notes), Barbara Cheadle, Krista Soria, Kim Miller, Natalie Burclaff, Danielle Wren Johnson, Alison Cody, Mark Bieraugel, David Dahl, Kristin Conlin

Updates on ACRL-hosted reception in Baltimore, March 24, 2017, 5:30-7pm, Marriott

Planning Committee: ACRL-DVC Chapter President Martha Stevenson, Claire Holmes, Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold Garza, Kim Miller           

  • Estimated guests: ~150
  • Fundraising campaign ran Jan 17-Feb 10,
  • Contributions still accepted by check or portal:
  • Current pledged contribution total: $7000+
    • ($5839 has been received to date)
  • Contribution deadline: Feb 10
  • Event invitations will go out soon
    • Natalie will probably send out invitations Monday or Tuesday
  • Swag, decorations, etc. still under consideration
    • Ideas welcome
    • We’ll have crab decals!
    • We should plan for:
      • name tags (and recognize donors)
      • Banner
  • Volunteers for planning committee are still welcome

Winter Social – February 24, 2017 (Duckpin Bowling: Stoneleigh Lanes, 6:30-8:30pm)

  • BYOB
  • Pay for your shoes ($4.00)
  • Sara will be collecting small donations for silent auction basket for MLA/DLA

MLA/DLA conference updates – Sara AG

  • Registration open
    • Early bird discount until March 17
  • Sara will coordinate promotion for ACRL MD programming

Summer Program: ACRL-MD Chapter Strategic Planning Meeting… date, time, location TBA

  • Date will be probably June or early July
  • Considering facilitation from an ACRL leader
    • We can get someone for free every four years
    • Possibly president or incoming president of ACRL, or Chase Ollis
  • We need to plan for lunch and find money for lunch
    • Possibly order pizzas (because no food budget for the summer meeting)
  • Maybe have a virtual component for attendees who want to participate but cannot be there onsite
  • Claire is looking forward to networking with other chapter leaders at ACRL 2017
    • That kind of fact finding will help shape our summer meeting
  • We welcome suggestions for people/speakers who can help us at the meeting with strategic planning

New business?

  • USMAI UX group unconference is upcoming: we’ll get invitations
  • Critlib unconference concurrent with preconference at ACRL 2017.

Next meetings:

  • March 17
  • April 21 (including journal club)
  • May 19

Business Meeting Minutes: Jan. 20, 2017


Meeting Agenda

January 20, 2017

Attending: Claire Holmes, Kim Miller, Pam Williams, Natalie Burclaff, Mike Kiel, Sara Arnold-Garza, Kristin Conlin, Robert Miller (notes)

New Business:

Updates on ACRL-hosted reception in Baltimore, March 24, 2017, 5:30-7pm (right before all-conference reception), Camden-Yards Marriott (one of the host hotels, walking distance from convention center)

Planning Committee: ACRL-DVC Chapter President Martha Stevenson, Claire Holmes, Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold Garza, Kim Miller

Planning Meeting held January 6 at TU

  • Collaboration and financial support from ACRL-Delaware Valley Chapter
  • Estimated guests: ~150
    • In Portland, there was good representation from regional chapters around the country
    • Portland had about 144 guests (invited about 300)
  • Fundraising campaign launched in January, with MLA admin support
  • (organizations, institutions & individuals)
  • Contributions accepted by check or portal:
  • Current pledged contribution total: $5000
    • $2K from ACRL-DVC: thank you!
    • Muse Hopkins Press, CALD, and others
    • ACRL provides us with venue; we’re responsible for food & drink
  • $5000 will be enough, we estimate, which we have now. Anything above that will help add to amenities.
  • Contribution deadline: Feb 10
  • Event invitations will go out early Feb.

Feb Journal Club: 2/17/17

  • Voting is happening now for two articles
  • Robert will contact authors of the two winning articles and invite them to participate in the club

Winter Social – February 24, 2017  (Duckpin Bowling: Stoneleigh Lanes, 6:30-8:30pm)

  • Quintessential Baltimore bowling!
  • People will rsvp through Facebook or to Robert
  • We have 8 people going, 11 interested
  • Natalie will send another announcement to Marylib
  • ACRL will reimburse us for lanes, and we can offer to pay for pizza, too.
  • Family and friends are welcome!

MLA/DLA conference updates – Sara AG

  • ACRL MD will sponsor silent auction basket. Sara will ask for small donations at bowling event.
  • Program is set. Sara will finalize agreements with our speakers.
  • This year there will be a website for the conference–website is being built.
  • March 17 is last day for early-bird registration.
  • CFP is open now for poster sessions.
  • Mike Kiel is organizing pub quiz: donations of inexpensive, fun prizes are welcome
  • Conference still seeking sponsors (libraries, etc.): $250 – $10,000

ACRL-MD Recruitment Plan- any updates?

  • ACRL offers incentive to recruit new members: $10 per new member
  • We’ve planned for 10 new members
  • We hosted satellite events for librarians to gather and view ACRL e-learning webcasts for free
  • Probably in summer will get info from ACRL on new members

Summer Program: ACRL-MD Chapter Strategic Planning Meeting… date, time, location TBA

  • Usually we’ve done an unconference (last summer was the improv event–the leader will do our preconference workshop at MLA/DLA).
  • We think it’s a good time to take stock as a chapter, vis-a-vis MLA and ACRL.
    • MLA is doing strategic planning
    • We think it’s a good idea to do our own strategic planning meeting, which will be our summer event
  • Approximate date?
    • Possibly Loyola Columbia or similar location, in which case we’ll need to decide on a date
    • June or July has been our typical timing, but maybe we will want to change that for this type of planning event
      • Maybe we need to take into account MLA timeline
      • Possibly coordinate with MILEX
        • Possibly meet first on our own and then reach out to MILEX
  • Maybe use surplus money from bowling event
  • ACRL allows us to have a visit from their executive board at a planning event, so we could do that (probably a nominal fee is involved)
    • But then we’d need to have CEUs?
    • We need to discuss further

New business?

  • None

Next meetings:

  • February 17 (plus journal club)
  • March 17 (or break for ACRL?): keep meeting on calendar for now
  • April 21: debrief and discuss summer program


Business Meeting Minutes: Nov. 11, 2016

ACRL MD Meeting – Agenda & Minutes

November 11, 2016

Attending: Mike Kiel, Gina Calia-Lotz, Claire Holmes, Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold-Garza, Robert Miller (notes)

Webcast: November 16, 2-3:30pm

Connecting Pedagogies: Service Learning & Info Lit

St Mary’s, TU-Northeastern, UMUC

Sara will be in touch with each site contact person the day before the event. We’ll do follow-up promotions with each registrant as per our membership-drive plan.

MLA/DLA conference updates – Sara AG

All of our programs are set; all of the presenters’ forms are in.

We will have a silent auction basket, as we’ve done in the past. Sara will provide details later.

ACRL Recruitment Plan- any updates?

The webcast on Nov. 16 is the first part of our plan, which has as its goal 10 new members.

ACRL-hosted reception in Baltimore, March 22-25, 2017

We are reviewing spaces. CALD has offered money, and we will reach out to vendors, too, for sponsorship.

Winter Social – January/February (Duckpin Bowling: Stoneleigh Lanes, Date/Time tba)

New business?

Rather than a summer program, we want to have a summer meeting to engage in strategic planning. We want to invite ACRL members from Maryland who do not belong to MLA, and structure discussions so these librarians can give us their views on how to increase membership and participation in ACRL-MD. We want to come away from the meeting with goals and an action plan.

Next meetings:

  • December 16, 2016 (includes journal club)
  • January 20, 2017

Business Meeting Minutes: Oct. 21, 2016

ACRL MD Meeting – Agenda & Minutes

October 21, 2016

Attending: Claire Holmes, Robert Miller (notes), Elizabeth Schlackman, Kim Miller, Alison Cody, Danielle Whren Johnson

Fall program updates:

Considering #CritLib: Inclusion and Diversity in Libraries

Emily Drabinski, keynote and facilitator
Friday, Nov 11, 9:30am-3pm, Loyola-Columbia
Breakfast and lunch refreshments included.
Collaboration with MILEX: MLA/MILEX registration rate is $60. Non-member rate is $90

Invitations/Info are out via blog, FB, MILEX email, Marylib

MLA handling registrations, currently 32 rsvp’s

We’ll be sending out more invites. Please encourage your colleagues to attend, too.

We can probably add attendees very close to the conference date.

Next planning meeting October 27, via phone

All are invited to help with planning. You can email Claire:

We’ll review proposals for lightning talks. 

Journal club: Today! Thanks to Elizabeth Schlackman for moderating!

MLA/DLA conference – Sara AG

A total of 54 programs and 9 pre-conferences have been approved for the conference. This includes ACRL MD’s:

  • 5/10/17, Wednesday, 1-4 pm, “Effective Communication: Listen, Agree, and Add” – 3 hour preconference with Bridget Cavaiola (educator and improve performer)
  • 5/11/17, Thursday, 9-10 am, “Research-to-Writing: Helping Students Integrate Sources into a Research Project” – Robert Miller UMUC and Sandie Friedman, writing instructor from GWU
  • 5/11/17, Thursday, 10:45-11 am, “Collaborating for Course Correction: Partnering to Help Students Understand Ethical Use” – Brandy Whitlock and colleague AACC
  • 5/11/17, Thursday, 1:30-2:30 pm, “Information Literacy as Smuggled Cargo: Embedding Outcomes using Curriculum Mapping” – Kristin Conlin and Natalie Burclaff UB

I will be collecting publicity and speaker commitment forms next week, so as long as none of that goes wrong, the details above should hold.

Nominations for next year’s officers due by November 1, 2016 

Self-nominations welcome to Claire ( by October 26.

ACRL-MD Recruitment Plan – Sara AG

Learned recently that chapters get  a $10/new member bonus in the annual resource allocation if we submit a recruitment plan to ACRL. I did so last week – it includes multisite webinar viewing and discussion events in November and repeated in the Spring, bowling event in February, and local chapters reception at ACRL next March. I have identified 3 potential sites for the 11/16 webinar and will recruit a local host to help us get the event going. Once confirmed, I’ll communicate regarding promotion of the event.

ACRL in Baltimore, March 22-25, 2017

  • Local library: HSHSL or UBalt have offered
    • HSHSL would be good because you can easily walk there from conference
      • Also their maker space would be interesting for people to see
    • CALD pledged monetary support and likes the idea of a meet-up
    • Natalie contacted other regional chapter leadership (Virginia, Delaware Valley PA)
    • Natalie, Sara AG, Claire are working on this and welcome others! Please email Claire if you’re interested: 

Winter Social – January/February (Duckpin Bowling: Stoneleigh Lanes, Date/Time tba) 

New business?


Next meetings:

November 18, 2016 (Needed? Possible to add agenda to 11/11 after workshop?)

We will plan to do a face-to-face meeting at end of 11/11 CritLib workshop

December 16, 2016 (includes journal club)

Business Meeting Minutes: Sept. 16, 2016

ACRL MD Meeting – Agenda & Minutes

September 16, 2016

Attending: Natalie Burclaff, Claire Holmes, Sara Arnold-Garza, Robert Miller (notes), Alison Cody, Elizabeth Schlackman, Kim Miller

Fall program updates:

Considering #CritLib: Inclusion and Diversity in Libraries

  • Emily Drabinski, keynote and facilitator
  • Friday, Nov 11, 9:30am-3pm, Loyola-Columbia
  • Collaboration with MILEX: MLA/MILEX registration rate is $60. Non-member rate is $90
  • Invitations/Info are out via blog, FB, MILEX email, Marylib
  • MLA handling registrations
  • MILEX handling call for Lightning Talks
    • MILEX has received proposals for lightning talks
  • Over lunch, attendees will vote on topic of “unconference” discussion at the end of day, facilitated by Emily Drabinski. 
    • We’ll also have report-outs from group discussions.
  • Maybe Natalie and others will help with further advertising
    • Natalie will make an image to be used for further advertising
  • We can cross-promote our program with ACRL-2017 critlib unconference
  • Joint Planning Meeting: 9/19, noon (conference call)
  • To join using the internet (you need a microphone and speakers or a headset):
    • Go to;
    • Click on Online Meetings;
    • Select Join Meeting;
    • Enter Online Meeting ID: sbg
    • To join using the your phone:
      • Call 641-715-3580;
      • Enter Access Code: 737-107

Journal club: Oct 21

  • Dates for the year are noted on blog, all have discussion leaders assigned.
  • Claire is sole member of executive committee who is able to attend the Oct. 21 journal club.
    • Robert will copy her when he emails Elizabeth Schlackman, who will facilitate the October discussion.

Winter Social – January/February

  • Duckpin Bowling: Stoneleigh Lanes
  • Date/Time tba
  • We’ll choose a Friday

MLA/DLA conference – Sara AG, site visit in Cambridge Sept 22, 11am

  • We didn’t get a strong response to CFP. (Because of ACRL 2017 in Baltimore, we thought we would have fewer proposals.)
    • But we will have 2-3 presentations, which is not bad.
  • We might be able to invite someone to speak? Maybe someone local from IT, or another field outside of librarianship.
    • Maybe we could invite someone who proposed lightning talk for MILEX/ACRL critlib conference?
    • Maybe we could invite the improv artist who ran a workshop at our summer program.
    • Maybe email academic librarians near Cambridge, MD. Claire can reach out to CALD.

Nominations for next year’s officers due by October 1, 2016     

  • Self-nominations, suggestions welcome

ACRL in Baltimore, March 22-25, 2017

  • Restaurant/Bar reception
    • CALD pledged monetary support and likes the idea of a restaurant reception/meet-up
  • Arrange a tour… Peabody?
  • Topical Interest dinners? Fund raising… (Brewer’s Art?)
  • We want suggestions for an event
  • We should put together a task group
    • Natalie volunteered
    • Others who want to volunteer can email Claire
  • New UB law school building, we could reserve space there for a party, if CALD pays for catering
    • Hopefully that’s not too far north–it’s convenient to public transit
  • Alison says that restaurants/bars require a minimum amount for food. So we have to be careful of that
  • Sara says that catering/alcohol could be cheaper in UB building, rather than in a restaurant/bar
  • We can go back to CALD to discuss money when we have more solid plans in place
  • Brewer’s Art is owned by former librarian. Natalie can reach out to him

New business?

  • None

Next meeting: October 21, 2016

Business Meeting Minutes: April 15th, 2016

ACRL MD Business Meeting – April 15th, 2016

Attendees: Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold-Garza, Kimberly Miller, Claire Holmes, Jenny Innes


  • April 6th webinar hosted at Towson. 8 people attended, mostly Towson librarians. There was a discussion among a few participants based on material for the webinar – for example, how to organize guides by learning outcome. Natalie will find out if we can share the webinar recording with everyone
  • Claire will receive information for the May 18th webinar (to be hosted at UMBC) – Natalie will remind Clare that she may need to email them directly for a link if not already received


  • No one has volunteered to take the lead on the summer unconference yet – Natalie talking to someone at UB who may be interested in joining MLA, but probably will not lead this particular program
  • “Best think you heard about this year” theme selected and – People can share what they’ve learned at conferences, webinars, etc.
  • Tentatively scheduled for late July. July 22nd suggested. Kim will check with Sarah Crest to see if MILEX has a summer meeting date in order to avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Natalie suggested trying to find an indoor/outdoor space that is free or low cost and has parking. Claire suggested Oregon Ridge might be a place to look into
  • Natalie will submit MLA paperwork with the theme and then we’ll go from there
  • There is a question about whether we can charge or how much we can charge for a program where there are no planned speakers

MLA/DLA Conference Updates

  • All 8 programs are on board
  • Claire is working out details of handouts, etc. MLA will print handouts, but most speakers will bring their own
  • Claire working on silent auction basket and still taking contributions
  • Natalie volunteered to help with session intros, etc.
  • There was some discussion about soliciting speaker bios – it is optional.
  • Claire to pick up speaker packets with checks, etc. to distribute to moderators

May 20th meeting is cancelled.

MLA/DLA conference wrap up meeting and on-boarding of new officers at June 17th meeting

Business Meeting Minutes, March 18, 2016

In attendance: Natalie Burclaff, Danielle Whren Johnson, Sara Arnold-Garza, Alison Cody

  • MLA/DLA conference
    • registration – earlybird pricing extended to 4/1/16
    • Kim scheduled all the session descriptions on the blog, scheduled to go out on Wednesdays
  • MLA executive board meeting recap from Wednesday
    • vote for ACRL MD officers!
      • Sara Arnold-Garza running for President-Elect
      • Secretary: Mike Keil (UB), Christine Ameduri (independent), Robert Miller (University of MD University College)
        • Chris and Robert helped with conference review proposals and they were recruited through that!
      • vote for ALA officers
        • Sara Arnold-Garza, Lindsey Sarin, Joyce Garczynski and other MLA members are running for various ALA positions
      • ACRL chapters council
        • Danielle used to go but her term on the committee expired and she’s going to other meetings now.
        • We should identify a rep from ACRL MD to attend the ALA
      • ALA does not do a good job of representing state chapters. Lucy Holman is the ALA council member for Maryland, but she’s not required to be a member of MLA. ALA has approved an Advocacy Implementation Plan ( which does not explicitly mention state associations.
      • MLA has adopted the ALA Code of Conduct for conferences for ALL MLA events and meetings:
  • ACRL webinar
    • We get two free webinars a year through ACRL. Their year is closing soon. Natalie set up a poll, most people chose one on April 6: Modern Pathfinders: Easy Techniques to Make Better Research Guides.
    • Sessions on April 7 (Teaching at the intersections: Aligning scholarly communication and information literacy in the one-shot library instruction session) and May 18 (Accessibility in Action) were tied.
    • We only get one login and need to identify an institution to host this.
      • LNDL can probably host, but Danielle can’t be the point person for April 6, but will look into hosting on May 18.
      • Natalie will put a call out to the ACRL MD list and see if anyone will host on April 6.
      • Goucher has hosted one recently.
  • ACRL Scholarly Roadshow workshop
    • A certain number of seats were held for USMAI and MICUA librarians. Registration has now opened for others, it’s only $20. Natalie has been working on promoting this.
  • Unconference
    • We originally thought the roadshow could serve as the spring program, but Natalie thinks we should do something.
    • Typically the ACRL MD Past President handles the unconference, but Gergana can’t plan it this year. Natalie is gone for most of May.
    • We have about a month to figure this out if we want to do this in June and stay within the PDP guidelines for when we submit our paperwork.
    • Alison and Sara can help, but neither of them can chair the committee. Natalie will approach the people running for Secretary to see if they want to be involved.
    • What about something more information where people recap the roadshow and the MLA conference?
      • Professional Development Roundup! “The best thing I saw this year”

*Special thanks to Alison for taking minutes!

Business Meeting Minutes, February 19th, 2016

ACRL MD Business Meeting, February 19th, 2016
Attendees: Claire Holmes, Kim Miller, Natalie Burclaff, Patty MacDonald, Sara Arnold-Garza

MLA/DLA Annual Conference Updates – CH

  • ​CH working to finalize paperwork for the 8 ACRL-MD programs
  • Marketing programs
    • Need to try to appeal to academic librarians to register and attend MLA/DLA conference. Selling points may be that it is local and a good opportunity to meet other librarians. NB suggested using these points to make a and distribute a flyer.
    • Claire has a contact with DLA to help market academic library-related sessions together with DLA (about 10 total throughout conference)
    • ACRL-MD does not have silent auction contribution yet, need to collect money and other contributions. SAG suggested we may be able to collect donations at the bowling social hour tonight
    • Outlets? Blog, social media, Marylib
      • Blog: In previous years, blog posts have highlighted a different section each week, can write posts all at one time and then schedule to post throughout the next several weeks. NB will email Alison Cody to see if she will once again help with the blog posts.
      • Lanyrd: CH will check to see if she can edit programs in MLA/DLA conference, tag programs with “ACRL-MD” and then share link to distribute/market programs – MLA/DLA 2016 is not on Lanyrd yet, so we may need to create a single blog post listing all programs. CH will find out if conference is still using Lanyrd.
    • Preconference has been selected to be one of the programs specially advertised through MLA/DLA 2016 communications
  • Registration for the conference is now open
  • Volunteer sign-up is also open (e.g., silent auction, registration, book tables)

Bowling Social – Tonight!

  • 5 lanes
  • NB will be name tags and a sign, but will be leaving work around 6pm (so will be there closer to 6pm)
  • NB, CH, and others may want to bring beverages to share because the alley is BYOB. Not sure if this also extends to non-alcoholic beverages and food.
  • Someone needs to pay for lanes out of pocket, save receipt, and then reimburse through ACRL national

Scholarly Communications Roadshow – April 19th

  • USMAI and MICUA registration is now open, and a link was sent to CALD
  • March 15th – registration opens more widely, $20 covers food and overhead costs

Towson University Conference

  • ​Adam Zukowski contacted NB to see if ACRL-MD would like to participate or help
  • It would be difficult for ACRL-MD to help without filing a lot of paperwork with MLA and we probably cannot do that in the time frame needed

Remember that ACRL-MD can sponsor ACRL webinars for free

  • ​NB suggested meeting attendees should look at the list of current webinars (which is updated regularly)
  • Current webinars:
  • We can select a webinar to create an event

Summer Unconference

  • NB will check bylaws to see how many programs we’re required to offer each year
  • Good to continue the tradition of a more casual summer unconference
  • NB will also check in with Gergana Kostova since the summer unconference is typically the immediate past president’s event
  • Unconference theme idea: If there is enough interest in scholarly communication ideas from the roadshow, the unconference may be a response to or an extensive of that theme