Business Meeting Minutes: June 15, 2018

Meeting Agenda
June 15, 2018

Attending: Andrea Caley, Mike Kiel, Robert Miller, Sean Hogan, Sara Arnold-Garza, Claire Holmes, Danielle Whren-Johnson

Tour debrief
National Gallery of Art, June 14
We had a great time!
17 participants
We would recommend future trips like this one
Thanks to Claire and Robert for setting things up

MLA CRAB submissions update
We have submitted an article for the next issue, about our National Gallery tour
Monique has done a lot of outreach, calling for submissions: if she wants to continue in that role, that would be great for us
Claire is happy to stay involved as a coordinator, too, but would also gladly step away if someone else wants to take up this leadership opportunity

Annual reports to MLA and ACRL
Sara will submit them
Reports show how we meet our strategic goals
Reports are important, too, to maintain our visibility, and to receive funding from ACRL
Maybe we can put the reports on a shared drive

ALA Annual Conference plugs, shares, etc.
ALA is next week
Natalie will attend as secretary of ACRL chapter council
Several librarians from Towson are attending
Sara is presenting on aspirational views of students
Danielle is helping to run a copyright gameshow program

Year-end notes
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our work this year!
We look forward to Mike, Kim, and Sean’s coming year, with Sara as immediate past president!

Other items
Next priority is planning fall program
Mike talked to a public librarian about the possibility of doing a program on diversity in your library–a speaker who presented at MLA/DLA on diversity may be available
Sara can put out a call to form a program planning group
Even though it’s early, we can start thinking about recruiting new officers–especially vice-president–for the next election

Next meeting
7/20 with Gina Calia-Lotz hosting journal club

Business Meeting Minutes: April 20, 2018


Meeting Agenda

April 20, 2018

Attending: Sara Arnold-Garza, Robert Miller, Jordan Sly, Kim Miller, Sean Hogan, Andrea Craley

National Gallery tour

  • June 14
  • 21 people have signed up so far
  • Registration deadline is April 27
  • Info and register

Webinar group view at UMCP

Silent auction basket

  • Gift cards
  • We have several cards so far plus cash contributions
  • We’ll package it attractively for the conference
  • Regina Rose will need someone to pick it up from her, Friday, April 27, in the morning–follow up with Sara if you can help with that

MLA/DLA updates

  • We’ve featured programs via our blog and social media
  • Human Library program has good registration so far, including academic and public librarians
  • Conference wants volunteers for check-in table, auction, etc. You can sign up here.

NLLD May 7-8

Other announcements

Next meeting (plus journal club): May 18


Business Meeting Minutes: March 16, 2018

Meeting Agenda
March 16, 2018

Present: Mike Kiel, Robert Miller, Sara Arnold-Garza, Claire Holmes, Regina Rose, Danielle Whren Johnson, Barbara Cheadle, Natalie Burclaff, Alyse Minter, Jordan Sly

Update on June program planning

  • National Gallery of Art in DC, June 14
  • We have tour of the Cezanne exhibition at 10:30 am
  • Tour of NGA library after lunch
  • The tours are free; lunch is self-pay
  • We will try to organize groups for lunch, based on where they want to eat
  • Also we will try to facilitate travel groups, car pools
  • We’ll start advertising soon

Mention of CRAB submission and chapter topic newsletter item

  • We’ve submitted a brief article about our bowling event, with photos, for the upcoming Crab.
  • Ideas for future articles are welcome. (Deadline for our next submission is June 5). Please contact Claire Holmes and Monique Clark
  • Natalie and Mike also submitted an article about our bowling event to the ACRL Chapters Council website. ACRL Chapters will continue to solicit contributions. The site will be a resource for chapters to share ideas. In the future, we could contribute something about the journal club.

2017-2018 chapter allotment finalized at $297, including new member bonus. $231 spent on bowling – ideas for remainder?

  • Possibly a “scholarship” for people to use for transportation money to attend our spring program
  • Possibly some sort of small gifts for people who attend spring program
  • Possibly use for MLA/DLA gift basket

Auction basket update from Regina

  • There are various options to send gift cards to Regina, including sending her money via PayPal
  • We need suggestions for raising funds for the basket; we need to advertise it more
  • Even if we have a small basket, we need to contribute it. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual basket.
  • Regina and Sara will plan a communications schedule

Work groups

  • We haven’t had a lot of response or volunteers
  • We need to consider how to proceed
  • We would like to create a membership/outreach plan next year. That plan might involve a work group, or it might take some other form.


  • Mike might need someone to be at the Human Libraries preconference workshop, if he can’t be, just to be present and hand out certificates of presentation at the end

Maryland Day Volunteers needed

  • Saturday, April 28, at UMD College Park.
  • Maryland Library Association (MLA), Citizens for Maryland Libraries (CML), and Maryland AskUsNow!
  • Interested in volunteering with us? Please email with the following:
    • Your name
    • Your email
    • Your cell phone number
    • Hours that you would like to be there (setup is 9:00-10:00 am; festival runs 10:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Next meeting

  • April 20

Business Meeting Minutes: Feb. 16, 2018

ACRL MD Business Meeting

February 16, 2018


Attending: Robert Miller, Mike Kiel, Regina Rose, Andrea Craley, Natalie Burclaff, Monique Clark

Come bowling!

  • Stoneleigh Lanes, Towson, tonight, Feb. 16, 6:30-8:30
  • Good way to network!
  • ACRL MD pays for the lanes
  • Bring your friends and families

Spring program update

  • Claire and Robert are working with the National Gallery of Art library to confirm a date in mid-June
  • Program will be a tour of the library in the morning, then a break for lunch followed by a tour of the art galleries themselves

MLA/DLA Annual Conference

  • Everything is set up
  • We’re in PR mode: Mike will start advertising the event on our blog
  • Conference and hotel registration are open
  • Come to our shared pre-conference on Human Libraries
    • Think about volunteering as a human book at MLA/DLA
  • We’ll be looking for donations for the silent auction donation basket
    • We’ll start collecting money at duckpin bowling tonight, and later we’ll send out a call
    • Regina will coordinate the basket
    • Theme possibilities are wide ranging: coffee, tea, books promoting diversity, local beers

What went down at Midwinter

  • ACRL Chapters Council
    • Natalie is secretary
  • We can always have up to two representatives attend
  • Because of the financial obligation of having to attend midwinter, the Chapters Council will permit virtual attendance next year via a hybrid meeting
  • Some chapters budget for someone to attend ALA annual and midwinter
  • ACRL 2019 will be in Cleveland
    • May 4 deadline for contributed paper, panel session, pre-conference and workshop proposals
    • October 12 deadline for poster session, roundtable discussion, TechConnect and virtual conference webcast proposals
  • Scholarships and grants available
  • How do we get people more involved: virtual options
  • Contact your local representative about IMLS funding
  • Lisa Nickel of VA chapter wants to collaborate with us on different projects

Ideas and goals for next year

  • Mike will have to submit yearly plan to MLA
  • Work with ACRL VA chapter
  • A group to do advocacy and go to Legislative Day
    • Going alone might be intimidating, so a group would be great
  • Inclusion: Library students, new librarians, librarians from under-represented groups–how to involve them in our programming, conversations, outreach
  • Using potential of MLA–collaborate with other divisions on, for example, inclusion, to make sure the profession grows in a positive and diverse way
  • Please let Mike know if you have any ideas for next year

Next meeting

  • March 16, including journal club

Business Meeting Minutes: Jan. 19, 2018

ACRL MD Business Meeting

January 19, 2018


Attending: Sara Arnold-Garza, Claire Holmes, Robert Miller, Sean Hogan, Barbara Cheadle, Danielle Whren-Johnson, Mary Snyder

Winter Social scheduled for 2/16, 6:30-8:30, Stoneleigh Lanes

  • We have lanes reserved for duckpin bowling
  • We considered other locations/activities, but for various reasons, Stoneleigh remains the best choice
  • More info and RSVP

Spring Program planning underway

  • We are planning a tour of the National Gallery of Art library, in Washington, DC, as well as a tour of the museum galleries
  • No specific date yet, but it will be late May or early June
  • We’ll post more info as plans are finalized

MLA Conference housing is open

MLA organizers looking for AV equipment (mic, speaker) to borrow

  • Please contact Mike Kiel if your organization can help.

December issue of the CRAB has a recap of Fall program. (Also HCC Fed Dep program)

  • Next issue deadline is March.
  • Please be in touch with Claire Holmes and Monique Clark if you want to write or have an idea.
    • We’re very open-ended about article ideas: a program at your library, a recap of an event, etc., up to 500 words.
    • A photo or other image is helpful and appealing.

MD Legislative Day 2/20   

  • You’re trained on talking points, and you meet with legislators or their aides.
  • Watch for announcements from MLA
  • ALA has a legislative day coming up, too.
  • MLA wants to promote support and participation, to protect IMLS funding again.

Reminder that work groups are available as an option for participation

  • Available groups:
    • Membership/outreach
    • Scholarship/sponsorship
    • Mentoring/job shadow
  • These are new groups that can determine their own scope and direction.
  • Contact Sara Arnold-Garza if you are interested.

ACRL workshop “Assessment in Action” scheduled for 3/23, 8:30-4:00

  • Loyola University of Maryland, Columbia Campus.
  • ACRL MD members may volunteer to get access to a ticket if not affiliated w/CALD or USMAI libraries.
  • Priority registration offered to librarians affiliated with any of those 3 groups
  • More info
  • Contact Sara if you have questions

ACRL 2019 (Cleveland) proposal deadlines

  • May 4, 2018 deadline for:
    • Contributed Paper, Panel, Preconference, Workshop
  • October 12, 2018 deadline for:
    • Poster, Roundtable, TechConnect, Webcast
  • Register for the Proposal Tips Webcast, February 1 at 2:00 pm, to learn how to write a strong proposal

Next meeting – Friday 2/16


Business Meeting Minutes: Dec. 15, 2017

Meeting Agenda
December 15, 2017

Attending: Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold-Garza, Terry Darr, Danielle Wren-Johnson, Sean Hogan, Robert Miller, Mike Kiel, Kim Miller, Regina Rose

MLA Conference updates

All of our programs have been assigned slots, consecutively in one track.

There is one program from ACRL Delaware which runs concurrently with one of ours.

We should plan to highlight our programs with blog posts.

We’ll look at previous years in the blog to see how we done it in the past.

CFP for posters will come in January.

Letter of support from for 2023 conference in Pittsburgh

ACRL requested a letter of support from ACRL MD and other nearby state chapters.

Sara has written the letter and submitted it.

ACRL Budget Allocation

We’re still waiting for info.

We will get an allocation of $277 from ACRL.

They also have a membership recruitment program that can garner us more money.

We’re not sure if the $277 already includes membership recruitment.

Sara is working on that and will report back to us.

Winter Social

We’ve done duckpin bowling in January or February, usually on a Friday night, at Stoneleigh Lanes in Towson.

We could also try the lanes near Patterson Park.

We’re open to other duckpin locations and also entirely other ideas for the social, too.

Happy hours aren’t really as family friendly.

Maybe indoor miniature golf.

Maybe Dave & Buster’s or similar arcade type thing; maybe a Dave and Buster’s that includes bowling. We would have to find out if they have age restrictions.

We’ll look into different options, costs, and maybe we’ll do a poll on the blog.

We welcome volunteers to help work on the winter social–please contact Sara Arnold-Garza.

Spring Program Planning meeting scheduled for January (Still time to join!)

We’ve started preliminary planning.

We might try a library tour.

We’ll see if it will actually be in the spring or if it will be more of a summer event.

We still welcome volunteers to help with planning–please contact Sara.

Next meeting & journal club – Friday January 19

We’ll announce the two winning articles and the visiting authors on the blog and on marylib listserv.

Business Meeting Minutes: Nov. 16, 2017

ACRL Maryland
Meeting Agenda
November 16, 2017

Attending: Terry Darr, Robert Miller, Regina Rose, Sara Arnold-Garza, Mike Kiel, Claire Holmes, Danielle Wren-Johnson, Kim Miller, Natalie Burclaff

MLA updates
MLA on-target with their budget.
MLA task group is examining costs of programs, membership fees, etc.

  • Claire is ACRL MD representative.
  • By March or so, group will issue recommendations that hopefully will be approved in MLA May business meeting.

MLA seeks greater member participation regarding library advocacy.

MLA Conference updates
Silent auction basket–we’ll start planning for that.
Social networking events–more variety this year: pub quiz, games, karaoke.
Link to hotel reservations will be published soon.
We will suggest some of our programs to be highlighted by MLA in its conference publicity.

Fall program debrief
43 registrants.
Lauren Pressley keynote was interesting and very useful.
Diverse set of presentations met a lot of different librarians’ needs (not just reference & instruction).
We’ll have a blog post with links to slides and summaries.
We had positive feedback on the location.

ACRL NJ publication
They contacted us for a writeup on our activities–Claire submitted that.
One of our annual goals is for Maryland academic librarians to gain visibility in our state and beyond, and our item for ACRL NJ met that goal.

Work groups
We are looking for volunteers to join our work groups on the following topics:

  • Membership/outreach
  • Social/networking
  • Scholarship/sponsorship
  • Mentoring/job shadow
  • CRAB submissions

We want more people involved, and the work groups offer opportunities to participate in less formal, low pressure ways.
Work groups have autonomy–they decide on their own agenda, how much time individuals will commit, etc.

Spring program planning committee
Please contact Sara if you want to join.
We’re still brainstorming ideas for a program, perhaps a library tour.

Midwinter attendance
Natalie will be representing our chapter and has been elected secretary of the chapter council.
The council meeting is open to everyone.

Mike’s lightning talk on research replication
At our fall program, Mike proposed that Maryland librarians team up to replicate studies published in the library literature.
Multiple people have already contacted Mike about it.
Please be in touch with him if you’re interested.

Next meeting date
Friday, December 15, 2017, 11:00

Business Meeting Minutes: Oct. 20, 2017


Meeting Agenda

October 20, 2017

Present: Mike Kiel, Robert Miller, David Dahl, Natalie Burclaff, Sean Hogan, Terry Darr, Kim Miller, Danielle Whren Johnson, Pamela Flinton

MLA Conference updates

  • We had a lot of proposals to review
    • We’ve had 6 approved
    • They will be part of a special academic track, all held in one room
    • Nice mix of presentations: instruction, tech, and other areas
  • ACRL Delaware Valley Chapter is also sponsoring a program–Mike will work with them so that our programs won’t compete
  • We are official sponsors for a human library program
    • Crossover for academic and public libraries
    • It will be a preconference, plus a working human library running during the conference
    • Exact structure is still up in the air
    • Please consider registering for the preconference and consider participating as a human book!
    • You can be a book or check out a book without participating in the preconference
  • Other preconferences that might be of interest:
    • Advocacy boot camp
    • Serving the homeless
    • Passport services
  • The conference still needs another keynote, so if you have any ideas, please let Mike know
    • Possibilities for keynote:
      • Maybe a critlib person who could also speak to public library issues
      • Maybe an expert on evolution or on change management, who could speak about how we adapt to changes in the environment or at work; that would fit the conference theme–“Evolve”: growing, changing, meeting challenges
    • We need volunteers to introduce our presenters–please contact Mike if you’re interested
    • We do have a nice range of presentations within the academic track, so please consider attending! This year’s conference will have a lot of content that is of interest to academic librarians. It will help to have academic libraries represented with attendees!
    • The call for poster proposals will go out in January.

Fall program updates

  • It’s being held in Harford county to draw people from ACRL Delaware Valley Chapter
  • We’ll have:
    • 2 deep-dive talks
    • 8 lightning talks
  • Lauren Pressley, ACRL Vice President/President Elect, is our keynote
  • We want strong attendance–it’s a good price-point!
  • Register here

CRAB Publication

  • We had a column in the summer issue (Mike and Claire) and in fall (Monique Clark)
  • Please see our call for article ideas by ACRL MD members
    • Claire and Monique are coordinating the column
  • Possible ideas for a article:
    • Profile or interview a librarian who’s doing interesting work,
    • Interview faculty member at UMD iSchool
    • Interview a library champion among your faculty
    • Innovation Lab at UB
    • The role of the academic library in Maryland Information Literacy Summit
    • Maryland Open Source Textbook Initiative


Next meeting

Please note the special time: Thursday, not Friday

  • November 16
    • 11:00 am, business meeting
    • 11:30 am, journal club
      • Terry Darr, Loyola Blakefield, facilitating


Business Meeting Minutes: Sept. 15, 2017


Meeting Agenda

September 15, 2017

Present: Sara Arnold-Garza, Robert Miller, Monique Clark, Terry Darr, David Dahl, Mike Kiel, Claire Holmes, Danielle Whren Johnson, Natalie Burclaff, Barbara Cheadle, Sean Hogan, Jean Wolf

MLA Conference updates

CFP closed, we have eleven submissions. Two may have been submitted mistakenly to us–they don’t seem geared toward academic librarianship. We’ll reach out to those submitters to clarify what they want to do with their proposals.

Mike is working on Human Library event.

Fall program, 11/6/17

CFP is open now for lightning talks and “deep dives.” Deadline is Sept. 24. We could possibly extend the deadline a week or two.

Claire is working on food. She’ll present options soon.

CRAB publication contributions

Monique and Claire are working on a process to encourage and organize ACRL MD submissions to CRAB. We can let academic librarians know when the deadlines are and what the submission process is. We hope to have more regular contributions by ACRL MD or by academic librarians in general.

We have submitted an article for the fall issue.

CRAB is quarterly. We hope to create a “bank” of topics and contributors, to help plan submissions and meet deadlines. We want to have a good idea of who’s submitting, what their topics are, and we want to help make sure that contributors meet deadlines. We can also propose ideas, review drafts, etc.

We want to have a point person who will make sure that we have an article coming up for each new issue–Monique and Claire will fill that function

Next step will be to put a link on our blog to a Google doc, where authors can sign up, propose topics, etc.

Work groups update

Sara will keep the call open to form work groups. She hasn’t received a lot of responses yet. We’ll move forward as more volunteers contact Sara.

Work groups are:

  • Membership/outreach
  • Social/networking
  • Scholarship/sponsorship
  • Mentoring/job shadow
  • CRAB submissions

Work groups are fluid–after a group forms, the members might even change the direction of the group.

ACRL Assessment in Action Workshop, 11/17/17

USMAI reached out to ACRL MD and CALD for collaboration/support.

We should have a point person for ACRL MD to work on planning. Volunteers can contact Sara and David Dahl.

Next meeting

Friday, October 20, 11 am


Business meeting minutes: August 18, 2017


Meeting Agenda

August 18, 2017

Present: Sara Arnold-Garza, Mike Kiel, Claire Holmes, Kimberly Miller, Morgan Davis, Jean Wolf

2017-2018 meeting schedule: set for 3rd Fridays, 11 am

Journal club:  facilitator sign-ups are full, Robert Miller and Barbara Cheadle will work together to coordinate

CRAB submissions: Claire has been in touch with Monique and Sean who expressed interest and Monique may write about the Innovative Library Classroom Conference she attended.

Summer forum: ~35 attended and provided valuable feedback. ACRL MD officers are working on developing an action plan and Sara will communicate with membership soon to invite involvement in new opportunities.

MLA Conference: ACRL MD programs call has been posted and a few submissions have come in. Reminders to submit are scheduled. The conference committee is interested in a human library preconference collaboration for academic and public libraries.

Fall program planning: The Program Approval Form has been returned from MLA’s Professional Development Panel with helpful feedback. Sara will follow up to pursue reciprocal pricing with ACRL Delaware Valley Chapter. The planning committee will move to next steps as soon as the finalized program approval is received.

LLAM speaker: ACRL MD is agreeable to help promote a January program with Laura Lippman since LLAM needs to commit to selling 25 copies of the author’s book at the program. Laura Lippman has broad appeal so we can also share this info with MLA members more widely.

Next meeting Friday, Sept 15, 11 am, followed by Journal Club at 11:30-12:30 facilitated by Ed O’Donnell, UMUC