ACRL MD at the National Gallery of Art

Eighteen librarians enjoyed our spring program, a morning guided tour of the National Gallery of Art and an afternoon tour of the National Gallery’s library.

Heartfelt thanks go out to National Gallery Reference Librarian Anne Simmons, who arranged our visit. We also got to meet the following museum staff members, who shared their expertise and love of art and art librarianship with us:

  • Heidi Applegate, Guest Lecturer
  • Roger Lawson, Executive Librarian
  • Yuri Long, Rare Book Librarian
  • Gregory PJ Most, Chief of Library Image Collections

We hope that the following photos convey how much fun we had and how much we learned! And we hope to see you in a few months for our fall program, which we’ll begin planning shortly.

We got to see the only Leonardo da Vinci painting owned by a museum in the Americas:


Dr. Heidi Applegate introduced us to 18th-century French painting:

Heidi Applegate presents French painting (1)

Anne Simmons and Roger Lawson welcomed us to the library:

Anne Simmons and Roger Lawson welcome ACRL MD (1)

A view from the stacks:

image1 (1)

Yuri Long shared treasures from special collections:

Yuri Long shares treasures from special collections (1)

Gregory PJ Most showed us historic photos:

Gregory PJ Most shows us historic photos (1)

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