Business Meeting Minutes: June 15, 2018

Meeting Agenda
June 15, 2018

Attending: Andrea Caley, Mike Kiel, Robert Miller, Sean Hogan, Sara Arnold-Garza, Claire Holmes, Danielle Whren-Johnson

Tour debrief
National Gallery of Art, June 14
We had a great time!
17 participants
We would recommend future trips like this one
Thanks to Claire and Robert for setting things up

MLA CRAB submissions update
We have submitted an article for the next issue, about our National Gallery tour
Monique has done a lot of outreach, calling for submissions: if she wants to continue in that role, that would be great for us
Claire is happy to stay involved as a coordinator, too, but would also gladly step away if someone else wants to take up this leadership opportunity

Annual reports to MLA and ACRL
Sara will submit them
Reports show how we meet our strategic goals
Reports are important, too, to maintain our visibility, and to receive funding from ACRL
Maybe we can put the reports on a shared drive

ALA Annual Conference plugs, shares, etc.
ALA is next week
Natalie will attend as secretary of ACRL chapter council
Several librarians from Towson are attending
Sara is presenting on aspirational views of students
Danielle is helping to run a copyright gameshow program

Year-end notes
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our work this year!
We look forward to Mike, Kim, and Sean’s coming year, with Sara as immediate past president!

Other items
Next priority is planning fall program
Mike talked to a public librarian about the possibility of doing a program on diversity in your library–a speaker who presented at MLA/DLA on diversity may be available
Sara can put out a call to form a program planning group
Even though it’s early, we can start thinking about recruiting new officers–especially vice-president–for the next election

Next meeting
7/20 with Gina Calia-Lotz hosting journal club

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