Business Meeting Minutes, October 16, 2015

ACRL MD Business Meeting, October 16, 2015

Attending: Claire Holmes (CH), Kim Miller (KM), David Dahl (DD), Natalie Burclaff (NB), Alison Cody (AC), Danielle Whren Johnson (DJ), David Brennan (DB)

MLA/DLA Conference Updates (CH)

  • 15 proposals received, 8-9 peer reviewers evaluated proposals, 8 accepted (1 declined), plus ½ day pre-conference
  • Preliminary forms have been submitted to MLA, the conference committee meeting on Wednesday (Oct 21st) will finalize conference program
  • More specific details about our programs will be provided during the next business meeting
  • Remember that the conference venue is changing next year to accommodate the conference size – Cambridge Hyatt (1 year contract), larger, more flexible offerings

ACRL MD Fall Program in collaboration with MILEX (NB)

  • Note that the November ACRL MD business meeting is scheduled for the same day as the Fall program, which means our Nov. business meeting is cancelled
  • Program title: “Your Student is My Student: Information Literacy and the Transfer Student Experience”
  • 8 people have registered for the program in the first week, more advertising to come
  • Conference includes panel with community colleges/transfer students, and time for discussion among attendees, among other sessions and the keynote

USMAI and ACRL MD Program (DD)

  • USMAI would like to collaborate with ACRL MD in application to host the ACRL Scholarly Roadshow ( The collaboration will strengthen ties with ACRL national and also provide broader connections to academic librarians in Maryland (than if USMAI were to apply alone)
  • MICUA also a potential partner
  • Application due November 10th, which need to include rationale, location, sponsors, etc.
  • Cost “successful application $2,000” – USMAI has committed to covering cost or sharing with other partners, which means ACRL MD won’t need to pay (but will need to designate volunteers to assist with program application, etc.)
  • David Dahl is contact for USMAI, Claire and Kim volunteered… Claire will be ACRL MD contact for now

Conference scholarship information (NB)

  • Natalie talked to Professional Development Committee reps (Alison and David) about scholarship to attend MLA/DLA scholarship, from Sept. meeting
  • ACRL-MD money is part of MLA’s budget; ACRL national money is $292 cannot be used for providing funds to travel to present at chapter conferences
  • Need to talk to Margaret Carty (MLA executive director) or MLA executive board to find out if we can create section-sponsored grants; remember that MLA also has educational grants to which members may apply for some conference funding
  • Benefit of having an ACRL-MD scholarship would be to incentivize participation within division
  • Natalie will talk to Margaret Carty

Nominations for 2016-2017 officer positions  (NB/CH)

  • Looking for nominations for VP and Secretary for next year
  • Currently – 1 person self-nominate for VP and 3 people self-nominate for Secretary

Next meeting: December 18th, 2015, 11am + Journal Club at 11:30am

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