Business Meeting Minutes: July 21, 2016

ACRL MD Meeting – Agenda & Minutes

July 21, 2016

Attending: Natalie Burclaff, Claire Holmes, Kimberly Miller, Robert Miller (notes), Danielle Whren-Johnson

Fall Program Planning

  • We support MILEX’s idea for a program on critical librarianship
  • MILEX has two suggested speakers–we hope to get one of them to be the keynote
  • To cosponsor with MILEX we need to create a letter of understanding.
    • We split costs 50/50, but we get 55% of revenue because of MLA administrative costs
  • We should communicate to MLA tech/access services segment, about the fall program and in general; we need to focus on diverse areas of librarianship, not just instruction
    • We need to think about organizing the fall program to engage different audiences: tech/access, reference, instruction, distance librarians, etc.
  • We want to do a call for lightning talk speakers and have those speakers lead breakout discussion sessions
  • Location possibilities:
    • Loyola-Columbia
    • Towson University Northeastern
    • Anne Arundel Community College
    • College Park
  • Our top choice for a date is November 11
  • Required readings, though they help discussions, might be bring attendance down
  • We want to advertise to two types of audience:
    • those are who completely new to crit lib
    • those who know something about it already, but who want to learn more and want to apply it in their work
  • Learning objectives:
    • Supposedly, we need 1 or 2 objectives per contact hour for CEUs
    • We brainstormed a few learning objectives:
      • Define crit lib
      • Identify ways you can apply crit lib to your library practice
      • Compare and contrast definitions and applications of crit lib
  • We need to plan organizational meetings, at least a kick-off one
    • Maybe a face-to-face meeting with phone-ins
  • Possibility of having virtual participation in the fall program:
    • For example, broadcast keynote, use Google hangouts for lightning talks and breakout discussions
      • We would need volunteers to manage the digital hangouts, etc.
    • Virtual option could bring in more audience members
    • Question of whether a virtual attendee would get some sort of discount
      • Would that discourage people from paying full price to attend onsite?
      • We could charge virtual attendees the same as onsite ones

Other Business

For outreach, we can get a list from ACRL of all its Maryland members

We need to think about an event, such as a social, that we can do for ACRL-Baltimore.

  • We can ask Chase Ollis at ACRL for advice
  • MLA is offered a table in the vendors’ hall
    • ACRL-MD would staff it
    • We would collaborate with Virginia and Delaware

We need to think about timing of spring program, vis-a-vis ACRL-Baltimore.

We will skip the journal club in August. The next one will be in October.

We can get a list of MLA members who have indicated they are interested in academic libraries. Using that list, we can have our own, dedicated listserv used, for instance, for journal club announcements

Happy hour in winter

  • Bowling worked well last time, and the location was good
  • We use ACRL money, and no CEUs to worry about
  • We pay for registration and get reimbursed
  • Attendants pay for bowling shoes and food


June Virtual Meeting & Journal Club

Mark your calendars to join ACRL-MD on Friday, June 17th for a quick virtual business meeting at 11am, followed by our virtual journal club discussion at 11:30 am-12:30pm.

Even if you can’t read the articles ahead of time, please join us for a lively discussion!

Articles selected for the June 17th journal discussion are:

All articles are freely available online in the latest edition of College & Research LibrariesIf you need to jump into the meeting a little late or leave early (or eat lunch), please do! ACRL MD’s online discussion series is free and open to all.

Blackboard Collaborate Directions

We’ll be on MLA’s online meeting software, Blackboard Collaborate. Join our discussion online at:  (you’ll need speakers, microphone optional but recommended).  There has been an update to MLA’s Blackboard Collaborate which may require you to download a file. This is automatic when you click on the link to enter the virtual meeting room. If you do not have administrator privileges for your computer (cannot download software files), please contact your IT department. Here are the instructions with more details. You may contact BlackBoard Collaborate Technical Support if you have any problems – please let them know that your organization is “Maryland Libraries” – 1-877-382-2293.

When you join the meeting, you will be prompted to enter your name. Once you are in the meeting room, you can test your speakers and microphone. In the “Audio & Video” pod, there is an icon showing a blue microphone with a red settings gear – simply click on that and Blackboard will walk you through the setup.

If you are new to using Blackboard Collaborate, you may find this Quick Start page helpful.

Business Meeting Minutes: April 15th, 2016

ACRL MD Business Meeting – April 15th, 2016

Attendees: Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold-Garza, Kimberly Miller, Claire Holmes, Jenny Innes


  • April 6th webinar hosted at Towson. 8 people attended, mostly Towson librarians. There was a discussion among a few participants based on material for the webinar – for example, how to organize guides by learning outcome. Natalie will find out if we can share the webinar recording with everyone
  • Claire will receive information for the May 18th webinar (to be hosted at UMBC) – Natalie will remind Clare that she may need to email them directly for a link if not already received


  • No one has volunteered to take the lead on the summer unconference yet – Natalie talking to someone at UB who may be interested in joining MLA, but probably will not lead this particular program
  • “Best think you heard about this year” theme selected and – People can share what they’ve learned at conferences, webinars, etc.
  • Tentatively scheduled for late July. July 22nd suggested. Kim will check with Sarah Crest to see if MILEX has a summer meeting date in order to avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Natalie suggested trying to find an indoor/outdoor space that is free or low cost and has parking. Claire suggested Oregon Ridge might be a place to look into
  • Natalie will submit MLA paperwork with the theme and then we’ll go from there
  • There is a question about whether we can charge or how much we can charge for a program where there are no planned speakers

MLA/DLA Conference Updates

  • All 8 programs are on board
  • Claire is working out details of handouts, etc. MLA will print handouts, but most speakers will bring their own
  • Claire working on silent auction basket and still taking contributions
  • Natalie volunteered to help with session intros, etc.
  • There was some discussion about soliciting speaker bios – it is optional.
  • Claire to pick up speaker packets with checks, etc. to distribute to moderators

May 20th meeting is cancelled.

MLA/DLA conference wrap up meeting and on-boarding of new officers at June 17th meeting

Business Meeting Minutes, February 19th, 2016

ACRL MD Business Meeting, February 19th, 2016
Attendees: Claire Holmes, Kim Miller, Natalie Burclaff, Patty MacDonald, Sara Arnold-Garza

MLA/DLA Annual Conference Updates – CH

  • ​CH working to finalize paperwork for the 8 ACRL-MD programs
  • Marketing programs
    • Need to try to appeal to academic librarians to register and attend MLA/DLA conference. Selling points may be that it is local and a good opportunity to meet other librarians. NB suggested using these points to make a and distribute a flyer.
    • Claire has a contact with DLA to help market academic library-related sessions together with DLA (about 10 total throughout conference)
    • ACRL-MD does not have silent auction contribution yet, need to collect money and other contributions. SAG suggested we may be able to collect donations at the bowling social hour tonight
    • Outlets? Blog, social media, Marylib
      • Blog: In previous years, blog posts have highlighted a different section each week, can write posts all at one time and then schedule to post throughout the next several weeks. NB will email Alison Cody to see if she will once again help with the blog posts.
      • Lanyrd: CH will check to see if she can edit programs in MLA/DLA conference, tag programs with “ACRL-MD” and then share link to distribute/market programs – MLA/DLA 2016 is not on Lanyrd yet, so we may need to create a single blog post listing all programs. CH will find out if conference is still using Lanyrd.
    • Preconference has been selected to be one of the programs specially advertised through MLA/DLA 2016 communications
  • Registration for the conference is now open
  • Volunteer sign-up is also open (e.g., silent auction, registration, book tables)

Bowling Social – Tonight!

  • 5 lanes
  • NB will be name tags and a sign, but will be leaving work around 6pm (so will be there closer to 6pm)
  • NB, CH, and others may want to bring beverages to share because the alley is BYOB. Not sure if this also extends to non-alcoholic beverages and food.
  • Someone needs to pay for lanes out of pocket, save receipt, and then reimburse through ACRL national

Scholarly Communications Roadshow – April 19th

  • USMAI and MICUA registration is now open, and a link was sent to CALD
  • March 15th – registration opens more widely, $20 covers food and overhead costs

Towson University Conference

  • ​Adam Zukowski contacted NB to see if ACRL-MD would like to participate or help
  • It would be difficult for ACRL-MD to help without filing a lot of paperwork with MLA and we probably cannot do that in the time frame needed

Remember that ACRL-MD can sponsor ACRL webinars for free

  • ​NB suggested meeting attendees should look at the list of current webinars (which is updated regularly)
  • Current webinars:
  • We can select a webinar to create an event

Summer Unconference

  • NB will check bylaws to see how many programs we’re required to offer each year
  • Good to continue the tradition of a more casual summer unconference
  • NB will also check in with Gergana Kostova since the summer unconference is typically the immediate past president’s event
  • Unconference theme idea: If there is enough interest in scholarly communication ideas from the roadshow, the unconference may be a response to or an extensive of that theme

Business Meeting Minutes, January 15th, 2016

ACRL MD Business Meeting, January 15th, 2016

Attendees: Claire Holmes, Kimberly Miller, Sara Arnold-Garza, Alison Cody, Jo Gadsby
Happy Hour Bowling – Friday, January 22nd at 6:30pm, Stoneleigh Lanes
  • Our Facebook event site is collecting RSVPs (plus blog comments and/or replies directly to Kim via Marylib announcement) – we may need some type of confirmation mechanism to get a more accurate headcount (i.e., who may be bringing friends, family, etc.). There are likely a few people who are happy to hang out without bowling
  • Remember this is BYOB/food, ACRL-MD will provide lanes and attendees are responsible for other expenses (including shoes!)
ACRL Scholarly Communications Roadshow – April 19th, time TBA
  • ACRL MD/USMAI/MICUA collaboration chosen to host!
  • Event will be April 19th hosted by Towson University. Rick Davis will coordinate for TU.
  • Wide-scale advertising should after Chuck Thomas (USMAI) sends announcement to USMAI.
  • Event can accommodate up to 100 attendees, with the first priority registration divided between USMAI (55), MICUA (25), and current iSchool students (20). At least 40 attendees required for event to occur.
  • Kim suggested that there may be area academic librarians not covered by these groups (e.g., community college librarians), and we might need to be aware of making sure they know they are available to register. Claire will check with the planning group to see how we might make sure to make this accommodation as seamless as possible. It may not be a problem depending on how many attendees register through USMAI/MICUA/library schools
  • Minimal registration fee (hopefully ~$25) to cover lunch, parking, venue, etc. This fee is on par with, or lower than, other ACRL MD events
MLA/DLA Annual Conference 2016 – ACRL MD offerings
  • May 4-6 in Ocean City, conference registration should open soon
  • ACRL MD is offering 1 preconference workshop and 7 regular sessions (1 session is a two-hours session, the rest are one-hour)
  • All the paperwork for AV/room set up, etc. is finished!
  • ACRL MD will to start marketing sessions very soon, especially given the investment MLA has made in the division’s speakers
  • Next conference committee meeting is Wednesday, 1/20
  • Most ACRL MD speakers are traveling in from outside of MD, a good opportunity to advertise new voices that will be coming to the conference (e.g., from VA and NY)
  • Claire shared session details for the ACRL MD sponsored sessions
  • Some programs have been highlighted to be useful across many different library sessions – ACRL MD preconference session will be marketed widely through the conference committee
  • Sara suggested we make sure we consider how to craft marketing that is explicit in what the sessions will entail (sometimes just the title or the short title alone will not accurately reflect the sessions), and suggested that we coordinate with DLA groups for marketing to Delaware academic librarians. Claire will work with the DLA rep to the conference committee to see if there is someone in the Delaware academic library community we can work with for publicity
  • Claire will add dates and times to the information before distributing for marketing. Coordinate via email to get marketing starting. Contact Claire if you have any other ideas.
  • Conference is using Lanyrd again, so we should be able to tag sessions as ACRL MD sponsored which may help academic librarians identify a “track” (should they wish)
Spring/Summer UnConference
  • Usually June or July, but perhaps ACRL MD’s co-sponsorship of the Scholarly Communications Roadshow could impact the planning this year
  • Event is typically planned by the ACRL MD immediate past-president, and Claire will check in with Gergana
  • Meeting attendees suggested that we might be able to “spin off” the Roadshow to have a more in-depth discussion. For example, we might host a webinar or online discussion where people could discuss what they learned at the Roadshow or how it connects to initiatives at Maryland-area libraries. The Unconference theme could be related to scholarly communications to encourage more in-depth conversations.
Next meeting: Friday, February 19th, 11am (followed by journal club at 11:30am-12:3pm, hosted by Patty MacDonald)

Business Meeting Minutes, October 16, 2015

ACRL MD Business Meeting, October 16, 2015

Attending: Claire Holmes (CH), Kim Miller (KM), David Dahl (DD), Natalie Burclaff (NB), Alison Cody (AC), Danielle Whren Johnson (DJ), David Brennan (DB)

MLA/DLA Conference Updates (CH)

  • 15 proposals received, 8-9 peer reviewers evaluated proposals, 8 accepted (1 declined), plus ½ day pre-conference
  • Preliminary forms have been submitted to MLA, the conference committee meeting on Wednesday (Oct 21st) will finalize conference program
  • More specific details about our programs will be provided during the next business meeting
  • Remember that the conference venue is changing next year to accommodate the conference size – Cambridge Hyatt (1 year contract), larger, more flexible offerings

ACRL MD Fall Program in collaboration with MILEX (NB)

  • Note that the November ACRL MD business meeting is scheduled for the same day as the Fall program, which means our Nov. business meeting is cancelled
  • Program title: “Your Student is My Student: Information Literacy and the Transfer Student Experience”
  • 8 people have registered for the program in the first week, more advertising to come
  • Conference includes panel with community colleges/transfer students, and time for discussion among attendees, among other sessions and the keynote

USMAI and ACRL MD Program (DD)

  • USMAI would like to collaborate with ACRL MD in application to host the ACRL Scholarly Roadshow ( The collaboration will strengthen ties with ACRL national and also provide broader connections to academic librarians in Maryland (than if USMAI were to apply alone)
  • MICUA also a potential partner
  • Application due November 10th, which need to include rationale, location, sponsors, etc.
  • Cost “successful application $2,000” – USMAI has committed to covering cost or sharing with other partners, which means ACRL MD won’t need to pay (but will need to designate volunteers to assist with program application, etc.)
  • David Dahl is contact for USMAI, Claire and Kim volunteered… Claire will be ACRL MD contact for now

Conference scholarship information (NB)

  • Natalie talked to Professional Development Committee reps (Alison and David) about scholarship to attend MLA/DLA scholarship, from Sept. meeting
  • ACRL-MD money is part of MLA’s budget; ACRL national money is $292 cannot be used for providing funds to travel to present at chapter conferences
  • Need to talk to Margaret Carty (MLA executive director) or MLA executive board to find out if we can create section-sponsored grants; remember that MLA also has educational grants to which members may apply for some conference funding
  • Benefit of having an ACRL-MD scholarship would be to incentivize participation within division
  • Natalie will talk to Margaret Carty

Nominations for 2016-2017 officer positions  (NB/CH)

  • Looking for nominations for VP and Secretary for next year
  • Currently – 1 person self-nominate for VP and 3 people self-nominate for Secretary

Next meeting: December 18th, 2015, 11am + Journal Club at 11:30am

Business Meeting Minutes, September 18, 2015

ACRL MD Business Meeting, September 18, 2015

Attendance: Kimberly Miller (KM), Natalie Burclaff (NB), Sara Arnold-Garza (SAG), Claire Holmes (CH), Gergana Kostova (GK)

Fall Program Planning Updates (in collaboration with MILEX) – NB

  • Theme: Transfer student experiences and collaborations between 2-year and 4-year colleges
  • Date: Nov 20th, 2015 (Friday)
  •   Program has been approved by the Professional Development Panel (PDP) committee with some good feedback.
  • Recommended to plan for around 25 attendees for a realistic budget; it is better to underestimate and over perform rather than over estimate and under perform
    • ​PDP also suggested a good revision to program description
    • SAG shared insights about the PDP processes. Remember Alison Cody is our liaison to that group.
  • Fall program speaker will be Thomas Atwood who will share experiences from Ohio Link
  • The program will also feature a student speaker panel, lightning round talk, and mixture of unconference talks
  • NB will start advertising next week, reaching out to MILEX and community colleges to draw attendees. NB also shared plans with CALD and will send announcement to their listserv.
  • Program registration will be $50 – most is going to speaker travel fees

January Social Hour – Bowling! – NB/CH

  • CH looked at Stoneleigh Lanes (York Rd. in Towson between Stevenson Lange and Northern Parkway), which has duckpin bowling and allows pre-reservations, BYOB
  • $28 per hour per lane with 5 people per lane, $4/person shoes
  • After Fall the program we can decide whether to sponsor some lanes (e.g., participants pay for food, ACRL-MD pays for a certain number of lanes).
  • Discussed day/times, particularly sensitive to schedule with kids and families –a Friday at 6:30pm, attendees will need to RSVP if we want to cover the cost of bowling so we can plan for an accurate number of lanes.
  • Tentatively plan on Friday January 22nd at 6:30pm
  • NB will talk to MLA about how to make financial arrangements, etc. At other happy hours ACRL-MD has been able to pay for some food, hopefully we can make arrangements to do something similar for bowling lanes.
  • CH will make reservation with Stoneleigh when the plans have been finalized.

MLA/DLA Planning Updates – CH

  • 16 proposals received and ACRL-MD can select 8 sessions.
  • Programs are currently under review with a 9/22 review deadline. The review group will meet online next Friday (9/27) to discuss and choose programs.
  • No preconference proposal – only a single 2-hour program proposed and plenty of other divisions have preconference proposals. No easy options to collaborate with other divisions. NB noted that preconferences are often solicited programs, rather than proposed. There was discussion about how many conference attendees often travel to OC a day early for a preconference.
  • MLA/DLA conference will feature a social outing rather than a dance party, probably a happy hour for conference attendees. This means ACRL-MD may not need to plan a social event.
  • ACRL-MD needs to contribute a silent auction basket. MLA is requesting smaller objects (rather than large, expensive baskets) in the hopes that offering a larger number of smaller-priced options will be a better fundraising opportunity. Also moving away from “place” or “region”-based prizes. ACRL-MD will need to solicit donations from members.
  • Conference social media group is planning a scavenger hunt/tour for the conference with a prize of conference registration for next year
  • NB suggested ACRL-MD explore the option to provide a scholarship for an academic librarian to attend MLA/DLA. GK suggested using ACRL National money for this, which is usually used for the Spring/Summer unconference, but could budget appropriately. The group discussed options for making the scholarship an opportunity to encourage long-term involvement in ACRL-MD, rather than writing  a simple statement. Similar to elections, guidelines for ACRL-MD involvement in planning and attending programs? Revisit this idea at October business meeting.

Journal discussion club future – NB

  • NB noted a drop in recent journal club attendance. Are there better ways to incentivize or attract participation?
  • The group discussed ways to emphasize that reading the articles is not essential for participating and moderators will lead conversations about the topics that the articles reflect. We will emphasize themes as reflected in the readings in future publicity
  • CH suggested hosting thematic roundtable conversations that may not be journal article-focused, as a forum for ACRL-MD relevant topics. Possibly recruit teams/pairs of facilitators rather than a single host.
  • The Fall program is a good time to advertise for journal club participation.

Next meeting: October 16th at 11am, journal club at 11:30am

ACRL Meeting Minutes, 8/8/11

In person attendees: Danielle Whren-Johnson, Joanna Gadsby, Katy Sullivan, Shana Gass, Natalie Burclaff, David Dahl, Patty McDonald, Sara Arnold Garza, Carl Olson

Virtual attendees: Alison Cody, Veronica Arellano, Mou Chakraborty

Professional Development Presentation

Roundtable Discussion of ALA Annual

Fall Program (10/14/11)

There is a planning wiki for this program where people can submit ideas. We had to make some  decisions about the program in order to submit paperwork to MLA. The title of the program will be The Future Starts Tomorrow and it is scheduled for October 14th. The tentative location is Loyola Columbia.  Steven Bell will start with a talk about a variety of things. He has to incorporate certain topics such as  ACRL initiatives, user experience, design thinking and how to combine these. Steven will talk for approximately 1.5 hours but will stay the entire day.  Breakfast/start of day will be around 9-10 a.m. and we will finish up at 3:30.

In the afternoon, there will be a panel and a larger group discussion. At this time, we need suggestions for panelists and other ideas for interactive activities.  The purpose of the panel will be to hear about unique and exciting projects/positions from different academic libraries in the area. Alison is drafting a call for panelists. We are looking for a diverse group of people working professionally in academic librarians who feel that they’re doing something unique and/or cutting edge. They don’t necessarily have to be implementing it at this time but have a very new or big idea about something. We are willing to take five people who just have an idea and give each one about ten minutes to talk and take questions.  Katy mentioned that we will need to include parameters of what we want panelists to do. These should include time allotted, the number of other panelists, etc.

2012 conference programs

David and Carrie [Willson-Plymire, MLA-DLA 2012 Conference Director] talked and decided the deadline for the call for proposals should be deadline moved up to 9/15, which is a week before the conference committee meeting.  At the time of this meeting, we had received two proposals so everyone is encouraged to promote participation, especially from local librarians. MLA might pay for some expenses within reason, but it is likely that the organization can’t reimburse any expenses.

Katy is planning the workshop on publishing (previously planned and cancelled for 2011 conference).

Other potential programs (reported from Conference Committee meeting)

Intellectual Freedom Group–session about training staff about how to teach this topic
DLDS–ebooks consortium
TSD–top trends and transitioning to RDA
SIG–getting a job/prof orgs
Writing for the web
Planned abandonment–when to let go of a service or resource
Financial literacy
Collaborations with high schools/elementary schools–information literacy
Grant writing
Sharing marketing ideas (steal these ideas)
Distance education

Carl Olson from GIIG spoke about co-sponsoring a session on American Factfinder 2.  This would be a regular conference session and a trainer from the Census Bureau to attend. The group agreed that this would be a good idea and Carl is going to work on submitting the proposal.

Screencasting is a possible screencasting topic but there need to be computers and we are not yet sure there will be enough for this. There is also the possibility of partnering with LMD for a preconference. David will check on both of these issues at the next Conference Committee Meeting.

Happy Hour at MLA
We are looking into having a happy hour for academic librarians at the conference. This would ideally take place at Liquid Assets. We will look into the possibility of reserving a space and are currently deciding on the best time to do this activity so as not to interfere with other MLA programs.

Nominating Committee

Simmona Simmons has offered to serve as the nominating committee for next year’s officers. Nominations are due 11/1.

Small Discussion Groups

We talked previously about hosting quarterly or semi-annual discussion groups around a topic of interest. These would take place online although hybrid attendance could be a possibility. We need to submit an initial program planning form for this but would only need one for the entire series. Instruction could be a possible topic for the fall, perhaps early or mid November.

Our next meeting is September 6th, 2011 at Loyola-Notre Dame Library from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  This will take place in the first floor seminar room. We may need parking passes–updates to come on this issue. The Wimba room is reserved so this will be available for virtual attendance as well as in-person.

Contact information for ACRL-MD officers
Alison Cody, President,
David Dahl, Vice President,
Joanna Gadsby, Secretary,