2016 Conference Highlights – Adjuncts: Valuable Assets When Planning to Enhance Student Success

Each week between now and the 2016 MLA/DLA Conference, we’re highlighting one of the conference sessions sponsored by ACRL MD. The conference will be held May 4-6 at the Clarion Resort Hotel in Ocean City, MD.  For more information on the conference, please take a look at the conference program (PDF). To register, visit the MLA conference page. And follow along on social media at #MLADLA16

MLA Adjuncts

Adjuncts: Valuable Assets When Planning to Enhance Student Success
Friday, May 6th
Presenter: Pamela Flinton, Goucher College

Adjunct faculty account for 50% of the workforce in U.S. higher education, 70% at 2-year colleges! According to the American Federation of Teachers, adjuncts teach 37% – 53% of college students every year. Individually and collectively, adjuncts are an invaluable asset as we, librarians and library staff, strive to enhance student success through a good grounding in information literacy (IL) concepts. Learn what support adjuncts need from us and how to create successful programs to engage adjuncts in the struggle to ensure every student has IL concepts to support life-long learning. Gain an understanding of adjuncts that will help to create powerful relationships with members of this group. Question and answer time to delve into the issue and share what your experiences have been in making the most of the vast human capital that adjuncts bring to our students and our institution.

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