Business Meeting Minutes, April 17, 2015

ACRL MD Business Meeting, 4/17/15

In Attendance:

Sara Arnold-Garza, Kimberly Miller, Sarah Burns Gilchrist, Mou Chakraborty, Claire Holmes, Gergana Kostova, Megan Browndorf, Pete Ramsey, Natalie Burclaff

  1. Elected new ACRL MD officers
    • Claire Holmes (Vice President/President Elect) and Kimberly Miller (Secretary) elected to serve along with Natalie Burclaff (President) for the next year.
  2. MLA/DLA Conference updates
    • Natalie plans to purchase auction basket items this weekend, donations to the basket are still welcome – let Natalie know ASAP if you plan to give
    • Encourage your colleagues to attend the ACRL MD programs. So far the online program has low attendance numbers but many may not have recorded their intent at:
    • Still looking for volunteers to be room moderators for the ACRL MD programs – if you are willing to hand out forms and introduce speakers contact Natalie. Natalie will send an update on what has been covered, what is still open.
    • Planning is going well – conference seems to be outgrowing the space – 100+ attendees at some programs pushes the limits of the current space.
    • The preconference signups are closed now due to very high registration. Daniel Ramirez of LDD is moderating, Gergana volunteered to back him up.
  3. Ideas/events for reviving instruction network
    • Not much has been done with this lately
    • If you have ideas, please share
    • MILEX may be a good partner to do this with
  4. ACRL MD spring program updates
    • Mid July likely at Loyola in Columbia, agenda based on THAT Camp/The Collective structure of voting ahead on topics
    • Theme of collaboration, cooperation
    • Activity breaks for movement
    • Emphasis on all aspects of the library, not just R&I.
    • A separate message will be sent to plan a meeting of the committee
  5. Next Business meeting – May 22 (29)
    • No regular meeting scheduled for May, but conference wrap up would be nice
    • Attendees agreed on the 22nd at 11 (regular time) for virtual brownbag
    • Expand meeting time to an hour to accommodate the conversation
  6. ACRL 2015 “take-aways” (if time permits)
    • “Takeaways” from ACRL 2015 and MLA/DLA 2015 will be discussed during an ACRL MD business meeting on May 22, 11-12.

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