Business Meeting Minutes: July 21, 2016

ACRL MD Meeting – Agenda & Minutes

July 21, 2016

Attending: Natalie Burclaff, Claire Holmes, Kimberly Miller, Robert Miller (notes), Danielle Whren-Johnson

Fall Program Planning

  • We support MILEX’s idea for a program on critical librarianship
  • MILEX has two suggested speakers–we hope to get one of them to be the keynote
  • To cosponsor with MILEX we need to create a letter of understanding.
    • We split costs 50/50, but we get 55% of revenue because of MLA administrative costs
  • We should communicate to MLA tech/access services segment, about the fall program and in general; we need to focus on diverse areas of librarianship, not just instruction
    • We need to think about organizing the fall program to engage different audiences: tech/access, reference, instruction, distance librarians, etc.
  • We want to do a call for lightning talk speakers and have those speakers lead breakout discussion sessions
  • Location possibilities:
    • Loyola-Columbia
    • Towson University Northeastern
    • Anne Arundel Community College
    • College Park
  • Our top choice for a date is November 11
  • Required readings, though they help discussions, might be bring attendance down
  • We want to advertise to two types of audience:
    • those are who completely new to crit lib
    • those who know something about it already, but who want to learn more and want to apply it in their work
  • Learning objectives:
    • Supposedly, we need 1 or 2 objectives per contact hour for CEUs
    • We brainstormed a few learning objectives:
      • Define crit lib
      • Identify ways you can apply crit lib to your library practice
      • Compare and contrast definitions and applications of crit lib
  • We need to plan organizational meetings, at least a kick-off one
    • Maybe a face-to-face meeting with phone-ins
  • Possibility of having virtual participation in the fall program:
    • For example, broadcast keynote, use Google hangouts for lightning talks and breakout discussions
      • We would need volunteers to manage the digital hangouts, etc.
    • Virtual option could bring in more audience members
    • Question of whether a virtual attendee would get some sort of discount
      • Would that discourage people from paying full price to attend onsite?
      • We could charge virtual attendees the same as onsite ones

Other Business

For outreach, we can get a list from ACRL of all its Maryland members

We need to think about an event, such as a social, that we can do for ACRL-Baltimore.

  • We can ask Chase Ollis at ACRL for advice
  • MLA is offered a table in the vendors’ hall
    • ACRL-MD would staff it
    • We would collaborate with Virginia and Delaware

We need to think about timing of spring program, vis-a-vis ACRL-Baltimore.

We will skip the journal club in August. The next one will be in October.

We can get a list of MLA members who have indicated they are interested in academic libraries. Using that list, we can have our own, dedicated listserv used, for instance, for journal club announcements

Happy hour in winter

  • Bowling worked well last time, and the location was good
  • We use ACRL money, and no CEUs to worry about
  • We pay for registration and get reimbursed
  • Attendants pay for bowling shoes and food


Business Meeting: August 29th at UMBC’s Albin O. Kuhn Library

ACRL MD will hold its next business meeting on Wednesday, August 29th in Room 259 of UMBC’s Albin O. Kuhn Library from 1-3 PM.

Directions to the library can be found at Please send your name and mailing address to Joanna Gadsby at for a free parking pass no later than one week prior to the meeting date.

Agenda items will include:

  • Fall Program planning progress report and discussion
  • MLA/DLA Conference Updates
  • Online journal club progress report
  • In-person meetups progress report
  • Instructor-Observer network progress report
  • Overview and discussion of social media strategy

We will also allow time for attendees to share significant projects and initiatives at their libraries that are underway or being planned.

If you would like to have an item added to the agenda, please contact David Dahl (

Virtual Attendance
To cater to those who may not be able to attend in person, ACRL MD offers the option to participate in the meeting virtually via the Wimba platform.  The Wimba meeting URL is After clicking the link, enter md_meetingMLA as the Room ID and type your name in the Name field. You will need speakers or headphones connected to your computer for audio. A microphone is strongly recommended for full participation, but Wimba also provides a chat feature that will be monitored.

Business Meeting on July 30th at UMBC’s Albin O. Kuhn Library

Please join ACRL MD for our upcoming business meeting on Monday, July 30th from 1-3pm. The meeting will be held in Room 353G in the Albin O. Kuhn Library at UMBC. If you’re looking to get involved in ACRL MD this is a great meeting to attend.

Directions to the library can be found at Please send your name and mailing address to Joanna Gadsby at for a free parking pass no later than one week prior to the meeting date.

Tentative agenda items include:

  • ACRL Chapters Council report from ALA
  • Fall Program planning
  • Update on and discussion of  planning for ACRL MD programs at the 2013 MLA/DLA Conference
  • Discussion of other programming opportunities (both online and in-person)
Additional agenda items will be announced closer to the meeting date. If you would like to add something to the agenda, please contact David Dahl (

Virtual Attendance
To cater to those who may not be able to attend in person, ACRL MD offers the option to participate in the meeting virtually via the Wimba platform.  The Wimba meeting URL is After clicking the link you will need to enter md_meetingMLA as the Room ID and your name. You will need speakers or headphones connected to your computer for audio. A microphone is strongly recommended for full participation, but Wimba also provides a chat feature that will be monitored.

ACRL MD Meeting Minutes, 7/11/11

In person attendees: Danielle Whren-Johnson, Anna Tatro, Joanna Gadsby, Ian Hardy, Barbara Cheadle, Shana Gass

Virtual attendees: Alison Cody, David Dahl, Alan Bogage, Patty McDonald, Sara Arnold-Garza

Jim Fish, Director of Baltimore County Public Libraries
Using Today’s Numbers to Plan Tomorrow’s Services: Effective User Services Assessment (Reprised from ALA annual conference)

Nominating Committee
While division elections aren’t held until the spring, we will need to submit the names of those who are interested in running for ACRL MD offices in November 2011. At this time, we need volunteers to organize the nominating committee and those people will start gathering names of those interested in running for secretary and vice president elect.

Fall Program
Steven Bell will definitely be coming to speak the ACRL MD fall program on October 14th. At this time, we need to design the program’s format including time of day, location, the potential inclusion of other speakers, and generate ideas for topics. The online poll conducted last month indicates that people are interested in two major themes: “Design Thinking and Innovation in Libraries” and “The Future of Academic Librarianship”.

Ideas generated during this discussion:

-Full day program preferred

-Possibility of focusing on the ACRL study, “The Value of Academic Libraries”, ACRL draft standards on media and information literacy, how ACRL sees these reports and standards as fostering innovation and guiding the future of libraries

-Look for libraries in MD putting these standards into practice, perhaps in order to align with accreditation

-Looking for a location close to BWI that could possibly accommodate 75 people and be a flexible workspace. HCC, AACC, UMBC have  been contacted. Loyola Columbia looks like a good bet. The program is tentatively scheduled at this location but we have to wait until the final fall schedule is published to determine if it is definitely free on this date.

-Currently operating under the idea that SB will present in the morning and help lead a hands-on activity in the afternoon.
Any additional ideas for topics or aspects of this program should be sent to ACRL MD officers.

2012 Conference Planning
Call for proposals draft is being updated. Suggestions included that the e-mail that accompanies the form should have more information on this conference as well as a link to last year’s programming. Those submitting proposals will be encouraged to come up with an idea that would also be relevant to non-academic libraries. MLA policies about reimbursement/timeline will be sent in a follow up email once their proposal is accepted. It was proposed that additional language be added to reflect the fact that reimbursement of expenses by MLA is not guaranteed. In addition, if we accept a proposal, the person submitting it should  be informed to hold both the Thursday and Friday of the conference free until we are notified of available time slots.  Possible that preference will be given to local and/or regional presenters? We will aim to get the call for proposals out soon and ask that they are returned by 9/30/11 so we will have time to review them. A selection committee will tentatively meet on 10/3/11. At this time, it will be an open meeting for those interested in participating. However, we do ask that if you have submitted a proposal that you do not attend this meeting!

DD will need to submit ideas for presentations at the Conference Committee meeting on 7/20.

Current ideas include:

-Government Interest Group may be interested in co-sponsoring a program on Factfinder.

-Katy Sullivan is working on reorganizing the publishing session originally scheduled for 2011.

-Pre-conference on screencasting is a possibility but there will be difficulty getting a computer lab for this purpose since the public library is not available this year.  Is it possible to ask people to bring a laptop? This could make the Factfinder workshop difficult as well. DD to inquire at conference committee meeting if they can supply any equipment for this type of presentation.

Other business
Possible tracks at conference

-Is it better to track by topic (technology, leadership, etc) or by type of library? Discussion went the way of type of library since it would be difficult to generate enough broad topics. It was brought up that any track should be indicated in the mini-booklet used at the conference.

A conference theme should be decided by the next time we meet in August.

Small discussion groups
DD posed the idea of holding quarterly discussion groups using hybrid format (Wimba and in person). They would be free and last less than 2 hours. Several people agreed that this was a good idea and DW-J added that it would be a good way to advertise getting value out of your membership. AC added that we should peruse the MLA president’s objectives for potential topics. We could possibly start this in fall 2011. If you have ideas for topics, please send them to ACRL-MD’s officers in the meantime. Contact info is below.

Next meeting is August 8th at Loyola-Notre Dame Library from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.  This will take place in the first floor seminar room. Parking is free but you will need to check in at the security desk.  The Wimba room is reserved so this will be available for virtual attendance as well as in-person.

Contact information for ACRL-MD officers
Alison Cody, President,
David Dahl, Vice President,
Joanna Gadsby, Secretary,

Fall Program: Help Choose the Theme!

We’re in the beginning stages of planning ACRL MD’s Fall Program, and we need your help! Approximately every 4 years, ACRL MD is eligible to bring in a guest speaker, selected from the members of the ACRL Board and the Executive Director. This is one of those years, and this speaker will be a central part of the Fall Program.

Right now we’re deciding on a theme/topic and a date for the Fall Program. We’ve identified a few possibilities. Let us know what you’d like to hear about by filling out the poll below. Think we’ve overlooked something? Suggest your own theme/topic by choosing ‘Other’ and writing in your idea. Then, select up to three preferred dates for the Fall Program.

ACRL MD Business Meeting, June 6th at 1pm

Please join ACRL MD for our next business meeting on June 6th, from 1-3pm at Loyola Notre Dame Library. The meeting will include a discussion of program and conference planning for the upcoming academic year. Here is the full agenda:

1. Introductions
2. Professional Development Presentation (tba)
3. Unconference – feedback/evals/observations
4. Recap of 2011 conference sessions – feedback/evals/observations
5. Program ideas

  • Fall program
  • 2012 Conference programs (May 9-11 in Ocean City)
  • Spring program

6. Schedule additional meetings

All are welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the division’s program planning. In order to accommodate those who cannot attend in person, we will be using Wimba to extend the meeting to virtual attendees. Please contact David Dahl ( if you are interested in this option.

The meeting will be held in the Level 1 Seminar Room at Loyola Notre Dame Library. Directions to the library parking lot are available here:  A parking permit is not needed, but attendees should check in at the security desk upon arrival.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Recap of Unconference Planning Meeting (1/25/11)

Attendees: Danielle Whren Johnson, Alison Cody, Shana Gass, Natalie Burclaff, David Dahl

Several items related to the Unconference were discussed at this planning meeting, including date/time, location, theme, and the schedule of activities.


Several suggestions were discussed in relation to the Unconference theme for this year.  The goal of the theme is to provide some direction and inspiration for presentations/talks without being too restrictive.  The idea of focusing on relationships in the academic library came up, and the theme of “Friends with Benefits” was selected as a preliminary theme.


The Unconference will run from 9:30-3pm on May 26th.

May 26th was chosen as a preliminary date for the Unconference. This date was chosen in an effort to keep some space between the Unconference and the MLA Annual Conference (May 4-6) and to avoid conflicts that may arise because of the Memorial Day weekend.

Feedback from last year’s Unconference indicated that participants would have liked the program to be longer.  With that in mind, the group decided that extending the Unconference until 3pm would allow for more content without significantly increasing the price for participants.


Several locations were suggested for holding the Unconference.  Loyola/Notre Dame Library worked well last year and will be considered again for this year.  It was noted that it would be good to change venues if possible.  Since the MLA conference is on the Eastern Shore and ACRL MD’s Fall Program was held in western Maryland, the Unconference will be hosted by a library in Baltimore.

The following locations will be investigated for the event: UMBC, Loyola/Notre Dame, Towson University, and Goucher College.  Other suggestions are welcome.  Host locations must be able to offer 2 flexible meeting rooms and a larger room or gathering area for lunch and other activities involving all participants.  The location must also be able to address the parking needs of attendees.  Preference will be given to locations that do not require ACRL MD to use the school’s in-house catering service.  If you would like to suggest a location for hosting the Unconference, please send an email to David Dahl at, addressing how the location meets the requirements for the Unconference.  We expect to choose a location by mid-February.

Proposed Schedule

Details of the schedule and related activities are ongoing, but a basic outline of the day’s activities was decided upon:

9:30-10 – Registration
10-10:30 – Speed networking
10:30-11 – Voting/break
11-12 – Lightning talks
12-12:45 – Lunch
12:45-1 – Voting
1-1:45 – Prepared talks
1:45-2 – Break
2-2:45 – Prepared talks
2:45-3 – Closing announcements/evaluations

If you have any suggestions for the Unconference, please leave them in the comments section of this blog post.  More information will be forthcoming as details are worked out.

Meeting Announcement: Jan. 25th from 1-3pm at LND Library

ACRL MD will be holding its next meeting at Loyola/Notre Dame Library to begin planning for this year’s unconference.  This meeting is open to anyone interested in planning for or providing input towards the unconference.

Meeting details
Location: Seminar Room, Loyola/Notre Dame Library
Date/Time: January 25th from 1-3pm

Directions and parking information are available here:

ACRL MD Meeting Minutes 7/13/10

Presentation on QR Codes

Janet Hack,  Web Services Librarian at UMBC, gave a presentation on QR codes.  These codes can be “read” by smartphones that have a QR code reader on them.  There are several free readers available.  UMBC has begun to use QR codes on library bookmarks, handouts, and digital signage.  An informal survey of 5 graduate students revealed that two had knowledge of QR codes, while the others thought they would use them now that they knew about them.

Report from ACRL Chapters Council Meeting at ALA

Danielle attended the ACRL Chapters Council Meeting at ALA.  Chapters were encouraged to submit forms for funding from ACRL.  Danielle did this for last fiscal year, and ACRL MD received $299.  This amount is based on the number of ACRL members in Maryland, not the number of ACRL MD members.

Chapter members were also encouraged to nominate their members for ACRL awards.

ACRL would like to increase collaboration between chapters.  It was felt that making more program content available online would help with this.  The New England Chapter’s most recent program was given as an example because it was made available online.

Megan Oakleaf gave a presentation to the meeting attendees about assessment and ROI for libraries.  The focus of this was in relation to the university’s/college’s institutional goals.

Report on progress/further planning of Fall Program

The program is scheduled for October 15, 2010 and will run from approximately 9am to 1pm.  A location is still being determined, but the program will be held in western Maryland.  Danielle is checking with Frederick Community College to see if they would be willing to host the program.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

  • 9am: program registration
  • 9:30-10:30am: presentation on Perry’s model of intellectual and ethical developmen
  • 10:30-11:30am: pro/con debate about the effectiveness of one-shot library instruction – a volunteer is still needed for the argument agains one-shots
  • 11:30-11:45am: break
  • 11:45-12:45pm: alternatives to the one-shot library session, including presentations about embedded librarians and roving reference

Report from MLA conference committee meeting

Feedback from last year’s conference was shared:

  • Some attendees felt the technology session was geared towards experts and was described as “elitist” by one attendee.  This was discussed and it was felt that indicating prerequisite skill levels might help attendees decide if the session was geared towards them.
  • The IL session was well-received.  It was recommended that the conference try to have more sessions about public/academic library collaborations.

The conference theme for 2011 is “Something for Everyone”.  Alison suggested that this theme might be advantageous to ACRL MD’s efforts to draw more academic librarians to the conference.  Barbara Jones from ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom is tentatively scheduled as the keynote speaker.

Several potential programs were shared that could be of interest to ACRL MD:

  • easy web development/management
  • video editing
  • social/outreach presence
  • collection development pre-conference (children/YA)
  • teen brain and developmental training – programming for / interacting with teens

Further planning for MLA 2011 conference

  • Mary Somers would like to help with the session on copyright and creative commons.
  • Joyce Garczynski agreed to do a pre-conference about assessment. The focus of this would be on choosing/creating good assessment tools and making use of the data that is collected.
  • Michael is willing to do the Presentation Zen session.  It might be good to find someone else since Michael may be presenting another session.
  • Alison will give a presentation on library applications of free and easy to use technologies.
  • Michael and possibly others from UB can do a session about lessons learned from a for-credit information literacy program.  It was suggested that it might be good to get a co-presenter from a different institution with a similar program.
  • Katy will organize a session about getting into the publishing game.  She will put out a call for speakers. Julie Arnold at UMUC was suggested as a possibility.

Program approval forms are due on October 15th. Presenter agreement and publicity forms are due November 12th.

Report on action items for recruitment/promotion efforts

Danielle received an updated list of ACRL MD “members” from MLA.  She also received a list of ACRL members living in Maryland from ACRL.  This information includes email and mailing addresses. We will plan to send brochures encouraging these members to participate in ACRL MD.  The brochures should include both upcoming programs as well as past programs.

ACRL MD’s section of the MLA website has been updated:  bylaws were amended to reflect the division’s name change; officers for 2010-2011 were updated.

David began setting up a web presence for ACRL MD on several social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Flickr.  The ACRL MD blog, Flickr, and shared items on Google Reader are automatically fed to Twitter and Facebook.  This will help keep these pages active without requiring a lot of maintenance.

David will advertise these new web presences on Marylib and other ACRL MD communication methods.

Other items

David suggested that ACRL MD continue pursuing the idea of creating a publication.  David will start investigating the logistics of producing this.  This will be presented at the next meeting.

ACRL MD Meeting Minutes 6/15/10

Attendees: Shana Gass, Danielle Whren Johnson, Michael Shochet, Alison Cody, Katy Sullivan, Joanna Gadsby, Gergana Kostova, David Dahl, Simmona E. Simmons

New ACRL MD Officers (2010-2011)
President – Danielle Whren Johnson, Loyola/Notre Dame Library
Vice-president/president-elect – Alison Cody, Loyola/Notre Dame Library
Secretary – David Dahl, Towson University

Wrap-up/Evaluation of 2009-2010 Activities
The Fall Program had lower attendance than desired and lost $200.  The cost of the program combined with cuts in professional development funding in academic libraries may have contributed significantly to the low attendance.

The Spring Program (unconference) was well-received.  The program earned $453 and received positive feedback from attendees.  Many attendees expressed the desire to do hold this type of program more frequently.  Concerns were raised as to how frequently something like this should be done with the general consensus being approximately once per year.  ACRL MD will look to do this again for the 2011 Spring Program.  A few suggestions for improvement were made, including providing more structure for the sessions (i.e. enforcing time limits) and expanding the duration of the program to a full day.

Not much information is available for the MLA Conference programs.  It was generally observed that the programs were well-attended.  A few individuals felt that the mobile technology session was too technical.

Discussion of recruitment initiatives
Numerous ideas were discussed for increasing membership and involvement in ACRL MD:

  • Reach out to students through collaboration with MLA’s student liaison and sending meeting and program announcements to College Park’s library science student listserv
  • Mail an updated brochure to MLA members who expressed interest in ACRL MD (Alison will work on updating the brochure)
  • Include short presentations at business meetings to add a professional development incentive for attending (Katy will work on getting a speaker for the July meeting)
  • Create a social media presence on sites like Twitter and Facebook (David will begin work on this)
  • Bring in an ACRL officer as a guest speaker (this is free for chapters to do every three years)
  • Utilize teleconferencing to extend meetings to those who cannot attend in-person
  • Increase promotion and notoriety of the ACRL MD track within the MLA Conference
  • Collaborate with neighboring states’ associations
  • Hold the Fall Program in Western Maryland to reach out to that area of the state
  • Create an ACRL MD publication featuring news items and short articles (Some details of this were discussed. It was thought that doing an electronic publication would be the most cost-effective method of publication.  Determining whether or not to send it out on Marylib versus just making it available to members was questioned.)
  • Update the list of current MLA members who are interested in ACRL MD (Danielle will check with the MLA office to see if a current list is available)

Brainstorm for next year’s programming
The MLA 2011 Conference will be held from 5/4 to 5/6.

Several program topics were suggested for the coming year:

  • A few librarians at University of Baltimore have been investigating William Perry’s scheme of intellectual and ethical development and its relationship to teaching information literacy.
  • Michael volunteered to do a presentation on lessons learned from teaching a 3-credit information literacy class.  This would cover more of the implications for doing one-shots and for-credit classes rather than discussing the implementation of the 3-credit class.
  • A session on making good presentations based on the “Presentation Zen” idea was discussed.  The initial idea was focused on “how to make PowerPoints that don’t suck”
  • As librarians roles change and expand, it would be interesting to look at the idea of “scope creep” in librarianship.  What things are librarians doing that aren’t traditional functions of librarianship.  Embedded librarianship was suggested as a component of this.
  • Alison and two colleagues had recently done a presentation on the application of free/low-cost technologies in libraries.  This program was well-received and would probably be a popular session if done at the MLA conference.
  • Many libraries are still dealing with making the best use of their buildings to create student spaces.  A session on best practices and/or ideals when creating these spaces would be useful.  Steven Bell at Temple was suggested as a potential speaker.
  • It was suggested that a presentation on demonstrating the library’s value (ROI) would be especially relevant given the current economic climate.
  • UMBC is implementing a roving reference service.  This topic could be combined with the embedded librarian topic.
  • A session on doing effective assessment (surveys, focus groups, etc.) was suggested.  This has the potential to be turned into a pre-conference at MLA.  Terra Sehehr (sp?) from Loyola was suggested as a possible speaker.
  • Other ACRL chapters have done sessions on distance learning, copyright and creative commons, and scholarly communication.
  • An introductory session on getting in the “publishing game” was done several years ago and might be good to repeat.

The potential topics were looked at to determine what would make a good fall program.  After some discussion the potential title “The one-shot is dead, long-live the one-shot!” was suggested.  This would focus on models and strategies related to librarian teaching.  It was initially decided that sessions about Perry’s stages and the embedded librarianship program would work well within this.  The idea of staging a debate for and against the one-shot library session was also suggested.  Shana volunteered to argue for the one-shot.  The person who argues against it should ideally be someone who is trying a different way of teaching information literacy.

The fall program will most likely be held in mid-to-late October at a undetermined location in western Maryland.

Upcoming meetings
Meetings were scheduled for July 13th, August 10th, and September 14th.  All meetings will be held in the library at UMBC from 1-3 PM.  Details will be provided as these dates approach.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend ACRL MD’s business meetings.