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Instruction Observation Network

ACRL MD is launching a new initiative geared at facilitating observation of library instruction sessions around the state. While this program is primarily geared at librarians teaching in a higher education setting, it is open to librarians at all types of libraries! If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please contact ACRL MD Past President Alison Cody at

Willing to be observed?

If you are a librarian who teaches instruction classes of any type for your library and you are willing to be observed, please complete the form below. The information gathered will be shared on the ACRL MD website and via other outlets so that librarians interested in observing how others teach have a pool of willing instructors to observe. Librarians interested in observing you while teaching will contact you directly to find out what classes you have coming up, and identify an appropriate session to observe. At the end of the Fall 2012 semester, ACRL MD will follow-up with you to find out if anyone observed you, and if so how it went.

Want to observe a class?

Take a look at the information we’ve collected from instructors willing to be observed. You’ll find contact information, along with some details on the subjects areas they typically teach in and any special techniques or technologies they employ. Once you’ve identified a colleague to observe, just contact that person directly to arrange observation of an appropriate class.

Please keep in mind that instructors are not required to honor every request that they receive. And while we’re not putting a limit on how many classes you can observe, we do ask you to keep in mind that others are also trying to schedule observations. If you do observe a class, we ask that you let us know (just contact Alison Cody at We plan to follow up with instructors to find out how things went, overall, at the end of the semester, and we’d like to do the same with at least some of those who observed classes. (We’ll be asking general questions about how the program worked for you, not specifics about particular classes you observed.)


9 responses to “Instruction Observation Network

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  7. Sara AG April 2, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    Just wanted to say that I observed teaching through this network last week. It was a great experience!

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