Past Presidents

The following is a list of individuals who have previously served as president of
ACRL MD (formerly ARLD).

2021-2022: Sean Hogan

2020-2021: Lois Etner

2019-2020: Kimberly Miller

2018-2019: Mike Kiel

2017-2018: Sara Arnold-Garza

2016-2017: Claire Holmes

2015-2016: Natalie Burclaff

2014-2015: Gergana Kostova

2013-2014: Joanna Gadsby

2012-2013: David Dahl

2011-2012: Alison Cody

2010-2011: Danielle Whren Johnson

Formerly ARLD:

2009-2010: Michael Shochet

2008-2009: Patricia MacDonald

2007-2008: Janice Lathrop

2006-2007: Katy Sullivan

2005-2006: Katy Sullivan

2004-2005: Lucy Holman

2003-2004: Lucy Holman

2002-2003: Sue Waterman

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