May Meeting Info & ACRL Conference Access

The ACRL MD meeting scheduled for May 21st is unconventional.

To celebrate the end of the academic year, this month’s meeting will be held outside*. In lieu of gathering on Zoom, use this hour to; take a walk around the block, sit near a window and birdwatch, call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, etc. *In other words, the May ACRL MD meeting is canceled. You’re invited to hold this hour and contemplate what you would like to see from ACRL MD in the upcoming year or take a break from thinking about library work completely.

We will convene again on June 18 at 11 am on Zoom.

ACRL 2021 Conference Proceedings are posted here. Several presenters have made their materials publicly available online and many of these have been complied in this crowdsourced Google Doc. A few of the most popular sessions, including the opening/closing keynotes are also available on ACRL”s YouTube page.

ACRL MD Virtual Business meetings are open to all. This includes new/returning ACRL MD members, non-members with interest in joining ACRL MD, library and information science students and people with zero interest in joining ACRL MD who would like to connect with colleagues.

Hang in there!

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