ACRL-MD Virtual Business Meeting is Friday, October 19, 2018 at 11:00am

Minutes from last meeting:

• MLA Board
Budget on track for the year, beginning exploring branding and logo that’s 18 years old, remind to use MLA branding on ACRL MD things, “I am MLA” posters with you and why you are a member of MLA, nominations for officers
• Conference Committee
Met Wednesday and theme is “What if…” and leave it up to divisions to define this, no key note firmed up but potential for generating excitement, for ACRL MD we received 9 proposals, 1 sent to Children Services division which was clearly academic, one proposal seemed like an obvious pre conference program, reaching out to DLA for collaboration on that, 9 programs is too many for MLA so we will have to weed them down by Oct. 12 and MLA is looking for less programs, ignite or lightning talks had a separate call and there will be 2-3 separate sessions and accepting all proposals

• Social Events
Hike on Oct. 27(?) MLA LDD
Duckpin Bowling Date, Stoneliegh is eager to have ACRL MD back sometime in Feb? with a snow date and potentially adding other divisions but then we encounter budgetary things
Officers for next year – need to get to Mike now

Winter program
• Library for the blind and physically handicapped, Mike and Sara AG have developed a program outline for both full and ½ day event, panel of people with different specialties, how can we make our space(s) more accessible? Available resources in the area? What type of technologies do we need to serve? Timeline plan is January, MLA procedures outside of annual conference requires forms to be submitted Oct. 1, form just came out today for this(?)

Other plans for the year
• MLA committee advised we’re supposed to look at our by-laws and recommend changes. No timeline defined, some volunteers to look at them with Mike
• Congress of academic library advisors needs help onboarding with MLA
• Advocacy, what can we do? Maryland library days in Feb. go to Annapolis and National in March in DC. There’s an MLA Library advocacy interest group (also babies take your time away)

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