ACRL-MD Virtual Business Meeting Friday, August 17, 2018 11:00am

ACRL MD Virtual Business Meeting

August 17, 2018

Present: Mike Kiel (President), Sean Hogan (Secretary), Claire Holmes, Sara Arnold-Garza, Mou Chakraborty

ACRL – MD Business Meeting, August 2018:

  • Updates from MLA
    • General – Mike is working on creating the work plan for the year, we are obligated to put on one program outside of the conference and we are strongly encouraged to work together with other divisions.
    • Conference Committee – The conference committee hadn’t met by the time of the meeting but between then and now the theme was decided as “What If…”
  • Journal Club and Volunteers
    • Journal Club
      • September journal club is all set. Elizabeth Schlackman, Montgomery College Library will facilitate discussion. Poll has been posted to blog and Sean will email to Marylib on Monday.
    • Other volunteer opportunities
      • Still seeking volunteers for future facilitators. (we received one more volunteer during the meeting)
      • We have a few volunteers for the vetting of conference proposals. It’s enough to proceed, but we could always use more!
    • Active Membership
      • There is a survey being conducted by librarians at William and Mary about the value of local professional organizations, please participate as it might help us understand more about how we could make ACRL-MD more effective
      • Mike will be working with CALD to try and identify individuals to reach out to in order to invite to membership. We will work on creating a “new members” or “Welcome to ACRL-MD information sheet”
      • A number of aspects of the forum last year were discussed, there was general agreement that a similar event might be successful in drawing new members
      • Appealing to non-reference folks was noted as being key to growing membership
      • There was general agreement that we should try and provide more fun or social opportunities
        • Bowling has been popular in the past so we will continue it
        • An outdoor activity like a picnic or hike might be popular
          • Some other divisions in MLA are planning a hike on October 27th
        • Event ideas
          • New “Fall” Program Idea: Service to patrons with disabilities
            • Mike and Sara talked with John Owen, director of the Maryland State Library for the Blind & Physically Handicapped about having a fall program on accessibility. We also realized that having a program ready by November may not be possible and will shoot for early/mid-January with new MLA proposal process.

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