Opportunities to get involved with ACRL-MD this year!

As July comes to a close and everyone starts thinking about the fall we want to make sure that we publicize all the opportunities to get involved with ACRL-MD this year:

Help plan a fall or winter program
We’re currently in the early stages of developing a program for later this year or early next year and could use a couple of people to help plan it. If you have ideas about what kind of workshop or other professional development opportunity you’d like to see, get in touch with Past-President Sara Arnold-Garza at sarnoldgarza@towson.edu.

Vet proposals for the MLA/DLA annual conference
Every fall ACRL-MD issues a call for proposals for programs at the MLA/DLA annual conference. Once proposals come in, volunteers help vet and provide feedback on the proposals in early October.  To volunteer, or learn more about the annual conference and the proposal process, get in touch with Vice-President, Kim Miller at kimberlymiller@towson.edu.

Become a leader by running for office
Candidates for the offices of Secretary and Vice-President are are submitted every October with elections held shortly thereafter. For more information about being an officer, or to nominate someone, reach out to Mike Kiel at skiel@ubalt.edu.

Host our Journal Club
Every other month ACRL-MD’s virtual business meeting is followed by a discussion of two recent publications, often include the authors or the articles. We’re always looking for volunteers to host the discussion and bring their perspective to the conversation. It’s a great way to make sure you are keeping current with the latest research. For more information about how you can participate reach out to our Secretary, Sean Hogan at shogan@ubalt.edu.

Contribute to the CRAB
Last year we started a regular contribution about the academic library community in MLA’s quarterly newsletter. Are you doing something new or interesting? Share it with all of Maryland’s libraries by getting in touch with Claire Holmes at cholmes@towson.edu.

Re-examine ACRL-MD’s bylaws
Last but not least, this year we’re looking for a few people to give some fresh perspective to our bylaws, a copy of which can be found on the Maryland Library Association website here. This will be a short term project that should be finished by the end of the fall semester. For more information reach out to Mike Kiel at skiel@ubalt.edu.


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