ACRL-MD Virtual Business Meeting Friday, July 20th, 2018 11:00am

Attendees: Kim Miller, Andrea Craley, Gina Calia-Lotz, Mike Kiel, Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold-Garza

Report from first Board Meeting & Conference Committee Meeting – Mike

  • MLA goals for the year and how ACRL-MD can contribute to those goals
    • Strong emphasis on member recruitment and retention, program planning process revision and strong emphasis on divisions collaborating, and advocacy
    • Suggestions include collaborating with other divisions and/or interest groups to provide programming
      • What expertise can ACRL-MD offer to other divisions? College expectations for students (e.g., from school librarians and/or public librarians)
      • How can academic libraries get more involved in advocacy? ACRL Chapters Council will be coming out with information for academic librarians about how to become more involved in advocacy
      • Keep thinking about it! Email an officer with other ideas
    • Changes to the MLA/DLA Annual Conference
      • Clear interest in sessions with multi-topics (e.g., Ignite or lightning talks).
      • Cap this year on the number of conference sessions
    • Fall Program
      • Hoping to partner with Leadership Development Division for program on diverse organizations
      • Original speaker idea is prohibitively expensive, but Mike may have an idea of someone from UMUC. If we don’t have any other ideas we may need a back-up program idea
      • Needs to come together quickly
      • Mike will create blog post/email with volunteer opportunities and the number one opportunity will be Fall program planning. Sara AG volunteered to work with others to come up with back-up idea.
    • Volunteer opportunities – contact an officer
      • Coordinator for ACRL MD submissions to the CRAB
      • Reviewing bylaws
      • Officer nominations for next year (VP and Secretary) by October
      • Social events – what would you love to do?

Adjourned 11:30am for journal club

Next meeting: August 17th

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