Business Meeting Minutes: April 20, 2018


Meeting Agenda

April 20, 2018

Attending: Sara Arnold-Garza, Robert Miller, Jordan Sly, Kim Miller, Sean Hogan, Andrea Craley

National Gallery tour

  • June 14
  • 21 people have signed up so far
  • Registration deadline is April 27
  • Info and register

Webinar group view at UMCP

Silent auction basket

  • Gift cards
  • We have several cards so far plus cash contributions
  • We’ll package it attractively for the conference
  • Regina Rose will need someone to pick it up from her, Friday, April 27, in the morning–follow up with Sara if you can help with that

MLA/DLA updates

  • We’ve featured programs via our blog and social media
  • Human Library program has good registration so far, including academic and public librarians
  • Conference wants volunteers for check-in table, auction, etc. You can sign up here.

NLLD May 7-8

Other announcements

Next meeting (plus journal club): May 18


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