Business Meeting Minutes: Nov. 16, 2017

ACRL Maryland
Meeting Agenda
November 16, 2017

Attending: Terry Darr, Robert Miller, Regina Rose, Sara Arnold-Garza, Mike Kiel, Claire Holmes, Danielle Wren-Johnson, Kim Miller, Natalie Burclaff

MLA updates
MLA on-target with their budget.
MLA task group is examining costs of programs, membership fees, etc.

  • Claire is ACRL MD representative.
  • By March or so, group will issue recommendations that hopefully will be approved in MLA May business meeting.

MLA seeks greater member participation regarding library advocacy.

MLA Conference updates
Silent auction basket–we’ll start planning for that.
Social networking events–more variety this year: pub quiz, games, karaoke.
Link to hotel reservations will be published soon.
We will suggest some of our programs to be highlighted by MLA in its conference publicity.

Fall program debrief
43 registrants.
Lauren Pressley keynote was interesting and very useful.
Diverse set of presentations met a lot of different librarians’ needs (not just reference & instruction).
We’ll have a blog post with links to slides and summaries.
We had positive feedback on the location.

ACRL NJ publication
They contacted us for a writeup on our activities–Claire submitted that.
One of our annual goals is for Maryland academic librarians to gain visibility in our state and beyond, and our item for ACRL NJ met that goal.

Work groups
We are looking for volunteers to join our work groups on the following topics:

  • Membership/outreach
  • Social/networking
  • Scholarship/sponsorship
  • Mentoring/job shadow
  • CRAB submissions

We want more people involved, and the work groups offer opportunities to participate in less formal, low pressure ways.
Work groups have autonomy–they decide on their own agenda, how much time individuals will commit, etc.

Spring program planning committee
Please contact Sara if you want to join.
We’re still brainstorming ideas for a program, perhaps a library tour.

Midwinter attendance
Natalie will be representing our chapter and has been elected secretary of the chapter council.
The council meeting is open to everyone.

Mike’s lightning talk on research replication
At our fall program, Mike proposed that Maryland librarians team up to replicate studies published in the library literature.
Multiple people have already contacted Mike about it.
Please be in touch with him if you’re interested.

Next meeting date
Friday, December 15, 2017, 11:00

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