Business Meeting Minutes: Sept. 15, 2017


Meeting Agenda

September 15, 2017

Present: Sara Arnold-Garza, Robert Miller, Monique Clark, Terry Darr, David Dahl, Mike Kiel, Claire Holmes, Danielle Whren Johnson, Natalie Burclaff, Barbara Cheadle, Sean Hogan, Jean Wolf

MLA Conference updates

CFP closed, we have eleven submissions. Two may have been submitted mistakenly to us–they don’t seem geared toward academic librarianship. We’ll reach out to those submitters to clarify what they want to do with their proposals.

Mike is working on Human Library event.

Fall program, 11/6/17

CFP is open now for lightning talks and “deep dives.” Deadline is Sept. 24. We could possibly extend the deadline a week or two.

Claire is working on food. She’ll present options soon.

CRAB publication contributions

Monique and Claire are working on a process to encourage and organize ACRL MD submissions to CRAB. We can let academic librarians know when the deadlines are and what the submission process is. We hope to have more regular contributions by ACRL MD or by academic librarians in general.

We have submitted an article for the fall issue.

CRAB is quarterly. We hope to create a “bank” of topics and contributors, to help plan submissions and meet deadlines. We want to have a good idea of who’s submitting, what their topics are, and we want to help make sure that contributors meet deadlines. We can also propose ideas, review drafts, etc.

We want to have a point person who will make sure that we have an article coming up for each new issue–Monique and Claire will fill that function

Next step will be to put a link on our blog to a Google doc, where authors can sign up, propose topics, etc.

Work groups update

Sara will keep the call open to form work groups. She hasn’t received a lot of responses yet. We’ll move forward as more volunteers contact Sara.

Work groups are:

  • Membership/outreach
  • Social/networking
  • Scholarship/sponsorship
  • Mentoring/job shadow
  • CRAB submissions

Work groups are fluid–after a group forms, the members might even change the direction of the group.

ACRL Assessment in Action Workshop, 11/17/17

USMAI reached out to ACRL MD and CALD for collaboration/support.

We should have a point person for ACRL MD to work on planning. Volunteers can contact Sara and David Dahl.

Next meeting

Friday, October 20, 11 am


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