Business meeting minutes: June 16, 2017


Meeting Agenda

June 16, 2017

Present: Sara Arnold Garza, Claire Holmes, Robert Miller, Barbara Cheadle, Natalie Burclaff, Mike Kiel, Sean Hogan, Emily Gorman

Transitions: Sara Arnold Garza begins as President, Mike Kiel begins as VP/Pres Elect, Robert Miller continues as Secretary, Claire Holmes is now Past Pres

Summer Plans:

ALA, 2017: Sara AG will be attending some ACRL Chapters’ Council meetings.

  • Natalie will become Secretary of Chapters’ Council

Former & Current Leaders’ Meeting was held June 7, Towson’s Cook Library

  • Informal gathering of several previous officers
  • Took stock of historical and current organizational context
  • Discussed ACRL-MD challenges and successes
  • Preparing for Open Forum on July 28

Meeting calendar for 2017-18?

  • Check MILEX meeting schedule to avoid date conflicts

ACRL-MD Chapter Open Forum

  • July 28, 9am-noon, JHU, Homewood Campus, Levering Hall
  • Members and non-members can attend
  • Encourage your colleagues to attend
  • Virtual meeting option? (Facebook live or Skype?)
  • Pre-survey and maybe a post-survey follow-up even to people who couldn’t attend
  • TSD would be interested in working with us as we move ahead with new initiatives
    • We seek participation by academic librarians beyond reference & instruction


  • Network with regional academic librarians
  • Share priorities and concerns in the areas of professional development and engagement
  • Shape our local ACRL chapter to meet our needs as professionals
  • Provide opportunities to get involved with professional organization and leadership in Maryland


  • Mike Kiel and Claire Holmes submitted a CRAB article summarizing ACRL conf
  • Call for authors: Recurring ACRL-MD CRAB column (9/5/17 is fall issue deadline)
  • Possibly column by people who went to ALA

Fall Program

  • Sara AG reached out to request speaker Lauren Pressley, ACRL president-elect
  • Volunteers needed for program planning committee
  • Tentative program date: November 6
  • Possible collaboration w/ ACRL-DVC
  • Need to submit a PDP program proposal in Aug/Sept for a Nov program
  • Possibly we could continue to collaborate with MILEX, in a way that wouldn’t involve the financial red tape
    • We don’t want to put MILEX in the position of suffering a financial loss
    • We appreciate collaboration with MILEX very much

Journal Club

  • Claire sending thank-you notes to all 2016-17 journal club facilitators
  • Need to plan 2017-2018 facilitators, call for facilitators in early fall
  • Including article authors was a bonus according to anecdotal feedback from participants
  • Robert will do informal survey of authors who participated

Next meetings:

  • July 28 (open Forum)
  • Robert will submit a schedule in early fall for 2017-18 ACRL-MD business meetings, to secure Blackboard Collaborate “space”



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