Meeting and journal club (with authors!), June 16

Please join ACRL MD on Friday, June 16, for our virtual business meeting at 11:00 AMfollowed at 11:30 by our journal club discussion. 

This month, we’re pleased to have authors join us, to enliven and deepen our discussion, which will be facilitated by Barbara Cheadle of Bowie State University. We will discuss these two articles:

“Academic Librarians’ Changing Perceptions of Faculty Status and Tenure”

Elise Silva, Quinn Galbraith, and Michael Groesbeck

(Elise and/or Quinn will join us)


“Evaluation of Academic Library Residency Programs in the United States for Librarians of Color”

Angela Boyd, Yolanda Blue, and Suzanne Im

(We haven’t yet heard from the authors as to whether they can join us)


The articles are from the May issue of College & Research Libraries.

If you need to jump into the meeting a little late or leave early (or eat lunch), please do! ACRL MD’s online meetings and discussion series are free and open to all.

Blackboard Collaborate Directions

We’ll be on MLA’s online meeting software, Blackboard Collaborate. Join our discussion online at:  (you’ll need speakers, microphone optional but recommended).  There has been an update to MLA’s Blackboard Collaborate which may require you to download a file. This is automatic when you click on the link to enter the virtual meeting room. If you do not have administrator privileges for your computer (cannot download software files), please contact your IT department. Here are the instructions with more details. You may contact BlackBoard Collaborate Technical Support if you have any problems – please let them know that your organization is “Maryland Libraries” – 1-877-382-2293.

When you join the meeting, you will be prompted to enter your name. Once you are in the meeting room, you can test your speakers and microphone. In the “Audio & Video” pod, there is an icon showing a blue microphone with a red settings gear – simply click on that and Blackboard will walk you through the setup.

If you are new to using Blackboard Collaborate, you may find this Quick Start page helpful.

Want to keep up with all of ACRL MD’s activities? Find us on the web:

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