Business Meeting Minutes: May 19, 2017


Meeting Agenda

May 19, 2017

Present: Sara Arnold Garza, Natalie Burclaff, Sean Hogan, Claire Holmes, Danielle Whren Johnson, Mike Kiel, Kim Miller

MLA/DLA conference updates

  • New conference location at Cambridge, MD Hyatt was very well received
  • 730 attendees
  • ACRL-MD’s four programs were well attended and received positive feedback.
    • Preconference session: Improving Communication Through Improv (Bridget Cavaiola – Teaching Artist)
    • Research to Writing: Helping Students Integrate Sources into a Research Project (Robert Miller- UMUC R&I Librarian, Sandie Friedman – Director, University GWU Writing Program)
    • Information Literacy as Smuggled Cargo: Embedding Learning Outcomes Using Curriculum Mapping (Natalie Burclaff – UB Head of Information Literacy Initiatives, Kristin Conlin – UB R&I Librarian)
    • Collaborating for Course Correction: Partnering to Help Students Understand Ethical Use (Cameron Caswell – AACC Reference Librarian, Jessica Rabin – AACC English faculty)

Summer Plans:

Former & Current Leaders’ Meeting: June 7, 10am-noon @Towson’s Cook Library

  • Informal gathering of previous officers
  • Take stock of current organizational context
  • Goal to discuss and articulate consensus of ACRL-MD values & goals for future
  • Discuss meeting calendar 

ACRL-MD Chapter Open Forum

  • July 28, 9am-noon, JHU, Homewood Campus, Levering Hall
  • We will try to provide a virtual meeting option (Facebook live or Skype?)


  • Network with regional academic librarians
  • Share priorities and concerns in the areas of professional development and engagement
  • Shape our local ACRL chapter to meet our needs as professionals
  • Provide opportunities to get involved with professional organization and leadership in Maryland
  • Discuss meeting calendar, try to avoid obvious conflicts with other like organizations

New business:

Idea: Natalie suggested looking into customized ACRL-MD stationery 

ACRL-MD CRAB column?

  • Mike Kiel started a google doc to write a summary of ACRL conf, Claire and Sean collaborators so far, but others welcome. June 5 deadline for summer CRAB
    • Please email Mike if you want to collaborate on the google doc:
  • Idea: put out a call for authors and a deadline schedule for a recurring ACRL-MD CRAB column (9/5/17 is fall issue deadline) 

Fall meeting ideas, potential collaborators

  • Sara AG inquired of MLA PDP: if collaborating with another organization for a program, it is possible for marketing and registration to be done separately
  • OER program topic discussed, w/ ACRL-DVC
  • ACRL Speakers Bureau? Lauren Pressley, ACRL president-elect
  • Need to submit a PDP program proposal by Aug/Sept for a Nov/Dec program 

Journal Club

  • Claire will send thank-you notes to all 2016-17 journal club facilitators
  • Need to plan 2017-2018 facilitators, call usually goes out in early fall
  • Including article authors was a bonus according to anecdotal feedback from participants
    • Robert could do informal survey of authors who participated?

Next meetings:

  • June 16 (w/Journal Club), July 28 (open Forum)
  • Robert will submit a schedule in early fall for 2017-18 ACRL-MD business meetings, to secure Blackboard Collaborate “space”

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