Business Meeting Minutes: April 21, 2017


Meeting Agenda

April 21, 2017

Attending: Sara Arnold-Garza, Robert Miller, Katy Sullivan, Elizabeth Schlackman


ACRL-hosted reception in Baltimore, March 24, 2017

  • 120 attendees

Webinar, Intro on Acquisitions: April 20 @ Goucher, 2pm

  • One site was cancelled because of low number of sign-ups
  • Goucher had 6 attendees, who had a good discussion
  • Every year we should submit a member recruitment plan, to obtain the extra $10 per member.
    • We need a streamlined process, however, because setting it up is a lot of work

MLA/DLA conference updates – Sara AG

Sara attended latest conference committee meeting

  • 678 registrants so far, so the final number should at least equal last year’s conference
  • Visit for more info on the conference
  • “Tailgating with MD Colleges” is the theme for our gift basket
  • Our pre-conference, “Improving Communication Through Improv,” has 14 registrants so far

MLA Crab idea: ACRL-MD column? Annual summary?

  • We can highlight academic library news more often
  • Anyone who is interested in writing something for the summer issue will have the support of ACRL MD

Summer Program Ideas:

“Former & Current Leaders’ Summit:”

Lay the groundwork for the actual summer program: “Membership Forum”

  • Informal gathering of as many previous officers as possible
  • Take stock of current organizational context
  • Goal to discuss and articulate consensus of ACRL-MD values & “wishes” for future

“Membership Forum:”

ACRL-MD Chapter Strategic Planning Meeting…

  • date, time, location TBA (late summer?)
  • Request an ACRL leader to facilitate? (technically past deadline but may be possible)
  • Alternative facilitators?
  • Other ideas?
  • Need to submit PDP program approval form once we have more info

New business?

Fall meeting ideas, potential collaborators

  • Contact Sara with any ideas you may have
  • Martha Richardson, head of Delaware Valley Chapter in PA, would like to collaborate on a program. Perhaps we could do it if there are separate registration processes for one event, so finances aren’t shared
  • One possible topic could be OER. We are looking for other ideas as well!

Journal Club – today, April 21 

Next meetings:

  • May 19
  • June 16 (plus journal club)


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