Business Meeting Minutes: March 17, 2017


Meeting Agenda

March 17, 2017

Attending: Claire Holmes, Robert Miller (notes), Alison Cody, Kyle Breneman, Kim Miller, Sara Arnold-Garza, Mike Kiel

Updates on ACRL-hosted reception in Baltimore, March 24, 2017, 5:30-7pm

Planning Committee: ACRL-DVC Chapter President Martha Stevenson, Claire Holmes, Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold Garza, Kim Miller              

  • Estimated guests: ~100
  • Fundraising campaign raised ~$8000
  • Swag, decorations
  • Inner Harbor Marriott at Camden Yards, directly across from convention center

Winter Social recap (Duckpin Bowling, 2/24/17: Stoneleigh Lanes, 6:30-8:30pm)

  • 23 people came
  • May become an annual event
  • We collected donations for MLA/DLA silent-auction basket

MLA/DLA conference updates – Sara AG

  • ACRL MD has programs, which we are promoting through social media

MLA meeting updates – CH

  • New MLA strategic plan
    • Drafted vision and mission statements
    • Inclusive of all types of libraries, including academic
    • Will be made public at business meeting at MLA/DLA
    • ACRL MD will have a chance to give feedback to the drafts
      • We’ll probably discuss at our April meeting
    • Newly elected ACRL MD executive committee:
      • Sara Arnold-Garza will be president
      • Mike Kiel is our new VP/President Elect
      • Claire Holmes will be immediate-past president
      • Robert Miller will continue as secretary
    • MLA voted to endorse ALA statement on White House policies

Summer Program: ACRL-MD Chapter Strategic Planning Meeting

  • date, time, location TBA
  • Considering facilitation from an ACRL leader
  • Hopefully at ACRL—at our reception and other events—we will be able to meet leaders of other chapters and learn how other chapters are organized
  • We may be able to meet a potential speaker from ACRL for our summer program.
  • Besides talking to leaders of other state chapters, talking to members would be valuable, too, to learn their perspectives on participation at the chapter level
  • Engagement Fair, Wednesday night at 7:00 pm–another opportunity to meet people from other chapters. However, the Fair is mostly for first-time conference attendees.

New business?

  • None

Next meetings:

  • April 21 (includes journal club)
  • May 19


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