Business Meeting Minutes: Jan. 20, 2017


Meeting Agenda

January 20, 2017

Attending: Claire Holmes, Kim Miller, Pam Williams, Natalie Burclaff, Mike Kiel, Sara Arnold-Garza, Kristin Conlin, Robert Miller (notes)

New Business:

Updates on ACRL-hosted reception in Baltimore, March 24, 2017, 5:30-7pm (right before all-conference reception), Camden-Yards Marriott (one of the host hotels, walking distance from convention center)

Planning Committee: ACRL-DVC Chapter President Martha Stevenson, Claire Holmes, Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold Garza, Kim Miller

Planning Meeting held January 6 at TU

  • Collaboration and financial support from ACRL-Delaware Valley Chapter
  • Estimated guests: ~150
    • In Portland, there was good representation from regional chapters around the country
    • Portland had about 144 guests (invited about 300)
  • Fundraising campaign launched in January, with MLA admin support
  • (organizations, institutions & individuals)
  • Contributions accepted by check or portal:
  • Current pledged contribution total: $5000
    • $2K from ACRL-DVC: thank you!
    • Muse Hopkins Press, CALD, and others
    • ACRL provides us with venue; we’re responsible for food & drink
  • $5000 will be enough, we estimate, which we have now. Anything above that will help add to amenities.
  • Contribution deadline: Feb 10
  • Event invitations will go out early Feb.

Feb Journal Club: 2/17/17

  • Voting is happening now for two articles
  • Robert will contact authors of the two winning articles and invite them to participate in the club

Winter Social – February 24, 2017  (Duckpin Bowling: Stoneleigh Lanes, 6:30-8:30pm)

  • Quintessential Baltimore bowling!
  • People will rsvp through Facebook or to Robert
  • We have 8 people going, 11 interested
  • Natalie will send another announcement to Marylib
  • ACRL will reimburse us for lanes, and we can offer to pay for pizza, too.
  • Family and friends are welcome!

MLA/DLA conference updates – Sara AG

  • ACRL MD will sponsor silent auction basket. Sara will ask for small donations at bowling event.
  • Program is set. Sara will finalize agreements with our speakers.
  • This year there will be a website for the conference–website is being built.
  • March 17 is last day for early-bird registration.
  • CFP is open now for poster sessions.
  • Mike Kiel is organizing pub quiz: donations of inexpensive, fun prizes are welcome
  • Conference still seeking sponsors (libraries, etc.): $250 – $10,000

ACRL-MD Recruitment Plan- any updates?

  • ACRL offers incentive to recruit new members: $10 per new member
  • We’ve planned for 10 new members
  • We hosted satellite events for librarians to gather and view ACRL e-learning webcasts for free
  • Probably in summer will get info from ACRL on new members

Summer Program: ACRL-MD Chapter Strategic Planning Meeting… date, time, location TBA

  • Usually we’ve done an unconference (last summer was the improv event–the leader will do our preconference workshop at MLA/DLA).
  • We think it’s a good time to take stock as a chapter, vis-a-vis MLA and ACRL.
    • MLA is doing strategic planning
    • We think it’s a good idea to do our own strategic planning meeting, which will be our summer event
  • Approximate date?
    • Possibly Loyola Columbia or similar location, in which case we’ll need to decide on a date
    • June or July has been our typical timing, but maybe we will want to change that for this type of planning event
      • Maybe we need to take into account MLA timeline
      • Possibly coordinate with MILEX
        • Possibly meet first on our own and then reach out to MILEX
  • Maybe use surplus money from bowling event
  • ACRL allows us to have a visit from their executive board at a planning event, so we could do that (probably a nominal fee is involved)
    • But then we’d need to have CEUs?
    • We need to discuss further

New business?

  • None

Next meetings:

  • February 17 (plus journal club)
  • March 17 (or break for ACRL?): keep meeting on calendar for now
  • April 21: debrief and discuss summer program


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