Business Meeting Minutes: Aug. 19, 2016

ACRL MD Meeting – Agenda & Minutes

August 19, 2016

Notes by Alison Cody

Update on summer session

  • went well! evaluations were very positive – people particularly liked the improv artist. Panelists enjoyed themselves as well.
  • improv person was great! should bring her back for another session
  • low attendance though – summer slowdown? librarians are introverts – maybe not into the idea of improv? not as much advertising as usual

Fall program

  • Considering #CritLib: Inclusion and Diversity in Libraries (Collaboration with MILEX)
    • Emily Drabinski will speak
    • Friday Nov 11, 8am-3pm (ish) at Loyola Columbia
  • Still working on approvals from MLA office
    • PAF submitted earlier in the week
    • Also a memo of understanding with MILEX – in process with MLA office
  • Hoping to put out a save the date to marylib soon, as well as call for lightning talks. MILEX can share the info with their members now

Journal club

  • Next one will be October, scaling back number of articles discussed
  • Sara AG will talk to Robert and help him get started with this

Winter social

  • The last bowling evening – Stonleigh Lanes in Towson – was very fun, well-attended, good reviews. Family-friendly, BYOB.
  • Chase @ ACRL national sent Claire the list of current ACRL members living in MD – limited in some way by the preferences people set about communications. Don’t know this year’s dollar amount yet.
  • Claire will book again for Jan/Feb

Nominations for next year’s ACRL MD officers due by Oct 1

  • Secretary and VP
  • last year posted a list of requirements to the blog
  • traditionally give secretary first right of refusal to be nominated for VP/Pres Elect

ACRL National in Baltimore next March

  • We do not have any obligation to host events – but we are welcome to. They hold complimentary spaces in the hotels for these types of events – we’d have to pay for catering. Also provided info on times that are open/no conflict
  • Recommended we reach out to other local chapters as well
  • Is it inappropriate to get outside sponsorship for events? Vendors, etc? (Towson had a daylong library conference sponsored by a few big vendors) worth looking into.
  • Agree that we should do something
    • tour of a local library – Peabody?
    • sub-committee to work on this – point person to coordinate
      • Kristen C @ UB volunteered
      • Wrap this in with outreach re: journal club hosts
  • Host state’s association gets a complimentary table at the conference – someone we need to contact about that to staff the table (could do with the other local states)

MLA Conference Planning update

  • Theme – charting new courses
  • still have one slot for a keynote – Thursday
  • planning for some events is dependent on site visit – Sept 22 – Sara is driving if anyone wants to go
  • Delaware academic division is thinking about doing newspaper digitization, online instruction, intellectual freedom
  • looking for 55-60 programs; 4-5 would be sufficient from us
  • not many proposals yet – due Sept 5. typically get a lot at the end. should do reminders.
  • include something about this in the message to ACRL members?
  • form we ask people to submit now makes it less likely people will claim expenses from out of state – ran into trouble with that last year. have been hesitant to send the call beyond MD for that reason
  • have 6 people lined up to review

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