Business Meeting Minutes: July 21, 2016

ACRL MD Meeting – Agenda & Minutes

July 21, 2016

Attending: Natalie Burclaff, Claire Holmes, Kimberly Miller, Robert Miller (notes), Danielle Whren-Johnson

Fall Program Planning

  • We support MILEX’s idea for a program on critical librarianship
  • MILEX has two suggested speakers–we hope to get one of them to be the keynote
  • To cosponsor with MILEX we need to create a letter of understanding.
    • We split costs 50/50, but we get 55% of revenue because of MLA administrative costs
  • We should communicate to MLA tech/access services segment, about the fall program and in general; we need to focus on diverse areas of librarianship, not just instruction
    • We need to think about organizing the fall program to engage different audiences: tech/access, reference, instruction, distance librarians, etc.
  • We want to do a call for lightning talk speakers and have those speakers lead breakout discussion sessions
  • Location possibilities:
    • Loyola-Columbia
    • Towson University Northeastern
    • Anne Arundel Community College
    • College Park
  • Our top choice for a date is November 11
  • Required readings, though they help discussions, might be bring attendance down
  • We want to advertise to two types of audience:
    • those are who completely new to crit lib
    • those who know something about it already, but who want to learn more and want to apply it in their work
  • Learning objectives:
    • Supposedly, we need 1 or 2 objectives per contact hour for CEUs
    • We brainstormed a few learning objectives:
      • Define crit lib
      • Identify ways you can apply crit lib to your library practice
      • Compare and contrast definitions and applications of crit lib
  • We need to plan organizational meetings, at least a kick-off one
    • Maybe a face-to-face meeting with phone-ins
  • Possibility of having virtual participation in the fall program:
    • For example, broadcast keynote, use Google hangouts for lightning talks and breakout discussions
      • We would need volunteers to manage the digital hangouts, etc.
    • Virtual option could bring in more audience members
    • Question of whether a virtual attendee would get some sort of discount
      • Would that discourage people from paying full price to attend onsite?
      • We could charge virtual attendees the same as onsite ones

Other Business

For outreach, we can get a list from ACRL of all its Maryland members

We need to think about an event, such as a social, that we can do for ACRL-Baltimore.

  • We can ask Chase Ollis at ACRL for advice
  • MLA is offered a table in the vendors’ hall
    • ACRL-MD would staff it
    • We would collaborate with Virginia and Delaware

We need to think about timing of spring program, vis-a-vis ACRL-Baltimore.

We will skip the journal club in August. The next one will be in October.

We can get a list of MLA members who have indicated they are interested in academic libraries. Using that list, we can have our own, dedicated listserv used, for instance, for journal club announcements

Happy hour in winter

  • Bowling worked well last time, and the location was good
  • We use ACRL money, and no CEUs to worry about
  • We pay for registration and get reimbursed
  • Attendants pay for bowling shoes and food


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