Business Meeting Minutes: June 17, 2016

ACRL MD Meeting – Agenda & Minutes

June 17th, 2016

Attending: Claire Holmes, Robert Miller (notes), Jordan Sly, Sara Arnold-Garza, Natalie Burclaff, Katy Sullivan, Sophie Reverdy

Business meetings for 2016 – 2017

  • Meetings to be 3rd Friday of the month, 11:00 am, with journal clubs every other month at 11:30 am.
    • Next journal club would be Aug. 19.
    • We must schedule with MLA office to reserve the online room. Robert will send MLA our schedule of meetings.
    • We will check with MILEX to make sure they don’t have an ongoing meeting for third Friday of the month– we don’t want to conflict with them.
    • Assuming MILEX won’t conflict with us, we will continue every third Friday of the month.
  • Need to decide when next journal club will be held. Previous journal clubs were the month after the C&RL publication, which would mean next journal club should be August 19th. (Last year, Natalie contacted the MLA office for a list of members who designate that they were interested in ACRL-MD and shared with Kim to solicit volunteers for journal club.)
    • Journal club is not well attended. Should we continue it? Maybe change format? Maybe just discuss one article?
    • We put out a survey to decide which articles will be chosen. Maybe add a question to the survey to ask people if we should continue with the club.
    • Maybe fine tuning club will help increase attendance. Maybe plan on just two articles for the next two meetings. Maybe cut down total time to 30 minutes rather than an hour.
    • We like the idea of surveying users about the club, what they value, etc. We’ll discuss offline.

MLA/DLA Conference – ACRL MD participation

  • Debrief on 2016 conference
    • ACRL MD had 8 sessions at MLA. But only 3 of the 8 presenters were from MD, which was expensive for MLA (speakers were offered honorariums, etc.). We need to make adjustments in the future, maybe not offer honorariums, travel reimbursements.
  • Planning for 2017 conference
    • Sara will work with MLA on this and will enlist our help.

Debrief on ACRL Online webinars

  • May 18th at UMBC (Accessibility in Action)
    • ACRL offers chapters professional development opportunities. Everyone is welcome to attend. Face-to- face gathering for a webinar. Sometimes have a discussion afterward, a happy hour, etc.
    • About 12-15 people attended one a year ago.
    • UMBC had about 4 people attending.
    • They are low-cost events.

Summer Program, July 21 at Loyola Columbia: “The Best Idea I’ve Heard This Year: Improv-ing Professional Communication”

  • Registrations?
  • Lightening talk proposals?
  • Help with details needed?
    • Natalie is in charge of this.
    • Slight problem with link to Google form (links to Outlook unless you copy and paste the link).
    • Natalie will promote the program some more on social media.
    • For panel session, we need 3 or 4 participants. We’re hoping for suggestions (the Google form asks for that).
    • Natalie will take care of refreshments.
    • Improv speaker is all booked and ready.
    • Question: do we get MLA money if we don’t have enough attendants? Yes, it’s just marked as a loss. It would affect the fall program, which would need to make more money, to compensate for the loss.

Fall program ideas

  • Connect with MILEX?
  • Continue momentum from Scholarly Communications Roadshow?
  • Location?
  • Date?
    • Claire will lead this.
    • We’ve worked with MILEX for the past couple of years on this, would like to continue doing so.
    • Participants in Scholarly Communications Roadshow would like to continue that conversation.
    • Possibly OERs as a topic?
    • Check with MILEX– it’s complicated for them to split funding for the program. Maybe not officially collaborate with them, because it makes their bookkeeping problematic, so we might need to do it a different way.

Next meeting

  • Tentatively July 15th at 11am, but will be discussed further via email and announced if necessary. Quick check in needed before July 21 summer unconference program?
    • We probably won’t meet in July, but Natalie will be in touch with some of us about unconference.
    • We’ll have a face-to- face meeting at end of unconference to discuss fall program.

Other Business?

  • In the future, Robert will send meeting reminder to Marylib the week of a meeting.

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