2016 Conference Highlights – Unleashing Staff Potential: Professional Development Through Self-Directed Achievement

Each week between now and the 2016 MLA/DLA Conference, we’re highlighting one of the conference sessions sponsored by ACRL MD. The conference will be held May 4-6 at the Clarion Resort Hotel in Ocean City, MD.  For more information on the conference, please take a look at the conference program (PDF). To register, visit the MLA conference page. And follow along on social media at #MLADLA16

MLA Unleashing

Unleashing Staff Potential: Professional Development Through Self-Directed Achievement

Thursday, May 5th
Presenters: Beth Roszkowski & Megan Hunt, George Mason University

Looking for a way to reinvent staff development and get your team excited about new learning opportunities? The self-directed achievement (SDA) model allows staff members to take charge of their own professional development by foregoing one-shot, synchronous staff training in favor of a customized approach to staff development – tailored to individual interests and job responsibilities. One year ago, George Mason University’s Arlington Campus Library adapted the SDA model introduced by Tooele City Library (UT) for the academic library environment and staff development has been at an all-time high. SDA establishes a professional development system where new skills can be learned in just one hour per week. The potential development opportunities are unlimited: library staff have increased their familiarity with research resources, expanded their tech skills, and explored their leadership capabilities. Presenters will explain the SDA
model in the academic library environment, highlight opportunities for staff skill augmentation, and discuss potential implementation roadblocks and supervisor responsibilities.

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