Business Meeting Minutes, March 18, 2016

In attendance: Natalie Burclaff, Danielle Whren Johnson, Sara Arnold-Garza, Alison Cody

  • MLA/DLA conference
    • registration – earlybird pricing extended to 4/1/16
    • Kim scheduled all the session descriptions on the blog, scheduled to go out on Wednesdays
  • MLA executive board meeting recap from Wednesday
    • vote for ACRL MD officers!
      • Sara Arnold-Garza running for President-Elect
      • Secretary: Mike Keil (UB), Christine Ameduri (independent), Robert Miller (University of MD University College)
        • Chris and Robert helped with conference review proposals and they were recruited through that!
      • vote for ALA officers
        • Sara Arnold-Garza, Lindsey Sarin, Joyce Garczynski and other MLA members are running for various ALA positions
      • ACRL chapters council
        • Danielle used to go but her term on the committee expired and she’s going to other meetings now.
        • We should identify a rep from ACRL MD to attend the ALA
      • ALA does not do a good job of representing state chapters. Lucy Holman is the ALA council member for Maryland, but she’s not required to be a member of MLA. ALA has approved an Advocacy Implementation Plan ( which does not explicitly mention state associations.
      • MLA has adopted the ALA Code of Conduct for conferences for ALL MLA events and meetings:
  • ACRL webinar
    • We get two free webinars a year through ACRL. Their year is closing soon. Natalie set up a poll, most people chose one on April 6: Modern Pathfinders: Easy Techniques to Make Better Research Guides.
    • Sessions on April 7 (Teaching at the intersections: Aligning scholarly communication and information literacy in the one-shot library instruction session) and May 18 (Accessibility in Action) were tied.
    • We only get one login and need to identify an institution to host this.
      • LNDL can probably host, but Danielle can’t be the point person for April 6, but will look into hosting on May 18.
      • Natalie will put a call out to the ACRL MD list and see if anyone will host on April 6.
      • Goucher has hosted one recently.
  • ACRL Scholarly Roadshow workshop
    • A certain number of seats were held for USMAI and MICUA librarians. Registration has now opened for others, it’s only $20. Natalie has been working on promoting this.
  • Unconference
    • We originally thought the roadshow could serve as the spring program, but Natalie thinks we should do something.
    • Typically the ACRL MD Past President handles the unconference, but Gergana can’t plan it this year. Natalie is gone for most of May.
    • We have about a month to figure this out if we want to do this in June and stay within the PDP guidelines for when we submit our paperwork.
    • Alison and Sara can help, but neither of them can chair the committee. Natalie will approach the people running for Secretary to see if they want to be involved.
    • What about something more information where people recap the roadshow and the MLA conference?
      • Professional Development Roundup! “The best thing I saw this year”

*Special thanks to Alison for taking minutes!

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