Business Meeting Minutes, February 19th, 2016

ACRL MD Business Meeting, February 19th, 2016
Attendees: Claire Holmes, Kim Miller, Natalie Burclaff, Patty MacDonald, Sara Arnold-Garza

MLA/DLA Annual Conference Updates – CH

  • ​CH working to finalize paperwork for the 8 ACRL-MD programs
  • Marketing programs
    • Need to try to appeal to academic librarians to register and attend MLA/DLA conference. Selling points may be that it is local and a good opportunity to meet other librarians. NB suggested using these points to make a and distribute a flyer.
    • Claire has a contact with DLA to help market academic library-related sessions together with DLA (about 10 total throughout conference)
    • ACRL-MD does not have silent auction contribution yet, need to collect money and other contributions. SAG suggested we may be able to collect donations at the bowling social hour tonight
    • Outlets? Blog, social media, Marylib
      • Blog: In previous years, blog posts have highlighted a different section each week, can write posts all at one time and then schedule to post throughout the next several weeks. NB will email Alison Cody to see if she will once again help with the blog posts.
      • Lanyrd: CH will check to see if she can edit programs in MLA/DLA conference, tag programs with “ACRL-MD” and then share link to distribute/market programs – MLA/DLA 2016 is not on Lanyrd yet, so we may need to create a single blog post listing all programs. CH will find out if conference is still using Lanyrd.
    • Preconference has been selected to be one of the programs specially advertised through MLA/DLA 2016 communications
  • Registration for the conference is now open
  • Volunteer sign-up is also open (e.g., silent auction, registration, book tables)

Bowling Social – Tonight!

  • 5 lanes
  • NB will be name tags and a sign, but will be leaving work around 6pm (so will be there closer to 6pm)
  • NB, CH, and others may want to bring beverages to share because the alley is BYOB. Not sure if this also extends to non-alcoholic beverages and food.
  • Someone needs to pay for lanes out of pocket, save receipt, and then reimburse through ACRL national

Scholarly Communications Roadshow – April 19th

  • USMAI and MICUA registration is now open, and a link was sent to CALD
  • March 15th – registration opens more widely, $20 covers food and overhead costs

Towson University Conference

  • ​Adam Zukowski contacted NB to see if ACRL-MD would like to participate or help
  • It would be difficult for ACRL-MD to help without filing a lot of paperwork with MLA and we probably cannot do that in the time frame needed

Remember that ACRL-MD can sponsor ACRL webinars for free

  • ​NB suggested meeting attendees should look at the list of current webinars (which is updated regularly)
  • Current webinars:
  • We can select a webinar to create an event

Summer Unconference

  • NB will check bylaws to see how many programs we’re required to offer each year
  • Good to continue the tradition of a more casual summer unconference
  • NB will also check in with Gergana Kostova since the summer unconference is typically the immediate past president’s event
  • Unconference theme idea: If there is enough interest in scholarly communication ideas from the roadshow, the unconference may be a response to or an extensive of that theme

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