Virtual meeting and journal club, Feb. 19th

Please mark your calendars to join ACRL-MD on Friday, February 19th for a virtual business meeting at 11am immediately followed by our virtual journal club discussion at 11:30-12:30pm.

Even if you can’t read the articles ahead of time, please join us to discuss library spaces, employee well-being, and metadata!

Articles selected for the February discussion are:

  • ​”A Really Nice Spot: Evaluating Place, Space, and Technology in Academic Libraries” by Michael J. Khoo, Lily Rozaklis, Catherine Hall, and Diana Kusunoki
  • “The Impact of Faculty Status and Gender on Employee Well-being in Academic Libraries” by Quinn Galbraith, Leanna Fry, and Melissa Garrison
  • “Metadata Effectiveness in Internet Discovery: An Analysis of Digital Collection Metadata Elements and Internet Search Engine Keywords” by Le Yang

Remember, all articles may be found online in the latest edition of College & Research Libraries.

Blackboard Collaborate Directions

We’ll be on MLA’s online meeting software, Blackboard Collaborate. Join our discussion online at:  (you’ll need speakers, microphone optional but recommended).  You will be prompted to enter your  name. Once you are in the meeting room, you can test your speakers and microphone. In the “Audio & Video” pod, there is an icon showing a blue microphone with a red settings gear – simply click on that and Blackboard will walk you through the setup.

If it is your first time logging in, you’ll be prompted to first download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. Once you have done so, you won’t need to again.

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