Business Meeting Minutes, January 15th, 2016

ACRL MD Business Meeting, January 15th, 2016

Attendees: Claire Holmes, Kimberly Miller, Sara Arnold-Garza, Alison Cody, Jo Gadsby
Happy Hour Bowling – Friday, January 22nd at 6:30pm, Stoneleigh Lanes
  • Our Facebook event site is collecting RSVPs (plus blog comments and/or replies directly to Kim via Marylib announcement) – we may need some type of confirmation mechanism to get a more accurate headcount (i.e., who may be bringing friends, family, etc.). There are likely a few people who are happy to hang out without bowling
  • Remember this is BYOB/food, ACRL-MD will provide lanes and attendees are responsible for other expenses (including shoes!)
ACRL Scholarly Communications Roadshow – April 19th, time TBA
  • ACRL MD/USMAI/MICUA collaboration chosen to host!
  • Event will be April 19th hosted by Towson University. Rick Davis will coordinate for TU.
  • Wide-scale advertising should after Chuck Thomas (USMAI) sends announcement to USMAI.
  • Event can accommodate up to 100 attendees, with the first priority registration divided between USMAI (55), MICUA (25), and current iSchool students (20). At least 40 attendees required for event to occur.
  • Kim suggested that there may be area academic librarians not covered by these groups (e.g., community college librarians), and we might need to be aware of making sure they know they are available to register. Claire will check with the planning group to see how we might make sure to make this accommodation as seamless as possible. It may not be a problem depending on how many attendees register through USMAI/MICUA/library schools
  • Minimal registration fee (hopefully ~$25) to cover lunch, parking, venue, etc. This fee is on par with, or lower than, other ACRL MD events
MLA/DLA Annual Conference 2016 – ACRL MD offerings
  • May 4-6 in Ocean City, conference registration should open soon
  • ACRL MD is offering 1 preconference workshop and 7 regular sessions (1 session is a two-hours session, the rest are one-hour)
  • All the paperwork for AV/room set up, etc. is finished!
  • ACRL MD will to start marketing sessions very soon, especially given the investment MLA has made in the division’s speakers
  • Next conference committee meeting is Wednesday, 1/20
  • Most ACRL MD speakers are traveling in from outside of MD, a good opportunity to advertise new voices that will be coming to the conference (e.g., from VA and NY)
  • Claire shared session details for the ACRL MD sponsored sessions
  • Some programs have been highlighted to be useful across many different library sessions – ACRL MD preconference session will be marketed widely through the conference committee
  • Sara suggested we make sure we consider how to craft marketing that is explicit in what the sessions will entail (sometimes just the title or the short title alone will not accurately reflect the sessions), and suggested that we coordinate with DLA groups for marketing to Delaware academic librarians. Claire will work with the DLA rep to the conference committee to see if there is someone in the Delaware academic library community we can work with for publicity
  • Claire will add dates and times to the information before distributing for marketing. Coordinate via email to get marketing starting. Contact Claire if you have any other ideas.
  • Conference is using Lanyrd again, so we should be able to tag sessions as ACRL MD sponsored which may help academic librarians identify a “track” (should they wish)
Spring/Summer UnConference
  • Usually June or July, but perhaps ACRL MD’s co-sponsorship of the Scholarly Communications Roadshow could impact the planning this year
  • Event is typically planned by the ACRL MD immediate past-president, and Claire will check in with Gergana
  • Meeting attendees suggested that we might be able to “spin off” the Roadshow to have a more in-depth discussion. For example, we might host a webinar or online discussion where people could discuss what they learned at the Roadshow or how it connects to initiatives at Maryland-area libraries. The Unconference theme could be related to scholarly communications to encourage more in-depth conversations.
Next meeting: Friday, February 19th, 11am (followed by journal club at 11:30am-12:3pm, hosted by Patty MacDonald)

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