Business Meeting Minutes, December 18th, 2015

ACRL MD Business Meeting, December 18th, 2015

Attendaning: Natalie Burclaff, Kim Miller, Laksamee Putnam, Alison Cody, Danielle, Maggie Dull, Sara Arnold-Garza, David Dahl

Debriefing on the fall program – Natalie

  • 50 attendees. The program made a profit, which will be split with MILEX
  • Evaluations were all positive and included good feedback
  • Program:
    • Thomas Atwood from the University of Toledo – great keynote, outlining issues of libraries and transfer students, what transfer students experience moving between institutions (e.g., Catherine Flaga’s work with “transfer shock”), and why students transfer, etc.
    • Lighting talks – good mix between different types of schools
    • Student panel – Anne Arundel CC to Towson and St. Mary’s, incentives for library participation needed for students who may not otherwise be motivated to make the connection, suggested “how to research the campus” might be a good connection between new transfers who may not be writing research papers right away
    • Unconference in the afternoon

Winter Happy Hour updates – Natalie

  • Duckpin bowling was discussed at a previous ACRL MD business meeting, Natalie was looking into funding from ACRL
  • ACRL-MD has significant number of speakers to be paid for MLA/DLA conference, significantly more than other divisions Money required for speakers means we will not be able to have funds to cover happy hour.
  • Alison suggested that during next year’s conference proposal reviews it may be good to look at how much funding will be required for travel.
  • Natalie to look into ACRL national money for maybe bowling in January
  • Meeting attendees offered some other possibilities for low-cost social activities, which could be used in January in lieu of bowling or at another time
    • Volunteer opportunity rather than an activity that requires funding?
    • Potluck?
    • Museum?

Scholarships for conferences/ Free professional development ideas – Natalie

  • Natalie talked to Margaret about incentivizing people to more actively participate in divisions/meetings, etc. throughout the year and attending MLA/DLA conference
  • MLA scholarship grants – a portion of the form asks for a description of current MLA activities, which is factored into funding decision

Summer Unconference/ Updates from Scholarly Communications Roadshow  – Natalie

  • Past president usually in charge of summer unconference (Gergana)
  • No news yet on Scholarly Communications Roadshow, notification deadline pushed back, will hopefully hear news by the end of today (in partnership with USMAI), will need to see what costs are incurred with locations or catering that will dictate any fee

Updates on MLA conference – Kim filling in for Claire

  • Last conference committee meeting was November 18th, 2015. December meeting was cancelled because all divisions had their forms in by the deadline
  • Claire is working with presenters to arrange AV, seating, technology requirements, etc.
  • ACRL MD has 8 sessions – one pre conference, one two-hour session, and six one-hour sessions
  • Conference registration will open in January
  • Conference pub crawl planning is in progress (instead of dance of previous years). This will be the same night that ACRL MD usually hosts a happy hour. Options may be to cancel the happy hour or move to a different day.
  • There will be a digital scavenger hunt during the conference with auto-responders and added hints on printed mini guides. There is a committee working on this, no ACRL MD involvement needed.
  • Volunteers needed:
    • Need to recruit volunteers for conference registration and book sale tables – ideally two, one-hour shifts. ACRL MD volunteers would be great, consider volunteering if you’re attending the conference
    • Each division needs to contribute donations for silent auction (more and smaller baskets needed) – send ideas to Claire.
    • Poster session needs a volunteer coordinator – will help with call for proposals, recruit reviewers, coordinate with logistics, attend the conference and be available for set up on Wednesday plus poster session on Thursday

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