Business Meeting Minutes, September 18, 2015

ACRL MD Business Meeting, September 18, 2015

Attendance: Kimberly Miller (KM), Natalie Burclaff (NB), Sara Arnold-Garza (SAG), Claire Holmes (CH), Gergana Kostova (GK)

Fall Program Planning Updates (in collaboration with MILEX) – NB

  • Theme: Transfer student experiences and collaborations between 2-year and 4-year colleges
  • Date: Nov 20th, 2015 (Friday)
  •   Program has been approved by the Professional Development Panel (PDP) committee with some good feedback.
  • Recommended to plan for around 25 attendees for a realistic budget; it is better to underestimate and over perform rather than over estimate and under perform
    • ​PDP also suggested a good revision to program description
    • SAG shared insights about the PDP processes. Remember Alison Cody is our liaison to that group.
  • Fall program speaker will be Thomas Atwood who will share experiences from Ohio Link
  • The program will also feature a student speaker panel, lightning round talk, and mixture of unconference talks
  • NB will start advertising next week, reaching out to MILEX and community colleges to draw attendees. NB also shared plans with CALD and will send announcement to their listserv.
  • Program registration will be $50 – most is going to speaker travel fees

January Social Hour – Bowling! – NB/CH

  • CH looked at Stoneleigh Lanes (York Rd. in Towson between Stevenson Lange and Northern Parkway), which has duckpin bowling and allows pre-reservations, BYOB
  • $28 per hour per lane with 5 people per lane, $4/person shoes
  • After Fall the program we can decide whether to sponsor some lanes (e.g., participants pay for food, ACRL-MD pays for a certain number of lanes).
  • Discussed day/times, particularly sensitive to schedule with kids and families –a Friday at 6:30pm, attendees will need to RSVP if we want to cover the cost of bowling so we can plan for an accurate number of lanes.
  • Tentatively plan on Friday January 22nd at 6:30pm
  • NB will talk to MLA about how to make financial arrangements, etc. At other happy hours ACRL-MD has been able to pay for some food, hopefully we can make arrangements to do something similar for bowling lanes.
  • CH will make reservation with Stoneleigh when the plans have been finalized.

MLA/DLA Planning Updates – CH

  • 16 proposals received and ACRL-MD can select 8 sessions.
  • Programs are currently under review with a 9/22 review deadline. The review group will meet online next Friday (9/27) to discuss and choose programs.
  • No preconference proposal – only a single 2-hour program proposed and plenty of other divisions have preconference proposals. No easy options to collaborate with other divisions. NB noted that preconferences are often solicited programs, rather than proposed. There was discussion about how many conference attendees often travel to OC a day early for a preconference.
  • MLA/DLA conference will feature a social outing rather than a dance party, probably a happy hour for conference attendees. This means ACRL-MD may not need to plan a social event.
  • ACRL-MD needs to contribute a silent auction basket. MLA is requesting smaller objects (rather than large, expensive baskets) in the hopes that offering a larger number of smaller-priced options will be a better fundraising opportunity. Also moving away from “place” or “region”-based prizes. ACRL-MD will need to solicit donations from members.
  • Conference social media group is planning a scavenger hunt/tour for the conference with a prize of conference registration for next year
  • NB suggested ACRL-MD explore the option to provide a scholarship for an academic librarian to attend MLA/DLA. GK suggested using ACRL National money for this, which is usually used for the Spring/Summer unconference, but could budget appropriately. The group discussed options for making the scholarship an opportunity to encourage long-term involvement in ACRL-MD, rather than writing  a simple statement. Similar to elections, guidelines for ACRL-MD involvement in planning and attending programs? Revisit this idea at October business meeting.

Journal discussion club future – NB

  • NB noted a drop in recent journal club attendance. Are there better ways to incentivize or attract participation?
  • The group discussed ways to emphasize that reading the articles is not essential for participating and moderators will lead conversations about the topics that the articles reflect. We will emphasize themes as reflected in the readings in future publicity
  • CH suggested hosting thematic roundtable conversations that may not be journal article-focused, as a forum for ACRL-MD relevant topics. Possibly recruit teams/pairs of facilitators rather than a single host.
  • The Fall program is a good time to advertise for journal club participation.

Next meeting: October 16th at 11am, journal club at 11:30am

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