Business Meeting Minutes, August 21, 2015

ACRL MD Business Meeting August 21st, 2015

Attending: Joanna Gadsby, Alison Cody, Natalie Burclaff, Claire Holmes, Danielle Wren Johnson, Claire Holmes, Kimberly Miller

Summer Unconference – Joanna

  • Small turnout but good program – topic was well-received and the small number of attendees made it easy to tailor the day to individuals
  • Joanna working on reimbursement from ACRL
  • Small program so not a big money maker

Fall program updates – Natalie

  • Joint ACRL/MILEX program, still figuring out cost and payment logistics (e.g., percentage split). Program approval form should be mostly finished by the end of the day (8/21) in order to submit to MLA by the 3-month mark
  • Program date: Nov 20th
  • Theme: “My student is your student: Information Literacy and the Transfer Experience”
  • Location: Loyola University Columbia
  • Format:
    • Panel sessions – transfer students talking about their expectations moving between universities
    • Lightning round talks from area Community College and University libraries (instruction coordinators) about information literacy instruction programs at different institutions or about ideas they have for projects related to supporting students transferring from one institution to another
    • Keynote: Natalie is speaking with Thomas Atwood from University of Toledo this afternoon about possibly delivering the Keynote. University of Toledo is part of OhioLINK (Ohio’s academic library consortium), which worked on a shared information literacy instruction program
    • Unconference discussions after lunch for program attendees to share what is currently happening in area libraries

MLA/DLA Annual Conference – Claire

  • 2017 location will be at Cambridge Hyatt, May 10-12. This is a one year contract. 2016 conference is still at the Clarion Hotel (15th year).
  • Conference theme: “Unlocking potential”
  • ACRL-MD has received 3 program proposals so far, and about 20 reviewers lined up. Hopefully there will be last minute proposals, submitted through August 31st
  • Possible collaboration opportunity: DLA wants to do a “Future of Reference with public and academic libraries.
  • Other places to send the call for proposals?
    • Natalie mentioned that last year she reached out to libraries like Salisbury and UM Eastern Shore (i.e., institutions that are closer to the Ocean City conference location)
    • Virginia ACRL may also be another group to target, or ACRL chapters from other states
    • SLA-MD was also mentioned as a distribution point
  • MLA is looking for new pub trivia coordinator and help with post-conference assessment survey

Winter Happy Hour or other social events – January/February 2016

  • Suggestions other than a bar?
  • Bowling/Duck Pin Bowling – suggested locations? Stoneleigh Lanes, Patterson Bowling – Claire checking on prices at Stoneleigh

No other new business

Next business meeting is scheduled for 09/18/2015

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