Business Meeting Minutes, June 19, 2015

ACRL MD Business Meeting, 6/19/2015

Attending: Gergana Kostova, Natalie Burclaff, Carissa Tomlinson, Kimberly Miller, Patty MacDonald, Kyle B.

Business meetings for 2015 – 2016

  • Meetings to be 3rd Friday of the month, 11am, with journal clubs every other month at 11:30am.
  • Need to decide when next journal club will be held. Previous journal clubs were the month after the C&RL publication, which would mean next journal club should be August 21st.
  • Natalie will contact the MLA office for a list of members who designate that they are interested in ACRL-MD and share with Kim to solicit volunteers for journal club.
  • Quick check in meeting on July 17th? (Decided via email among officers that this is not needed).

ACRL Online webinar, July 15th at Goucher College

  • “Weed it and Reap: Successful Strategies for Re-shaping Collections” with Happy Hour to follow at Towson Tavern.

Summer Program, July 28th at UMBC

  • Everything on schedule
  • Registration and proposals are available on the program announcement sent to MaryLib.

Fall program ACRL MD and MILEX

  • Carissa will be listed as program planner on program approval form
  • Letter of understanding required for formal partnership with MILEX, including agreements for sharing the percentage of expenses and percentage of revenues. MLA office taking care of registration. Proposed 55% MLA/45% MILEX financial split. Unclear if letter needs to include specific dollar amount or just percentage. Natalie and Carrissa will work on letter.
  • No location yet. Carissa exploring West Village at Towson but we would need to pay for the space. Loyola Columbia campus may no longer be an option for free, unless we’re not making a profit (since we make a profit on programs, we can’t have the program for free). 2 years ago Fall program was held at Johns Hopkins, ACRL-MD paid for parking passes and encouraged carpooling. Natalie suggested UB Law Library, but parking would still be an issue (would not have to pay for meeting space as long as someone from UB reserves the space). Patty suggested also contacting Cindy Steinhoof at Anne Arundel CC or investigating the new Towson University Northeastern center.
  • Light breakfast and lunch are likely included, but catering restrictions are dependent upon ultimate program location.
  • Program idea/theme: bringing together community college and 4-year college librarians to discuss collaboration opportunities and the skills students need when transferring to/from colleges. Looking for a speaker who has good collaboration between CC and Academic libraries, hopefully someone semi-local.
  • Tentatively planning on November for program. Planners will be conscious of the $10/hour (not including lunch) charged to registrants when planning time and registration costs.
  • Carissa will solicit Fall program volunteers. Natalie & Kim volunteered. Planning group will find a time to meet (at Towson) with a representative from MILEX (possibly Sarah Crest) and a community college librarian TBA.

Next meeting: Currently scheduled for August 21st at 11am, followed by journal club.

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