Business Meeting Minutes, January 16, 2015

ACRL MD Business Meeting, 1/16/2015

In Attendance: Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold-Garza, Gergana Kostova, Sarah Espinosa, Pamela Flinton

  1. MLA/DLA Conference updates
    1. Basket theme ideas – likely lots of space themed baskets, so maybe try something a little off the path – spacing out (relaxation), or concentration (feeling too spaced out?).
    2. Conference registration live in late January/early February.
    3. Call for poster proposals with 2/28 deadline, will go out in coming days
  2. LDD/ACRL – MD webinar update
    1. LDD partner has taken lead on Preconference with Steven Bell and Corrine Hill
    2. Info and RSVP for 2/25 teaser webinar with Stephen Bell:
  3. ACRL – MD Spring Program ideas
    1. Past President (Joanna Gadsby) will coordinate the Spring Program, happy to share chair role with another (per Gergana)
    2. committee members: Gergana, Sara AG, Sarah E., Pamela volunteered, others welcome
    3. Perhaps hold in late May or early June to avoid MLA conflicts.
    4. Format ideas? Unconference has been the past tradition.
    5. Opportunity to share from ACRL conference, especially those who presented
  4. Elections for 2015-2016 ACRL MD officers
    1. Secretary is encouraged to run for VP role, but can be competitive process if others are interested
    2. To run for office ACRL MD requires past participation in meetings and help planning at least one program, as well as be an MLA member and ACRL MD
    3. Current VP is President Elect
    4. Elections take place in April. Lynn Wheeler is MLA coordinator so Gergana will contact to get confirmation of nominations process
  5. Other
    1. MILEX planning a day long Framework program in Spring with guest from ACRL task force
    2. CALD annual meeting is on 4/10
    3. ACRL Portland hotel info shared by Gergana
    4. Suggestion for a post-ACRL conference happy hour

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