Business Meeting Minutes, December 19, 2014

ACRL MD Business Meeting, 12/19/2014

In Attendance: Sara Arnold-Garza, Gina Calia-Lotz, Kimberly Miller, Gergana Kostova, Natalie Burclaff, Katy Sullivan, Joanna Gadsby

  1. ACRL MD/MILEX Fall Program Recap –
    1. Presentations and attendees from many areas of academic libraries, not just instruction, as we have had in the past.
    2. All 52 registrants attended. High number of attendees probably due to diversity of programming and the partnership with MILEX. This is a very fruitful partnership ACRLMD hopes to repeat
    3. Social media interaction was appreciated.
    4. All submitted presentations are posted to the blog.
    5. Comment for improvement: space was a little crowded for the number of people, and lighting was improved later in the day. Feedback was excellent from attendee forms overall.
  2. MLA/DLA 2015 Conference updates –
    1. Running smoothly, 9 presentations scheduled.
    2. Programs are online only (no print this year) and currently being finalized on
    3. Pre-conference partnered with LDD with Steven Bell. Price is high at $150, separate from conference registrations. Will be marketed heavily, shooting for 30 registrants. It was suggested that NASA could help with sponsorship for the pre-conference, but this is not possible. Perhaps the recording can be reused for ACRL MD programming.
    4. Conference will use Twitter volunteers. If you plan to tweet, let Natalie know so she can pass your Twitter info on to coordinator.
    5. Natalie and Alison in the past have scheduled blog posts leading up to the conference in the past, she will check with Alison about it for this year.
    6. Natalie is collecting donations and theme ideas for an ACRL MD silent auction basket. Email to let her know if you are willing to contribute $5-10.
  3. Happy hour event in January –
    1. Proposed date 1/16/2015. Maybe at the Ellicott City Brewery. This topic will be finalized via email. Ideas for a location can be emailed to
  4. Stephen Bell webinar updates –
    1. Post with information will go up in January. Webinar will be free and he will be present for the first 15 minutes.
  5. Other business – reminder next meeting will be 1/16/2015

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