Business Meeting Minutes, October 17, 2014

In attendance: Gergana Kostova, Natalie Burclaff, Joanna Gadsby, Sara Arnold-Garza, Kim Miller, Danielle Johnson, David Dahl

  1. Updates on Fall Program
    • 24 registrants and have until 11/4 for additional
    • Speakers and attendees will get email with parking
    • Speaker is bringing equipment to demo
    • Ending time is 3:15, must be done to allow breakdown
    • Reminder about program will elicit new registrants
  2. Updates on MLA/DLA 2015 conference
    • 1 Preconference – full day, partnered with LDD, topic is remarkable leadership/modern librarianship with Stephen Bell and Corinne Hill
    • 20 proposals – 8 accepted, 9th is a cosponsored program. Many related to collaboration. Also several presenters are non-librarians.
    • Use of Wiki to support process has been great and will help next year vice president.
    • Descriptions will be finalized by 11/1
    • No print program this year, all on Lanyrd site
    • February will be a call for conference volunteers
    • Conference committee likes the ACRL MD division’s form for program proposals
    • Natalie proposed keeping info from proposals for future programs, since many that were not accepted could make good professional development for division.
  3. Updates on webinar with Stephen Bell
    • Happening in February to promote the upcoming pre-conference
    • Format would be a discussion of his blog topics, ideas.
    • Stephen Bell interested in attending for Q&A

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