Business Meeting Minutes, September 26, 2014

Friday, Sept. 26th, 11 am.

Attendance: Alison Cody, Gergana Kostova, Joanna Gadsby, Kimberly Miller, Mary C. Wilson, Michael Shochet, Natalie Burclaff, Sara Arnold-Garza, Katy Sullivan, David Dahl

  1. Fall program updates:
  • Program has been advertised on ACRLMD/MLA channels and we have asked Milex and UMaryland iSchool to distribute. Any other ideas for promoting event are welcome. MLA social media accounts – Natalie has access and will do so.
  • Parking passes will be provided for attendees and speakers for garage behind building.
  • 11 registrants as of 9/25
  • lunch discussion activity: committee will finalize but ideas are welcomed for making this efficient and interactive. 5 tables: Theme topics? What are they already doing different from normal responsibilities? How do we branch out in our own roles? Program committee will take suggestions and finalize details.
  1. January-February event:
  • social gathering or webinar, or both
  • Leadership development division and ACRL MD collaborating on Steven Bell preconference, possibly February leadership webinars with additional in-person gathering. Articles:
  • We will do a January happy hour event.
  1. MLA/DLA Annual Conference updates:
  • Outerspace theme for collaboration with NASA
  • Keynote speaker and other speakers being arranged currently
  • Dance party at 8 pm on Wednesday following opening session and reception
  • Maybe reschedule ACRL MD traditional happy hour, or pitch as part of lineup of activities
  • No print conference program, only online through lanyrd:
  • 20 ACRL MD submissions, committee meeting today to finalize selections
  • Since no submissions related to new framework, maybe a spring program on this topic to help get information out, MILEX is maybe planning a spring program on this topic. Another idea is to invite a speaker on the topic if it is important enough and there is program space.
  • Notifications will go out next week to confirm attendance before submitting to MLA
  • Pre-conference speaker fee is quite high, but has been changed to a full day program and was approved by MLA, so seems more reasonable.
  1. Other:
  • Next journal club is happening 10/17. Article poll will be out soon.

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