Business Meeting Minutes, August 8, 2014

Friday, August 8th, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Attendance: Sara Arnold-Garza, Gergana Kostova, Natalie Burclaff, Danielle Johnson

Agenda items:

  • 2014 ACRL MD programs for 2014 MLA/DLA Conference Recap

Feedback for programs was overall very good

Pre-conference went extremely well, great interactions

Invited speaker talks were well attended

Flipped classrooms, info lit programs were well attended.

E-book programs were not as well attended, although they were very good. Maybe overlapped with lots of other programming.

Conference survey report says people especially liked ACRL’s evening at Liquid Assets, felt it was very welcoming

  • 2015 MLA/DLA Conference Updates

MLA is partnering with NASA for programming, speakers, financial assistance

Theme: “Boldly go where no library has gone before” – trying new things, innovative ideas

Dates: May 6-8, 2015 (Wed-Fri) Ocean City, MD.

2 Orientation sessions proposed, one on Wednesday afternoon before all conference session, one Thursday morning

Tracks proposed for organizing programs, getting people interested

There will be a dance during the conference.

No proposals for conference programs yet, but not due until Sept 1. Natalie will ask for volunteers to help review proposals closer to deadline.

It was suggested that call for proposals go out to other lists, other states.

Leadership Development Division (LDD) wants to partner with ACRL MD for a program with Cindy Steinhoff from AACC. New building, architect did a post occupancy assessment of library. Feedback on use of new building after built. Architect could come to talk about who they talked to what methods of assessment.

LDD proposed cosponsoring of  pre-conference workshop with Steven Bell on leadership in the library and based on his LJ series on leading. Also proposed to share the cost for a webinar with S. Bell in Feb as a way to promote the pre-conference workshop.

  • ACRL MD Fall Program Planning

Program Team, theme: New Roles of Librarians and Libraries in Academic Community

Considering calendars, earliest time would be first half of November (7th or 14th)

ACRL MD and MILEX are looking into a collaborative program in the fall (MILEx has a 11/7 date already, but could be flexible) Interested in the difficulties of working with new materials, formats, tools (discovery, IL framework, etc) – can be tied to our theme of new roles

Possible talks: FYE; use of space; user experience librarians at Hopkins, Goucher, HCC; how to use and explain usage statistics (Frostburg); Digital Learning Initiatives Librarian; open discussion about service design

Planning team: Gergana K., Sara AG, Kim Miller, Claire Holmes, others contacted and waiting to hear, will also get a MILEX team member

  • ACRL MD Chapter events for 2015 – discussion

Business Meeting dates: 9/26/2014, 11-12; 10/17/2014 11-12:30 with article discussion; 11/21/14, 11-12; 12/19/2014, 11-12:30 with article discussion; 1/16/15, 11-12; 2/20/15, 11-12:30 with journal discussion; 3/13/15, 11-12; 4/17/15, 11-12:30 with article discussion

Fall Program

Instruction Network: Towson U, teaching with iPad: Sara AG will add herself to be observed, recommend that her colleagues do the same. Maybe there is also an opportunity to invite any interested ACRL MD to see the room and teaching in it. Loyola Notre Dame instructor got a grant for teaching nursing students with iPads – perhaps a program with multiple institutions. A visit, or share around, or mock presentations

Journal Club Discussion: 8/15/2014, David Dahl; 10/17/2014; 12/19/2014 Katie, 2/20/15, Gergana, 4/17/15 Danielle

Webinar in Feb (Collaboration with MLA LDD): as mentioned perhaps Steven Bell with tie-in to MLA

Spring program: 2015 ACRL – brown bag or unconference discussion. Low –key event (since it is so close to MLA) to share and discuss what we went to at ACRL, maybe after the MLA conference in MAY to relieve time crunch

Use the ACRL e-Learning Webcasts as a group viewing experience, 2 free opportunities a year.

2015 MLA/DLA Pre-conference workshop suggestion (with MLA LDD)

Also consider a social event like happy hour or the Iron Birds outing for the fall/winter. Make effort to be inclusive of all types of librarians.

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