Speedy Mentors Needed for Speed Mentoring at MLA/DLA 2014

The Development of Emerging and Aspiring Librarians (DEAL) Interest Group of MLA is looking for volunteer mentors for their speed mentoring session at MLA/DLA 2014.

The session is Friday, May 9, 2014 from 9:30-11:00am.

Contact Lindsay Sarin (lcsarin at umd.edu) if you would like to volunteer.

Not sure what “speed mentoring” is?
If you’ve ever heard of the concept of “speed dating,” this program is similar, but instead of finding a prospective date, mentees will be in search of a prospective mentor to guide them in their budding career in the library and information profession.  Participants will hear a brief talk on the importance of networking, be introduced to the prospective mentors, and then, will then have a number of 3 minute discussions with various mentors.

Mentees and mentors are encouraged to continue the discussions after the session, but this is not formal requirement.

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