2014 Conference Highlights: Parents, Alumni and Libraries

Each week between now and the 2014 MLA/DLA Conference, we’re highlighting one of the conference sessions sponsored by ACRL MD. The conference will be held from May 7-9 at the Clarion Resort Hotel in Ocean City, MD.  For more information on the conference, please take a look at the conference program (PDF).

Parents, Alumni and Libraries: What Customers Really Believe About the Library
Friday, May 9

Libraries conduct studies to demonstrate and quantify their value to their community – whether it is a public library looking for ROI indicators for its city councils or an academic library measuring its impact on teaching and learning. These studies are usually taken from the library perspective in terms of contribution and value.
In the latest OCLC member research study, OCLC approached the question of value from a slightly different angle: through the eyes of two types of university customers. The study “Parents, Alumni and Libraries: What Customers Really Believe About the Library” looks at parents and alumni – not library users – to understand their beliefs about the campus experience and how these beliefs influence their perceptions of the university and the role of the library. Join us as we  explore their perceptions and memories of the academic experience and find out what they value for themselves or for their children. See how the library “stacks up” against other elements of campus life and what this means for libraries and universities as they move to mixed models of physical and virtual learning spaces. And, share your experiences with parents and alumni!

This program is worth 1 contact hour of continuing education.


Meryl Cinnamon, Regional Member Liaison, OCLC
Meryl Cinnamon, Regional Member Liaison, OCLC



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