Business Meeting Minutes March 14, 2014

ACRL MD business meeting 3/14/14, virtual

1. Middle states town hall recap

  • Middle States standards no longer include information literacy. After the first draft, many people gave feedback through the digital form, but many librarians in the area attended the local town hall meeting.
  • Jo attended on behalf of ACRL MD
  • Middle States Standards Steering committee has not met since the draft feedback – but they are now well aware of the Information Literacy concern. They are continuing town halls and will meet in mid-April

2. January happy hour recap

  • Not a lot of turnout from LMD
  • Mahaffeys had a good ACRL MD turnout, some new faces, lots of familiar faces
  • Ideas for the next one: Attaching it to an event? A “get ready for the year” Happy Hour in August? Lorraine suggested an outing to one of the farm baseball games, like the Aberdeen IronBirds.
  • Michael has since followed up with Aberdeen IronBirds, and we can get group rates with 10+

3. MLA/DLA conference updates

  • Conference committee is working on putting tracks together, for academic librarians and other categories
  • Divisions, etc. are encouraged to plan Wednesday evening activities, and fill out a form so all of the events can get promoted.
  • Natalie will make a FB event for Wednesday happy hour at Liquid Assets
  • No academic libraries have donated baskets for the silent auction – please talk to your individual libraries about donating.
  • Gergana will put together an ACRL MD basket for auction –  Contact Gergana to donate money ($10) for a basket.

4. Summer program planning update

  • Details for un conference – Katy working with Maureen from Stevenson
  • Tuesday June 10, 8:30-2pm space reserved
  • Expecting approx. 20-30 people
  • Katy will follow up on the parking availability; no one remembers having to get a parking pass
  • Stay tuned for schedule and call for proposals
  • Beginning stages of theme ideas: collaboration, problem-solving

5. Journal club

  • Moderator feels very alone, especially if no one else talks!
  • Last time a lot of the participants were from Towson so it was hard to get multiple points of view
  • Next one is April 18 with Jo. Alison will send out the next poll
  • Natalie will send up email to have people sign up for future months (June, August)

6. I/o ideas for promotion

7. ACRL 2017 Conference

  • ACRL is scheduled for Nashville, but are looking for a new location
  • Jo is working with MLA president Carrie Plymire to write a letter of support to have it in Baltimore

8. Future meeting

  • Future meeting will be before journal club on April 18 at 11am

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