Business Meeting Minutes January 23, 2014

ACRL MD business meeting 1/23/13, virtual

1. Conference update:

  • Gergana needs to review the programs with the presenters;
  • submit posters for poster session deadline mid-February;
  • Happy hour Wednesday evening at Liquid Assets – Natalie will contact Liquid Assets closer to the date;
  • Blog posts about each of the programs – descriptions from anything ACRL sponsored once the brochure is out, get the conference committee to send the pictures. Alison and Natalie will post on ACRL MD blog

2. Winter Happy Hour:

  • Natalie will send out winter happy hour reminder this week and next week and contact Morgan/LMD

3. Journal club:

  • Gergana is moderator for February 21
  • Alison will put together journal club survey for article selection  Already completed!

4. Upcoming conferences

  • Summer conference – Joanna will head a subcommittee and send out an email soliciting more volunteers (unconference style)
  • Gergana will start working on the fall program
  • Usually the responsibility falls as follows: President – fall program, vp-conference, spring/summer-past president (although people have been willing to pinch hit when others have been busy or out on leave)

5. From the president:

  • Executive board met and started working on the strategic plan
  • Next meeting Friday march 14 at 11:30-12:30

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