Business Meeting Minutes – 12/13/13

We held a very quick business meeting before the December Journal Club discussion earlier today.

Fall Program Wrap Up
Overall people enjoyed it. Shannon & Natalie want to debrief about what went well, anything to change for next time, etc. This will likely happen at the January business meeting.

Conference Updates
We briefly discussed the Wednesday evening dine around options from the conference committee: By division or by topic, individual people sponsor, or by cuisine (also mentor & mentee – didn’t work well a couple of years ago, though). Some divisions are hesitant to take on anything else – but there’s no obligation to do a dine around.

We like what we’ve been doing at Liquid Assets and are leaning towards gathering with people with similar professional interests. Keep it simple! Works because it’s straightforward & fun. No topics beforehand, let it be social and organic. David (the conference committee chair this year) would like to see more divisions/groups doing this as well.

In other conference news, Gergana has almost all the A/V request forms from our presenters now, should have rest in the next few days.

Social Event In January
Morgan & Natalie are working on it – checking dates & locations. Probably centrally located in city, but keeping parking issues in mind.

Next business meeting
Friday, Jan 10 at 1pm  Thursday, Jan 23 at 11am

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