Meeting Minutes 11/8/2013

Minutes from the ACRL MD virtual meeting

November 8, 2013, 10:00-11:00am

Attendance: David D., Alison C., Natalie B., Michael S., Sara A.G., Joanna G., and Gergana G.

Fall Program

Conference Update

  • Preconference about rubrics and assessment
  • Design and User Experience program
  • Completely full program! ACRL MD has a sponsored session in every slot.
  • Dine-around instead of happy hour: Might be more work, but not on the Divisions to set up – we would need to think about discussion topics.
  • Speaker forms and photos are nearly complete

Journal Club

  • Alison reported out the October session
  • Katy S. is doing the December Journal Club
  • Natalie will put together the poll of articles to advertise at the fall program; email goes out on Monday November 18 to vote


  • Sara AG – Secretary
  • Natalie – Vice-president/president elect

January Happy Hour

  • Potentially 3rd week in January
  • Closer to College Park? Would the students be there in January?
  • LMD partnership? Michael will talk to the LMD president on Saturday (Morgan M.)


  • Steering Council Report from David
  • ACRL e-Learning Webinar was rescheduled; there may be more programs in 2014
  • Next Business Meeting 11:00-11:30am on December 13, before journal club

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