Meeting Minutes 10/11/2013

Minutes from the ACRL MD virtual meeting

October 11, 2013, 10:00-11:15am

Attendance: David D., Danielle J., Alison C., Helen C., Pam, Natalie B., Michael S., Sara A.G., Joanna G., Gergana G., Brenda B.

Chapters’ council update:

  • Free webinar through ACRL – postponed, and the program surrounding that was cancelled
  • Might reschedule it in the spring: Maybe do two in the spring? (Schedule: Might be able to use an archive version if we can’t fit it in their timeframe.
  • Low registration numbers: Day? Topic? Picking a news webinar topic?
  • Developing an orientation for new chapters leaders, but the ACRL staff member liaison to chapter members is the new person

Fall Program update:


  • Contact Chris Holly to find out registration numbers
  • Natalie will follow up with people that requested parking pass,
  • Fill in the panel of people in supervisory positions – Natalie and Shannon will generate a list of questions and target supervisors to be on the panel
  • Send the announcements to the ACRL national members in the area who are not MLA members

Conference update:

  • 11 programs sponsored by ACRL MD: 2 web design and digital marketing; 1 pre-conference information literacy assessment; 8  programs peer-reviewed, including E-book program
  • After the pre-approval forms are accepted people will be notified
  • Sponsoring programs is something that might change with two different states
  • Schedule: Opening keynote Wednesday evening, all-conference session, break for two hours 7-9pm (Dine-arounds Wednesday evening), then a social event (social media related?)
  • Hold off on making an ACRL MD Happy Hour at Liquid Assets until the Dine-Arounds are discussed more; if we wait too long to decide, happy hour won’t be in the conference program
  • November 8 is the deadline to include things in the program


  • Natalie B. is running for Vie-President/President Elect
  • Sara A.G. is running for secretary
  • Need to have two people running for running for both organization
  • Requirements
  • Bylaws might require the president to also be a member of ACRL national

Upcoming events:

  • Journal Club on Friday, October 18, 11:30am-12:30pm (Virtual)
  • Next meeting on Friday, November 8, 10:00am-noon (Virtual)
  • Fall Program on Friday, November 15, 9:30am-4:00p.m. (Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus)

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